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Is IBM on a Strategic Path to Control Java? 285

nightspd writes "David Berlind of Cnet has written a series of articles over at ZDNet about IBM's return to market dominance, including this one titled When Will IBM Buy Sun? It's a VERY interesting read and a very interesting predition, and poses a question. With the mega-merger of Compaq and Hewlett-Packard going forward, can we expect other possible mega-mergers down the line in the tech arena? Is a IBM buyout of Sun possible and/or viable?"
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Is IBM on a Strategic Path to Control Java?

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  • Yes. (Score:4, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday April 10, 2002 @09:52AM (#3315913)
    And they'll open-source Java. And everyone will start coding their applications for the java virtual machine, and Microsoft will be like "shit!" and WINE will be like "okay, we can go home" and we'll be like "look, C#, it's not that I don't love you. But I'm not in love with you."

    fourth-quarter 2002. You heard it here first!
  • name game (Score:2, Funny)

    by Mr.Strange ( 204044 ) <kgerich@ma[ ]om ['c.c' in gap]> on Wednesday April 10, 2002 @09:53AM (#3315924) Homepage
    ..and the new Corporate name? SunBM?
  • by Gaetano ( 142855 ) on Wednesday April 10, 2002 @10:16AM (#3316082)
    "I would rather see Oracle and Sun merge and split the software division."


    Oracle makes a damn fine database.

    Other than that their software makes the dead cry. Oracle Financials is the ugliest monster I have ever seen. Their java software they provide for administering their database looks like beta code from the java 1.0.4 days.

    This single sentance about Oracle and Sun merging. That's terrifying to me. IBM and SUN, ok, interesting to think about, maybe not likely, maybe not a good thing. But Oracle and Sun, gawds! Not likely either (cross my heart hope to die) but eeeeeeeeewwwwwww.

    If Oracle did buy Sun I wonder how we would license our server hardware. "Well sir, you take the transfer rate of the bus and multiply that by the amount of ram and then add two point five times the disks space connected to the server and then you add the number of mega hertz of your CPU's multiplied by the number CPU's times 10. Unless you have the server in a cluster in which case you multiply this number by one point two and there are convienence fees if you ever want to put it in a rack."
  • by cca93014 ( 466820 ) on Wednesday April 10, 2002 @10:31AM (#3316176) Homepage
    I dont quite understand how Yahtzee can help them?

    Oh I get it [] According to the blurb:

    "The unique combination of luck and strategy..."

    Oh, maybe they were talking about Accenture...
  • by coldtone ( 98189 ) on Wednesday April 10, 2002 @10:40AM (#3316278)
    AHH! You said the AS word! No, I'm done with that machine. hehe. See im a real programmer. I don't use the PDM andymore. hehehe. im ok. really.
    No!! No!
    NO GOD NO! I don't write RPG anymore! My new lanuguage is free format! HAHA I have more the 6 characters for varible names and I can use CASE!! Haha!
  • by kenthorvath ( 225950 ) on Wednesday April 10, 2002 @11:38AM (#3316796)
    I like Big Blue's current name. The perfect slogan would be:

    IBM, do you?


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