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Afghanistan Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen 1346

DaHuNt writes: "A well written article about Afghan experiences by the Soviets... Food for thought... 'When Igor Lisinenko entered what he was told was an Afghan rebel base in 1982, he wasn't sure what to expect. It was, after all, his first assignment...'" Very good article. Too bad we aren't learning from the British and Soviet mistakes.
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Afghanistan Is Like Nothing You've Ever Seen

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  • by Joey7F ( 307495 ) on Saturday September 22, 2001 @08:00PM (#2335752) Homepage Journal
    Beneath the veil is a special on CNN. It shows just what an oppresive regime the Taliban is. It airs at 11:00pm eastern tonight and I think 7:00 tomorrow.

  • by gengee ( 124713 ) <> on Saturday September 22, 2001 @08:34PM (#2335899)
    The Guardian in London reported Friday, citing a cable from the US Embassy in London, that the US was trying to rally an international campaign to remove the Taliban. Having removed them, we would then sponsor a UN-run temporary government in the nation.

    Indeed, reports abound that within the administration there is a battle going on. The Cheney-Rumsfeld-Rice camp wants a full-scale, no holds bar invasion of Afghanistan -AND- Iraq. The Powell camp wants to take a one-bite-at-a-time approach to the whole thing.

    A report in TIME 2 weeks ago on featuring Powell spoke to the fact that Powell has been sidelined in the Bush administration. While everyone thought Powell would be Bush's point man on Defense and Foreign affairs, it has turned out that Powell does not have Bush's ear. On the contrary, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Rice (Who by all accounts is treated like a daughter by Bush) are running Defense and Foreign Policy. Bush has stacked his cabinet with SCARY FUCKERS, hard-liners who are hell bent on national isolation and missile defense.

    The US now has three battlegroups in the region or on the way. Another deployment is expected to be signed by Rumsfeld later today or tomorrow. 35,000 reservists have been called up. More maybe called up later. Make no mistake about it, the US /IS/ going to, attempt at least, to remove the Taliban from power. Despite whether or not you or I believe it to be the prudent thing to do, it is the course of action that has been set in motion by the US government. Get ready for a long drawn out war:P
  • by e_lehman ( 143896 ) on Saturday September 22, 2001 @08:41PM (#2335922)

    The northern alliance seems quite willing to assume what we regard as their right to lead Afghanistan, and I don't imagine that it could be worse than the Taliban.

    From the 1999 US State Department human rights report:

    "Women and girls were subjected to rape, kidnaping, and forced marriage, particularly in areas outside of Taliban control."

    "Masood's forces and the Northern Alliance members committed numerous, serious abuses. Masood's forces continued sporadic rocket attacks against Kabul. Anti-Taliban forces bombarded civilians indiscriminately. Various factors infringed on citizens' privacy rights. Armed units of the Northern Alliance, local commanders, and rogue individuals were responsible for political killings, abductions, kidnapings for ransom, torture, rape, arbitrary detention, and looting."

  • by deebaine ( 218719 ) on Saturday September 22, 2001 @11:37PM (#2336479) Journal
    Make no mistake about it, the US /IS/ going to, attempt at least, to remove the Taliban from power. Despite whether or not you or I believe it to be the prudent thing to do, it is the course of action that has been set in motion by the US government.

    This is your interpretation of what the government has set in motion. Mine is different; I have seen few preparations for all out war. What I have seen is the rapid development of an effective and sustainable air bridge, able to ferry troops and planes overseas in a hurry. The moves of strike fighters to the Gulf area are insufficient to conduct large-scale offensive operations at this point; I suggest that they may be an attempt to relieve the carrier USS Carl Vinson [] and her battlegroup, currently responsible for enforcing the no-fly zones over Iraq. This would allow the Navy to withdraw her to the relative safety of the Arabian Sea or simply to free up her air wing for other action. It is difficult to conceal large-scale troop movements, and if we are preparing to use force to remove the Taliban, it is not imminent (last I heard, the 82nd Airborne is still training and has not staged anywhere and no nation has yet granted permissions that would give the Army and Marine Corps a route to Kabul).

    Before we all assume that they're going to do it wrong, let's give them a chance to do it right. After all, it is those in the military who are going into harm's way, and the United States military remains the most capable force in the world.

    I have read the Guardian article [] that you sight, and I don't regard it as evidence of anything. It reports only that the US is "keen to hear allied views" on overthrowing the Taliban. And it doesn't even bother to quote the cable. I regard the Guardian's coverage of this event as leftist and in pursuit of a specific agenda, rather than a simple report of the news. My brother in London reports that the other British news sources are starting to turn against them for their slanted coverage. I at this point don't regard the Guardian's interpretation of anything as a sufficiently reliable source. And I haven't seen this story corroborated.


  • Links Galore (Score:1, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday September 23, 2001 @11:49AM (#2337620)

    SAS Troops Clash With Taliban Unit Deep Inside Afghanistan
    (the British papers are full of leaks from government and military sources) 1/ 09/23/stiusausa02036.html

    The March to the Brink of Battle ,1 373,556643,00.html

    Shock Troops Prepare for the Descent to Battle,,2001320012- 20 01330376,00.html

    Revealed: British Plan for Afghan Onslaught ,1 373,556734,00.html

    Bin Laden Hiding in Central Afghanistan: Iran Radio

    MI6 Spies Find Evil Bin Laden

    Poised to Strike as Never Before 1/ 09/23/stiusausa02042.html

    "fighting is likely to be mostly at night, at close quarters by elite forces", 36 04,556224,00.html

    Kabul Looted as Order Disintegrates,,2001320012- 20 01330450,00.html

    Emirates Give Taliban 24 Hours to Leave

    First US Planes Land at Uzbek Air Base 08 04-2001Sep22.html

    CIA Gets Go-Ahead for a Return to Murderous Cold War Tactics ,1 373,556634,00.html

    Gun Law in the War Bazaar ,1 373,556684,00.html

    US Plans to Install Puppet Regime in Kabul
    (we take for granted now that a paper in NW Pakistan will be online in English) e1 =9/22/2001

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