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The Almighty Buck

Chapter 11 For Excite@Home 141

n8twj writes: "According to this story at CNET News, Excite@Home, the leading provider of broadband Internet access, said Friday it will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and sell its high-speed network to AT&T for $307 million in cash." jgbrown adds: "@Home files for Chapter 11, they are going to sell their assets to AT&T unless they get a higher offer. Here is a Yahoo News link." An Anonymous Coward adds a link to a story at cnnfn.com." Just like Loki and Exodus, this doesn't mean that Excite@Home has dropped off the face of the earth -- it does mean that are seeking legal protection from creditors in an attempt to reorganize.
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Chapter 11 For Excite@Home

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  • by compugeek007 ( 464717 ) on Saturday September 29, 2001 @10:01AM (#2367778)
    Okay maybe ssomeone here with a higher mental capacity can help me -

    I Have @Home service, But I pay my bill to AT&T @Home. My cable TV is Comcast, but I pay my bill to ATT Cable. When I call for service, A Media One truck pulls up.

    I am beginning to think all of these cable companies are a smokescreen for Microsoft.
  • by Jace of Fuse! ( 72042 ) on Saturday September 29, 2001 @10:14AM (#2367810) Homepage
    AT&T is thinking about selling it's broadband access to AOL, and this deal is likely just intended to sweeten the pot. Imagine, AOL as the one true broadband provider/movie studio/tv news outlet/browser company/music label? Yep, time to start a dialup ISP in MY area ;-)

    Given all of the Sci-Fi movies where robots and computers take over the world (Terminator, Matrix, etc...) maybe having Microsoft as an OS Monopoly and AOL as the sole connectivity provider would be a really good way to keep the Robots in check.

    Them: "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO..." [Network lag][BSOD]

    Us: Quick, someone shut that thing off, it's annoying me.
  • by dbolger ( 161340 ) on Saturday September 29, 2001 @11:23AM (#2367952) Homepage
    ...it will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and sell its high-speed network to AT&T for $307 million in cash...
    ...preferably in non-sequential unmarked bills.
  • by Thatman311 ( 316281 ) on Saturday September 29, 2001 @11:28AM (#2367967) Homepage
    Wow that sure is one way to handle a customer of yours complaining. They bitch...you flame. Man that is some awesome customer service.
  • by rant-mode-on ( 512772 ) on Saturday September 29, 2001 @11:45AM (#2368031) Homepage
    AOL, ATT and Comcast were falling over themselves today in attempts to buy the ailing @home. However, it is believed that talks have fallen through. Evidence of this was leaked by a disgruntled employee who had a copy the 'training tape' made when Comcast called:

    @home: "Hello, can I have your at home account name please?"

    comcast: "Er, actually I work for Comcast and I would like to buy your company, and I need to speak to your CEO about a deal"

    @home: "Oh, can I have your primary email address then please?"

    comcast: "No, you don't understand, I called earlier and left a message for your CEO to call me back."

    @home: "Ok, I see the problem then. Could you unplug your cable modem for 30 seconds please?"

    comcast: "What? No, I need to speak..."

    @home: "I'm sorry that won't be possible, nobody here has telephones. You need to unplug your cable modem."

    @comcast: "You don't understand, if I don't speak to your CEO, you could lose your job."

    @home: "I'm sorry, my SEE-EE-OH doesn't have a telephone. Could you reboot your PC now please?"

    @comcast: "Oh for heavens sake, you'll be the first against the wall"

    @home: "Oh there's a problem with your wall, we'll send a technician round then. Thank you for calling @home."

    Later on, the disgruntled employee complained about @home's recruitment policy. "At the interview, they said all I needed to be able to do was to pick up the phone and to speak English. Technical ability was never a requirement. They never did trust me - I was never allowed to see the secret document that showed how to transfer calls to people that fix problems. What is a cable modem anyway?"
  • by schwatoo ( 521485 ) on Saturday September 29, 2001 @12:11PM (#2368109)
    On every new Mac (and every time you install a fresh OS upto and included 10.1) the Web Browser's default home page is http://apple.excite.com/ will this mean there'll be a lot of machines with a lot of broken home pages in a month or so?
  • by sensui ( 137980 ) on Monday October 01, 2001 @12:12AM (#2372405)
    Anyone who ever drive along 101, passing by Redwood City, around midnight will know why. They are perhaps the brightest buildings in Redwood City. PG&E bills drove them out of business for sure!

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