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Microsoft Opts-In Hotmail Users 704

medeii writes "East Side Journal reports that without telling anyone, Microsoft has suddenly changed the privacy preferences for all Hotmail users. They're now sharing your name and other personal information with third parties, even if you said you didn't want that when you signed up. (If you're a user, login, go to Options > Personal Profile, and un-check the boxes at the bottom of that page.)" The same reporter has written a follow-up article today.
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Microsoft Opts-In Hotmail Users

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  • by spookysuicide ( 560912 ) on Thursday May 16, 2002 @10:44PM (#3534342) Homepage
    my mac.com email is free, web-based, devoid of banners, and apple probably wouldn't pull this kinda crap.

    ok maybe they would, but you'd probably only getty pretty spam from them.

  • by larry bagina ( 561269 ) on Thursday May 16, 2002 @10:48PM (#3534364) Journal
    If the lawmakers would get their shit together and pass some laws outlawing the sharing of data, this kind of crap wouldn't happen.

    I'd be a whole lot richer if my employer didn't share my salary data with the IRS!

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday May 16, 2002 @10:57PM (#3534442)
    I use Hotmail as my Bugzilla email address. I just enjoy the irony of it.
  • by mmThe1 ( 213136 ) on Thursday May 16, 2002 @10:58PM (#3534448) Homepage
    Phew...looks to me like yet another Microsoft-Slashdot contract ("conspiracy") to bring loads of traffic to Hotmail site...

    P.S. The options with "Share my other registration information" has this text:
    "This information, which is stored in your Microsoft® .NET Passport and required for registration at many Web sites, includes:

    Birth Date
    Acc essibility
    Time Zone

    This means that whatever fake information I put in Hotmail would be used for all other sites? No Way!
  • by pacman on prozac ( 448607 ) on Thursday May 16, 2002 @10:59PM (#3534456)
    ooops sorry...that was the " MSN® Hotmail® Tip of the Month" in one particular email (from msn)

    full text:

    MSN® Hotmail® Tip of the Month

    Be aggressive against spam
    At Hotmail, we know spam is a chronic problem, and we are doing everything we can to help you keep spam out of your Inbox. That's why we developed the Junk Mail Filter. But there are other things you can do to decrease the amount of spam you receive.

    Never respond to junk mail or follow an "unsubscribe" link, since this will only confirm that the spammers have a live address. Also, do not use your e-mail address when participating in chat rooms. Finally, you should carefully review a Web site's privacy policy when performing online activities such as shopping and banking, to ensure that your e-mail address will not be shared with a third party. Keep in mind that MSN does not sell, rent or lease its customer lists to third parties.

    Still, I guess this was yesterday...
  • by Edmund Blackadder ( 559735 ) on Thursday May 16, 2002 @11:10PM (#3534515)
    "Microsoft® .NET Passport was temporarily unable to complete your request. Please try again "

    Well i guess their servers are too busy selling my information right now.

    I should try later.
  • by homer_ca ( 144738 ) on Thursday May 16, 2002 @11:11PM (#3534518)
    That's right. Fake name, fake birthday, ZIP code 90210. But I did an oopsie when I went in to change my profile. Just to be funny, I thought I give them an even faker birthday than the fake one I put in, but I locked myself out of my account because now it thinks I'm 3 years old and I need my parent's permission to confirm my account. Oh well, guess I'll have to make another fake hotmail account with an adult age to give my first account his parent's permission.
  • by eracerblue ( 473104 ) on Thursday May 16, 2002 @11:19PM (#3534566)

    ...now that's innovation...

    ...Microsoft® Innovation (TM)

  • by commodoresloat ( 172735 ) on Thursday May 16, 2002 @11:29PM (#3534607)
    Anyone want to hazard a guess why M$ prohibits the use of the worde "bug" on its network?
  • by Fulcrum of Evil ( 560260 ) on Thursday May 16, 2002 @11:30PM (#3534611)

    Kinda reminds me of a MS developer mailing list I accidently got subscribed to. I tried to unsubscribe

    Easy solution: set up an out of office message for that list. Every message from the list gets quoted and sent back to the list with some tag like 'Hey look! I don't know how to use my mail client!'. You'll be unsubscribed within the day.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday May 16, 2002 @11:36PM (#3534653)
    1. Provide free email service.
    2. Rape customer's privacy.
    3. Profit!
  • by PepsiProgrammer ( 545828 ) on Thursday May 16, 2002 @11:37PM (#3534666)
    Sounds like a plan, lets spam hotmail and tell them to make it easier for us to make it harder for them to spam us.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday May 16, 2002 @11:42PM (#3534692)
    ...because of some stupid little thing like this?

    Not because Windows XP forces you to call Microsoft to "register" it if you buy a new motherboard?

    Not because Outlook and Outlook Express open attachments and install viruses, worms, and trojans FOR you?

    Not because Microsoft voids your software's license because you "installed it too many times"?

    Not because Media Player was shipped with spyware in it?

    Not because Microsoft is forcing ridiculous licensing schemes onto educational institutions?

    Not because Microsoft treats their users like babies and thinks that they know better than you what you want to do with your computer?

    Not because they got rid of Clippy from MS Office?

    Not because they bullied OEMs to install ONLY Microsoft operating environments?

    Good grief... If THIS is what it takes to drive people over the edge, they shoulda went with writing a new "we 0wNz your house, car, wife, and kids" clause in their EULA.
  • by Restil ( 31903 ) on Thursday May 16, 2002 @11:45PM (#3534712) Homepage
    (If you're a user, login, go to Options > Personal Profile, and un-check the boxes at the bottom of that page.)

    Shouldn't that read something like...

    "If you're a user, then the preference to change is your email provider."

  • by gmhowell ( 26755 ) <gmhowell@gmail.com> on Thursday May 16, 2002 @11:58PM (#3534786) Homepage Journal
    Don't you read anything? Everyone knows that if they support Mozilla, they will have to open source Excel. It's those damned viral licenses.

  • by ikekrull ( 59661 ) on Friday May 17, 2002 @12:20AM (#3534882) Homepage
    I'm surprised you haven't realized this by now, but you're a Feature, not a Bugg.

    Best sign in properly next time, hmm?

  • Re:Funny, (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Friday May 17, 2002 @12:59AM (#3535034)
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  • by flacco ( 324089 ) on Friday May 17, 2002 @01:01AM (#3535042)
    Watching Microsoft deal with "consumers" is like being an orderly in the coma ward, and walking in on the head physician while he's raping unconscious patients in their hospital beds.
  • Hey why don't we: Forward all our hotmail spam to abuse@hotmail.com? I know we'll get cut off after a few emails, but if all of slashdot does it.... Lord knows we slashdot websites left and right... We'd have to get it with outlook or OE, or for those brave hearted and determined enough to do it manually from the website: (god love em). If we all send a few emails their way, they will be punished rather well.
    Oh yeah, and subscribe abuse@hotmail.com to all the gay porn you can...
  • Excellent. Your post vividly depicts the true stupidity of top-posting in any medium.

    How useful it is to read the final conclusion of your email adventure before even finding out how it started. Top posters really are "Read the book backwards" sorta people, aren't they?

  • Easy (Score:3, Funny)

    by commodoresloat ( 172735 ) on Friday May 17, 2002 @04:58AM (#3535746)
    they have a problem with his last name, which is Linford.

    Obviously, they saw the fnord.

  • by mpe ( 36238 ) on Friday May 17, 2002 @04:58AM (#3535747)
    That's right. Fake name, fake birthday, ZIP code 90210. But I did an oopsie when I went in to change my profile. Just to be funny, I thought I give them an even faker birthday than the fake one I put in, but I locked myself out of my account because now it thinks I'm 3 years old and I need my parent's permission to confirm my account.

    Maybe if people want to put in fake data they should give a date of birth before 1900 and fill in "vampire" under occupation.
  • by Juln ( 41313 ) on Friday May 17, 2002 @06:20AM (#3535904) Homepage Journal
    Yep, nobody cared when Yahoo did it... and Microsoft can't think of a frickin' idea on their own, so they probably copied this from Yahoo... Ha ha....
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday May 17, 2002 @06:50AM (#3535953)
    Also logged in to uncheck the flags when I heard this story.
    But now hotmail won't accept my First Name: Mads
    It said it was reserved or prohibited!? How can M$ tell me that my first name i prohibited? My first name in my hotmail-account, and in real-life has always been Mads!
    Is 'Mads' a curse-word in the english language, or what's up with that?
    Well, so I had to type in another name. 'Johnny' it accepted fine, so from now on you all call me 'Johnny' :-)
    All your first name are belong to us.

    /Mads, ups sorry.. /Johnny
  • by germinatoras ( 465782 ) on Friday May 17, 2002 @10:49AM (#3536991) Homepage
    JPEG's and banners and flash animations
    Popups and opt-outs and priv'cy violations
    Big boobs and sleep pills and herbal ginsengs,
    This is the junk that my Hotmail box brings

    Fake "" tags, disable Java,
    Disable plugins from Macromedia
    Limit the things that your browser can do,
    This is the junk hotmail forces on you

    When the dot nets,
    When the hail storms,
    When the passport pries,
    I simply sign up for more hotmail accounts
    And continue to falsify

    ActiveX scripting and ASP pages
    Profiteeting in which hotmail engages,
    Exploiting users who don't have a clue,
    This is what people at Microsoft do

    Bending o'er backwards to meets terms of service,
    Changing agreements that made me feel nervous
    Clauses, execptions will bite you some day,
    This legal mumbo has pushed me away

    When the terms change,
    When the box's checked,
    It's my Waterloo
    I'll never sign up for more hotmail accounts
    From now on I'll use...

    Netscape mail!

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