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2nd Annual Poetry Spam 98

guidobot writes "Its the time of year for SatireWire's 2nd Annual Poetry Spam, an event where contestants write poetry consisting entirely of quotes from spam e-mail. You can also check out the winner of last year's contest. This could be your only chance to win a contest by writing poems about earning $100,000 in 10 weeks by working at home..."
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2nd Annual Poetry Spam

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  • by kievit ( 303920 ) on Sunday December 02, 2001 @04:48PM (#2644306) Journal
    I could view 2 winners and 2 runner ups before the site was slashdotted, but they did not in the least approach the funniness of this [petting-zoo.net] brilliant piece. It dates from 1995 or so (yes, spam already existed by that time). I do not know the original source; the linked mail dates from Jul 15 1995, maybe it is even older.

  • Re:Darn.. (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Cam Wheeler ( 145226 ) on Sunday December 02, 2001 @05:42PM (#2644398) Homepage
    Thats ok. Just sign up for a new ms hotmail account and you'll have enough spam to write the spam equivilant of War and Peace by the time the competition ends.

    "The two greatest warriors are time and patience: they will do everything, and your real university diploma is waiting for an individual like yourself"
  • Re:umm (Score:2, Interesting)

    by fjordboy ( 169716 ) on Sunday December 02, 2001 @06:14PM (#2644493) Homepage
    I originally encoded the whole thing and was going to paste it all in, but it was far too large...so i just arbitrarily cut off a whole bunch so poeple could at least get the jist...did you recognize the poem? Tis "Ghost House" by Robert Frost.

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