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New Tenchi Muyo OVA Series Confirmed! 49

Dr. Worm writes: "AIC's Web page has an interview with the Tenchi Muyo guy (Kajishima Masaki) confirming a third OVA series. Finally, we get to find out what happens after the king of Jurai leaves Earth..." One of my absolute favorite series. I'm as excited about this as the rumors of the Cowboy Bebop movie.
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New Tenchi Muyo OVA Series Confirmed!

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  • YEAHHHH!!!! I have been waiting so long for this day! Tenchi is totally 31337!
  • Is this why geeks like it more than other socio-cultural groups?

    In Japan, anime comprises more than 50% of television. It is only an underground phenomenon in other countries, but most definately mainstream in Japan. However, I think most geeks are the only types of people who would spend enough time to understand the nuances of television from another culture. Anime is best experienced in its original form, and marketing it for an American audience often ruins the best aspects of the original. Perhaps this is due to the Disneyfication process any imported animated show goes through in America.

  • Yeah, it's more than just rumors. It's really going to happen.

    Way I've heard it. Yoko Kanno who did the music is returning to do the music score for the film as well
    The Bebop crew even have a webpage up (If you can read Japanese) located here [cowboybebop.com]. The title of the film will be "CowboyBebop: knockin on heaven's Door"
  • Anime is more removed from reality than film and television?

    Like, say the Matrix, or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, or on TV, Star Trek, or Teletubbies, or Power Rangers?

    Anime is a medium, like any other.

    About the only thing true you said in the first sentance was that it is drawn. *All* mediums are subjective!

    You also say geeks like it more than other socio-cultural groups. What other groups would you be talking about? Aren't you actually defining geek by the correlation with anime?

    I dunno, I sorta feel insulted by your second comment altogether. People, in general, are scared of reality, and tend to run away from it if given the chance, and do this in perfectly rational and reasonable manners. Some people become mass murderers, of course, but most people have dreams and goals and ambitions, all of which are technically fantasy and not one whit reality.

    Is anime healthy? Is wrestling? Is fashionable clothing? Is participating in an online forum? Is being popular?

    There is no 'we' in encouraging geeks to do anything. There is 'I', and then there is the collective side effects of a million 'I', but no 'we'. So to rephrase, You should surely be encouraging geeks to confront the world you think they are so afraid of.

    Anime is a medium in which we can express the thoughts of our most creative individuals, no more or less than talk, music, books, pictures, art, movies, performance, dance, etc. It is no more or less removed from reality than, say, jazz dance, or interpretive ballet, or a Picasso. The danger or lack thereof has nothing to do with it's degree of separation from reality.

    You can be careful with it, and take it in small doses, and not give it to your children.

    Geek dating! [bunnyhop.com]
  • Some points:

    1.Anime is pretty big in Japan, its country of origin. That is mainstream popularity, not just among otaku.

    2.It is well known that geeks are more scared of reality than other subcultures
    I have a problem with that statement. Enjoying fantasy != being afraid of reality.

    3.I don't believe that anime is more removed from reality than, say, professional wrestling.
  • Please look back at the front page.

    Anime *does* have its own section.

    Open mouth, insert foot. Have a nice day.
  • your brilliant. what is an anime-wannabe? people will cherish anime long after the stain of you is utterly forgotten.

  • yosho is being entirely too reasonable.

    pretty sammy is awesome in both the tv series and ova's. junk? no. fucking jerk...

    argh, if only avatars where here and now, i would be choking you to death with my love-love monster.
  • You can't copyright a plural - so the owners of Lego say the plural of Lego is still Lego. It might be a legal thing rather than what most people call it.

    -- Eat your greens or I'll hit you!

  • It's too late, as you can see, all here that question it are moderated as trolls.
    Remember Southpark Chinpokomon? The geeks have been programmed. ;-)
    But I must say that I enjoy my share of cartoons to, mostly American, but maybe they have brainwashed me too? hmm who cares, I'm feelin' fine.
  • Posts like the above make me sad. I like anime, but it seems like many treat it as a status symbol and this bodes ill for the long term impact of anime in the States.

    It seems like too many anime fans are only interested in bragging rights. The following are exapmles of statements that are heard far too often:

    I have the rare toy.
    I saw that in a Japanese theater.
    I'm not into anime anymore because it's not as unigue as it used to be.
    Any hardcore fan knows...

    Why can't we accept anime for what it is, and fans for who they are? Because we can't, most of the posts here are short one-liners proving that the poster knows more than you, rather than content filled discusions.

    It also means that we may not be able to tell our friends why we're so excited about kids entertainment. I wish "hardcore" fans would except the populaization of the medium, it can only benifit the genera.
  • Actually the goddesses are Tokimi, Tsunami and Washu (though she doesn't remember it). There are several hints in the anime if you look closely, and it has been spelled out in interviews.
  • I was thinking the other day that anime is even more removed from reality than film and television, being a drawn and subjective perspective on the world.

    I was thinking the other day that professional wrestling is even more removed from reality than film and television, being a drawn and subjective perspective on the world.

    Is this why geeks like it more than other socio-cultural groups? It is well known that geeks are more scared of reality than other subcultures, and so are more likely to run from it into the comforting womb of fantasy.

    Replace geeks with jocks and anime with wrestling and you'll understand your argument sounds "cookie-cutter-ish".

  • nice observation, but it has nothing to do with the thread.

    i gave two concrete examples of cmdrtaco making factual errors that are obvious to anybody who cares enough to check sources.

    did you go to animefu and compare the card captor sakura reviews? did you look at the newtype website, in english, and note character art from the cowboy bebop movie.

    rob is not just a common-fan, he has a podium, and i say fanfare be withheld until he adopts ethical writing habits, i.e. do not write something provably false by any moron with ten minutes to spare surfing the web!

    look, he has spent hundreds of hours enjoying anime, by his own admission, and he has devoted resources to promoting anime. i am talking about two things, and only two:

    1. cmdrtaco needs to care enough about his reputation, audience, dog, whatever, just so long as he checks some facts.

    2. he is out of touch with that segment of fandom driven to dvd's due to economics and the vanishing of the subtitled vhs market--that is the only cultural difference i am talking about...

    and yeah, maybe it has something to do with how much more "hardcore" some of us are, but nowhere did i say cmdrtaco sux and i rool.

    we probably have a lot in common, the three of us, but i do know one thing, i hurt when i misrepresent facts in writing. i am ashamed of myself in so many ways, but as far as writing (and to a lesser extent, discussions) goes, stupid statements are more humiliating than my lapses into immature flaming.

    so to get personal--yeah, i have played the bragging game in flames here (not about anime though), but i have no fucking toys, i have never been to japan, i will always love anime, and

    any hardcore fan knows the cowboy bebop movie is happening.

    that's just the way it is, and if you think this is some kind of a witch hunt against newbie anime otaku who cannot pronounce hiragana correctly, you have a pathetic fucking agenda--please don't put it on me.

    if i know something about anime, it's very easy to find out. i hardly have any time to talk to my anime crew anymore, and do not keep up with the news.

    while your argument has some obvious merit, it is off-topic and facile in this context. don't let the lapses in decorum and use of colloquialisms fool you, this thread is about intellectual integrity, and if you are not addressing that, you are part of the problem, and essentially concede the issue.
  • Original Video Animation.
  • I'm pretty sure I read an interview in an anime magazine with the creators of bebop where they said they "WERE" working on a movie. I suppose its always possible it could die in production, but I'm pretty sure its more than just rumors. Anyone know for sure?
  • by Skeptopotamus ( 303674 ) on Friday January 12, 2001 @04:20PM (#510486)
    You might, soon.

    I heard that CmdrTaco has a deal with the Cartoon Network. He promotes their big push into Anime and they develop a coming of age anime-style cartoon about his pre-Slashdot years. I'm sure struggling with sexuality will be a large part of that show.

  • by tenchiken ( 22661 ) on Friday January 12, 2001 @04:34PM (#510487)
    First of all, a couple of Quick corrections. There were two creators of Tenchi Muyo. The other creator is Hayashi Hiroki, of El-Hazard, BGC 2040 and several other awesome animes.

    Second, thoose people who think this will "sell out" need to rember that neither creator was involved w/ Tenchi after the OVA series.

    This is a post on the TenchiML that I wrote, my comments start with #
    Anyways, I wrote this off of the interview itself....

    "The 3rd "Tenchi Muyo! Ryohki" OVA series
    WILL direct by me and remain the originality..."
    --by Kajishiima

    Ok, just in case anyone missed it, the Third OVA series is finally confirmed, althought the
    #question of OVA/TV/etc has not yet been settled. My personal guess is that this will turn #into a 13 episode TV series on WOWOW.

    I believe all the Tenchi fans around the world will be very exciting when
    they know that AIC IS going to produce the 3rd series of "Tenchi
    Muyo!Ryohki" OVA. Is there anything you "must"
    address here for AIC to all the supporters before we start the interview?

    K: Yes. There is. On behaves of AIC, I officially annouced that the 3rd "Tenchi Muyo! Ryohki" OVA series IS direct by me-Masaki Kajishima. and the
    3rd "Tenchi Muyo! Ryohki" OVA IS the sequel of Kajishima's original "Tench Muyo! Ryohki" OVA.

    You know, although we tend to just call it OVA because that was the medium, I think
    they are saying here that the new series will be a OVA series.

    T: Let me repeat here again that YOU ARE going to produce a real Kajishima
    "Tenchi" world, right?
    K: Yes. The 3rd "Tenchi Muyo! Ryohki" OVA WILL direct by me and remain the
    originality of Kajishima's "Tench Muyo! Ryohki" world.

    Wahaha. Just in case anyone doubts it.

    T: Thank you. If there is no other things you "have to" say on bahaves of
    AIC(grin). Let me start our question from the story of "TenchiMuyo! Ryohki"
    the 3rd. I know that you already have the
    big picture of the ending in your mind. Will you put all of your ideas in
    the the 3rd series this time?

    K: Basically, the story will start from clear out the mysteries I left inthe former OVA series, such as who are Goddesses named "*Choushin ", whythey are there...etc. And the story will move on to Tenchi himself after
    Goddess ended their war. The story of Tenchi will have nothing to do with"fighting". (*Choushin=the highest Goddess among Goddess world)

    Hmmm this is interesting. It has been hinted that there were other high dimensional people in the Tenchi universe (ref Dr. Clay's lines about "not your first time seing a uper dimensional being). The shadows in the background prob represent the rest of the Megami/Kami.

    T: What will happen after the battle between Goddesses?

    K: well, the highest Goddesses is coming down to earth and surround Tenchi; there will be no chance for any enemy to show up on the
    stage. (Grin)

    this is confusing. 1) Tokimi does not currently live w/ Tenchi. Is there another class of Megami trying to ursup the Choushin? What exactly is "The Goddesses's war?" anyways?

    T: We understand that you can't say much about the ending at this moment.
    Let me ask you this, do you have the ideas of "TenchiMuyo! Ryohki" the 3rd
    when you were directing "TenchiMuyo! Ryohki " the 2nd? Or you have the
    ideas after the second series?

    Hmm. This question alone was interesting. Someone correct me if I am
    wrong,but I thought that both Kajishima-san and Hayashi-san left after the first seven episodes

    K: I had the ideas way back to "Tenchi Muyo! Ryohki" the 1st and I
    already knew how to end the story when I was directing "Tenchi
    Muyo! Ryohki" the 2nd. I just don't have the detail about how to
    connect each images and fragments of the base storyline in my
    mind. It's just an outline, not very specific.

    T: In other words, you are going to enjoy the "fun" of connecting
    the images and fragments from now on.

    K: Yes. That is right. I will fix or change the detail depends on my
    chose. But the basic concept of the ending had been made. That
    will never be changed.

    So what do we know about Tenchi? He is a reluctant hero, very satisfied tolet the people
    # around him write the story. But he is also pro-active is protecting what
    he cares about. This is #the difference between him and Yousho.
    # I can't see Tenchi doing what Yousho did.
    # Tenchi has a destiny, that has been clear since Episode 6 when the LHW's
    show up. Yousho
    # would rail against his destiny, and ultimatly, flee it.

    T: Will all the characters in "Tenchi Muyo! Ryohki " so far be
    deeply involved in the story and be quite active this time?

    K: "deeply involed in and be quite active"...um...they will not be
    THAT active as usual. Tenchi is the main character and the center
    of the story. He has to settle everything by himself.

    This is a interesting departure from the Tenchi of old. Tenchi of old was
    not the main character. This is a comment directed to the fact that Aeka,
    Ryouko et all are not going to play the main role.

    # So what do I think of that? Good. About time. Yes, fans love Ryouko,
    others like
    # Aeka, but the series is far too tied into "which one wins" and not the
    main character.
    # This is a risky move (focusing on Tenchi instead of the fan service girls)
    but one I
    # think will strengthen the characters.

    T: Can we interpret what you said into, there is somebody Tenchi
    has to upfront with, some toruble things happend that he has to
    deal with, meanwhile Ryoko and other characters will involve in
    the chaos, is that right?

    K: It's the war between Goddesses. There is no room for Aeka,
    Ryoko and any other. They will be arranged at somewhere that
    won't trouble Tenchi.(Grin)

    Hmmm... the statement that there is no room for Aeka, Ryouko is very interesting. Remember that Ryouko at least has Megami level powers (Washu)

    As much as Ryouko and Aeka are the "main characters" of the first series,
    and Washu # is the main character of the second, I think Tsunami is going to end up
    being the main
    # character of the third series.

    T: Then, do you mean Washu, Tsunami and Tokimi will become
    the main characters of the story?

    K: Yes. And a mysterious main character will show up at the
    episode 13th that Tenchi has to deal with. I temporary named him

    # Ahh.... Hazey Guy shows up again. In this case, one theory gets blown out
    of the water
    # right from the begining (Tenchi==Hazey Guy).
    # Which of course raises a interesting question. If there is a dual between
    Hazey and Tenchi,
    # who wins? Z can pull more LHW's (5), but Tenchi's seem to be different (3
    # There is another point I just realized. Tokimi is watching Clay when he
    goes to the
    # Masaki house. Why doesn't she freak when she sees Zero unable to copy thegem?

    T: For most of the audiences and fans, will it be difficult for them
    to understand the existence of "Tokimi"?

    K: Well, I can only say she is a Goddess, one of the "Choushin".

    # Hmm... ok.

    T: Have you decided the real name of "Z"?

    K: Not yet. I just called him "Z" at this moment.
    # There is something up here.

    T:In my understanding so far that the basic story will start from
    telling Tenchi's upbringing, his destiny. At the same time, deal
    with many things, and finally, fight with Z. is that right?

    K: It's not only about Tenchi's destiny. Its also about 2 men's fates
    that has been taunted by Goddess's purposes and determined by
    Goddess that they have to fight. The whole story will be developfrom that basic concept.

    # Hmm... They are telling about Tenchi's upbrining? Sounds like Masaki
    # Kiyonne will be involed. There is that comment about "destiny". The two
    # men's destiry. I am willing to bet that "taunted" == tainted.
    # Ironically enough, I would have thought that "two men's destiny" would be
    # between Yousho and Tenchi, who are the most interesting foils.

    T: Its pretty rare to have the story mainly developed from 2 men's

    K: But remember, Tenchi fought with Gakato at the end of 1st
    "Tenchi Muyo! Ryohki" OVA series. In certain meaning, the 3rd
    Tenchi OVA has the similar ending as the first series.

    # Hmm... So a Tenchi vs. Kagato battle? Or in this case, a dual between
    # two LHW's. This entire setting though really re-inforces the "Tsunami has
    # been bit-twidiling with Tenchi" line of thought.

    T: Tenchi is born as normal human beings. He get to know many
    things after grown up and without choices, he accept his fortune and involve with many people. I think He is a very typical
    "reluctant hero".

    K: That is correct. He is caught in something too this time. It's
    about some emotional factors of "Z".

    # That's interesting. The more you think about it, the more valid it is.
    # Tenchi had some level of control even with the actions, but choose to
    # stick w/ the girls, and to follow thru, even though it wasn't his problem.
    # In this case, he is about to get dragged into the Megami's war, building a
    # little parrallel.

    # The interesting thing is that combined with the facts we know about
    # staying out of this one, The relationship that is built is that Tenchi can
    embrace his
    # destiny, and go w/ Tsunami/Tokimi/Washu et all. Or he can turn his back on
    # destiny and return to earth.
    # IF the story was structured as it was before w/ the foil relationship
    between Yousho
    # and Tenchi, I would argue that he would stick w/ the goddesses, because he
    # fufil his "duty" then. If on the other hand, Z sticks with duty, while
    Tenchi does not, he
    # would return home.

    # seem like a obscure point? I am convinced now that the series will come
    down between
    # Tsunami/Ryouko, and that question may very will determine it.

    T: In other words, "Z" has the same fortune as "Tenchi", right?

    K: He is, too, in certain meaning, a victim of Tokimi.
    # Victim of Tokimi? IE, Tokimi bit twiddled to get Z? (BTW, can anyone
    confirm to me, since
    # Japanese gender roles can be freaky, that Kajishima referes to Z in a
    masculine tone?)

    T: Sounds like "Tokimi" is pretty bad...

    K: I don't know if you can put it that way. I mean "bad". She is the
    most hardworking Goddess among 3 Choushins. Tokimi is seriously
    putting Choushin's original purposes into action. As the result of
    their "purposes", "Z" becomes the victim.

    # This makes the argument that Washu/Tsunami/Tokimi are all acting in
    concert. IF this
    # is true, then perhaps it is Z who goes renegade, goes over to the "other
    side" and Tenchi
    # is the only one who can stop him.

    T: "Z" sounds like a ponderous character to me.

    K: "Z" belongs to Tokimi, but he doesn't like her at all.

    # This would re-enforce that theory. It really also backs the Tenchi is
    Tsunami's shadow theory.

    T: Let's back to Tenchi. Normally, not many people can stand with
    that kind of chaos life long. A normal human being will get crazy
    pretty soon if he has to deal with so many troubles.

    K: Well, Tenchi has the destiny to be so. Therefore, at the moment
    Tenchi decided to live with Ryoko and other people, he already
    made up his mind.

    # This is also a interesting point. Tenchi "accepted" his destiny by living
    w/ Ryouko et all? A
    # intersting point when we (or tenchi) do not even know what exaclty his
    destiny is.

    T: He simply accepts his fates, right?

    K: People may surprised to know that, "Tenchi Muyo!" anime is not
    the story about how Tenchi grown up. Because Tenchi already
    gave people his answer in the very first beginning.

    # Re-enforces above point.

    T: Really? Its looks like the other way to me. I just watch that
    animation as normal audience and the story so far is useing many

    things, like, what will happen to Tenchi, who is he going to be
    with. to tickle fans' curiosity,

    K: As I said a while ago, girls don't know Tenchi already has the
    answer. But I am planning some episodes after the war between
    Goddess to explain that. I am thinking of girls are forcing Tenchi to
    make up his mind to chose one among them.

    # Hmm. Okay, this states two things. 1) Tenchi has "Already" decided
    # on one of the girls. Ref: Kajishima's comments about "Tenchi sleeping
    # with all of them?" This goes far into "Tenchi will not pick any of them"
    # catagory. This also seems to state that Tenchi will pick after this OVA

    "Tenchi is forced to make up his mind and chose
    one among girls."

    # The time frame established was after this OVA series.
    # He does say explicitly one. This is a big surprise, and I still
    # think that there will be a bit of a cop out at some point w.r.t this.
    # Neither Photon nor Dual had strong endings like this. (Although
    # trhe love triangle is much less balanced in Photon with Kiine way out
    # in front.

    # On a random Aside, I think that Dee is probibly one of the Megami that
    # Kajishima makes a note about.

    T: That will be a HUGE event to all fans.

    K: The result of his choose, will be the biggest break point of
    "Tenchi Muyo!" And end the Chapter one of OVA series.

    # Okay... Chapter One is defined as the first three OVA series. Gotcha.

    T: Tenchi is chased into a life that he can't make the choice as a
    male human being. Or I should say his destiny has determined
    what he has to go through. Tenchi is not allowed to have his own
    will and it all caused from his environment and fates. He must go
    through good and bad things. Will Tenchi's life changed in the 3rd
    OVA series?

    K: The easy way to put the whole things is, Tenchi Muyo! the 1st,
    2nd and 3rd are like in WW2. The Chapter 2 of OVA are post WW2.

    # Okay, the 1st noted here is the first chapter (1-3 OVA's). Kajishima
    # Actually seems to leave himself a lot of room here for more series.

    T: I believe people will be curious about the Chapter 2 as well. Do
    you have the idea now?

    K: um...I wonder the project will be accepted by anybody...cause
    its about a normal daily life after war.

    # In other words, it may not be made into a OVA series. But this series
    looks to be
    # much more comedic series.

    T: Its like after war and everything settled, the rest of it is just
    normal daily life.

    K: Yes. But, there will be another meaning of "war" waiting for

    # Hmm... Another War? I rather suspect that Tenchi may be on the Jurain
    throne here.

    T: yeah, the "war" that is different from "The earth is in DANGER!"

    K: Therefore, I think there will be no more 4th, 5th of Tenchi
    Muyo! Ryohki of the Chapter one.

    # I think he is refering to the fact that the "1st chapter" of tenchi (OVA
    1-3) will not be followed?
    # or that Tenchi OVA ends after three chapters?

    T: Then, Tenchi Muyo! Ryohki the 3rd is base on the conflict
    between Tenchi and "Z" and the rest of the stories will be
    influenced by the purposes of Goddesses.

    K: Also about how Tenchi is going to deal with all that.

    # Hmm. This is looking very very intersting.

    T: I think the male fans are curious about Tenchi's "love life", you
    know what I mean (grin). In what situation that Tenchi have to
    choice is the most mystery and interesting part for us.

    K: I agree. Personally, I want to end the story of the war between
    Goddesses and move the story to the romantic part too. I am
    interesting in "that "as well (laugh)

    # Okay, let me re-iterate, He seems to be saying that Tenchi's picks are not
    # as clear as they might be at the end of the series.

    T: I have to change the subject now for I have to ask you some
    questions from our English BBS before we end the interview part 1.
    Have you ever been to USA? Do you know "Tenchi Muyo!" is
    popular there?

    K: I've never been there. Really? It is?

    # Hmmm.... So much for the CN is giving AIC impetus to do new series theory.
    T: Yes, it's very popular. What do you think about the popularity of
    "Tenchi Muyo!" in USA and other countries?

    K: I created "Tenchi" for my own interest. I am glad to know that
    there are other people think its interesting like me.

    T: Do you want to say anything to your Fans around the world?

    K: Yes. "Tenchi Muyo!"is not finished yet, and I will keep
    working on it. Thank you for your support and please keep
    support it.

    Cool... I am really really really looking forward to this series.

  • This seems all well and good, but let's not forget Shin Tenchi (Tenchi in Tokyo). That was a sellout, if ever there was one. Who's to say that the new OVA won't be like that?

    As for the Bebop movie, there aren't much in the way of rumors...what we know's been confirmed...the title, the continutiy, and the existence of it.

  • The Bones people are really on a roll. If I'm not mistaken, the same team is responsible for consecutive products dating back the mid-90's: Macross Plus, Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, and then Escaflowne - The Movie. (Can someone correct me if I'm wrong on this?) Not one of these projects has been less than awesome, so I have pretty high hopes for the Bebop movie.
  • Yes, there will be a new movie for Cowboy Bebop.
    It will take between episodes 22/23. More Spike and the crew....
  • My apologies, but you appear to have mistaken this place for a serious discussion forum. Please, keep your posts down to a few lines and try not to say anything too much related to the article. What was it about, anyway? I haven't looked yet..
  • Is this why geeks like it more than other socio-cultural groups? It is well known that geeks are more scared of reality than other subcultures, and so are more likely to run from it into the comforting womb of fantasy.

    So why is anime shown on prime time Japanese television? Or are the Japanese "geekier" than Americans?

    And I dispute that this is a "well known fact"

    I think we should think very carefully about how anime is promoted - it is clearly further removed from reality than other artforms, and so it is more dangerous.

    Nice troll...
  • Finally get to see what happens with the whole Tokimi storyline. Was kind of annoyed how they set up what seemed to be a major storyline then just suddenly ended it.

    BTW, the Tenchi Muyo OVA was easily the best anime I've ever seen; it's possibly the best anything I've ever seen, so if you haven't seen it I'd suggest you pick it up. Even if you're not an anime fan (I'd always been disappointed by anime until I found it).
  • I think you've been watching a certain cable channel too much. Most of the original Japanese soundtracks contain little techno-type music of any sort. For reasons unknown, Cartoon Network prefers to replace the utterly repetitive, forgettible, and strangly addicting Japanese pop music that fills the original soundtracks with utterly repetitive, forgettable, and somewhat less addicting techno and drum and bass.

    Strangely, mecha seems to be less and less popular in Japan, but I have no insight there

  • Pardon me, but have you ever seen anything of the Magical Girl Pretty Sammy series? It's a wonderful parody of the mahou shoujo genre, and quite funny, if you're a fan of parodies. MGPS originated in the Mihoshi Special, if you'll recall, which is part of the OAV.

    I can't blame you for disliking Shin Tenchi Muyo or even Tenchi Muyo Universe (although many people did like that series), but please don't insult something you obviously haven't seen.
  • yes because we all know that geeks are VERY impressionable. WE ARE HELPLESS! GUIDE US! WE WILL DO ANYTHING YOU SAY!

    go away
  • Well, both Shin Tenchi Muyo and Tenchi Muyo in Love 2 (aka Tenchi Forever) bombed in Japan, and I think AIC is a smart enough company to have learned their lesson. Also keep in mind this comes from one of the *original* creators of Tenchi Muyo -- much of the production cast was different in the Universe series, and almost all of it in Shin Tenchi.

    As a short sidenote, supposedly the CB movie will occur inbetween episodes 22 and 23. ^_^
  • Ok yes it's only 12 days into the new year... but it is easily. Anyways I was sitting in my basic networking class trying not to fall asleep when I ran across this news bit. I almost blew my load when I saw that and start mumbling, "omg omg omg omg omg..." The people sitting next to me kinda got freaked out a bit. Then I emailed my poor otaku friend who is in the Marines and informed him of the earth shattering news. I have to say that this series of anime (esp the OAV ones) holds the most personal meaning to me. I wonder if they are going to actually build on the Ryoko and Tenchi stuff... any real fan knows that Ryoko and Tenchi belong together! If it does happen I do believe that all anime geeks of the world need to unite in pubs around the world and have a drink (or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8) in honor of Tenchi finally scoring! I know that I'll be holding a Muyo Fest (can you say 14-16 hours of tenchi loving) just to celebrate the news!
  • I'd rather have 14-16 hours of Sasami loving [flyhost.com].


  • Pioneeer may or may not even have the rights to this series. In this case, AIC is doing the anime, but there was (suposidly) some amount of legal flaming going back and forth between AIC and pioneer several years ago.

    So, it is very very possible that Pioneer is not even involed in this series.
  • I think the whole 'Goddesses war' has something to do with Washuu, and 2 other Goddesses, whose names I can't remember, one of which had it out for Washuu for some reason.

    But this is probably wrong in some aspects...Try some Anipike [anipike.com] links...Some of them might be useful.

  • No offense, but what goddessses? Ayeka is a princess, Ryoko is a space pirate (half mass(sp?)/half Washuu according to the OAV), Kiyone (who wasn't in the OAVs) is just a normal alien, AFAIK, and so is Mihoshi. Ryo-ohki is also not a goddess, and Washuu is presumably another normal alien, since it mentions her going to school and having a child in the series. Maybe you are mixing up your anime.

    Oh well, just another quibble.
  • Odd he wasn't aware of how popular it is in the US. In the 2nd OVA LD liner notes they talk about the US sales, and even show a picture of the US translation.
  • I think the new Tenchi OVA is going to prove an interesting challenge to Pioneer. Back in the day Tenchi could be fairly un-family like. In fact if you look at "The night before the Carnival" special (I think it was only released on LD), there is a scene where Washu needs a sperm sample from tenchi. I thought the dubbing handled the scene pretty well...until that is until I turned on the subtitle and saw washu's dialog was pretty much outright offering to suck tenchi off.

    Either way, I thought the dialog was well done, and fine for anyone who was used to watching HBO. However, times have changed since the mid 90's, and Pioneer is making it's bread and butter in family Anime. If we get to an story where Tenchi get's it on it should be interesting to see if anything gets left on the cutting room floor.
  • This guy needs to watch some Evangelion. Good wholesome Christian lessons there!

    - Amon CMB
  • Forgive me wrong, but I'm going to assume that's an honest question -- nope, no relation at all. Cowboy Bebop is a sci-fi series set in the year 2071, and it's about a small group of misfit bounty hunters wandering around the solar system.

    A short description like that really doesn't do the series justice -- it's one of the best anime series I've ever seen, really. It's got a mixture of serious science fiction and offbeat humor, plus a jazzy soundtrack by Yoko Kanno (Escaflowne, Macross Plus, etc.), and the best English dub I've ever heard. I highly recommend it. :-)
  • All who say anime sucks need to shut the hell up and watch this:

    http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00003CXBK/ o/qid=979412902/sr=8-1/ref=aps_sr_d_1_1/107-300588 9-1225342 [amazon.com]

    Don't you dare tell me you weren't awed by that film.

    - Amon CMB
  • What does OVA mean?

    -Erf C.
  • Personally, the only cartoon I watch is the Simpsons.. I have no false 'toons. In the interview they said:
    T: I think the male fans are curious about Tenchi's"love life", you know what I mean (grin). In what situation that Tenchi have to choice is the most mystery and interesting part for us.
    K: I agree. Personally, I want to end the story of the war between Goddesses and move the story to the romantic part too. I am interesting in "that "as well (laugh)
  • Now I like Tenchi as much as the next guy. I bought the original US release LDs when they came out. I got all the domestic stuff on LD and DVD. I got Tenchi Toys and T-shirts.

    But I'm dissappointed to hear they are doing yet more Tenchi and I'm really dissappointed to see so many people hyped about it.

    Tenchi is IMHO pretty well mined out. There has been enough battles between Ayeka and Ryoko to satisfy any hardcore otaku. Enough Tenchi ducking out of picking just 1 girl that I think he's part Duck.

    I really want to launch into a diatribe about fans who just want to see more of the same thing rehashed again and again, But I'd just labeled flame bait.

    AFAIK the weak economy in japan has anime companies favoring remakes and rehashes over original ideas and concepts. Which is real shame. I watch anime because I want to see something different, challenging, new. I want to see talented people turned loose to do what they want to do, to try new things.

    To be a little more positive let me suggest you try/buy/waitfor these.

    • Write a nasty letter to Mixx Ent. telling them to get off thier butts and release Kenji's Spring. I saw a fansub and liked it so much I bought the import LD.
    • Boogiepop Phantom will be released from rightstuf in a few months. Watch it and you'll be saying "lain who?"
    • If you have the slightest interest in Import cars and racing, watch Initial D and you'll be looking to buy a hachiroko.
    • Get a DVD that can handle Region 2 and buy Furi Kuri (also know as FLCL). Discs 2+ have english subs. From Gainax (EVA, Gunbuster, Wings of Homeamise, karo kano) it's confusing, funny, fulla "in" jokes and it where Anime is going.
    • Now that you can play region 2 DVDs, get My neighbors the Yamadas.
    • Prediction: the new Toonami show that will have people talking will be The Big O(If they don't cut it apart). You can watch the creators previous work in the Giant Robo ovas.
    IMHO, you'll enjoy anime more if you keep you anime fresh and see out the new instead of just want more of the same.

  • Well it ain't Stan Lee and will always be second rate to me. But yeah I'll watch it for the Goddess on Goddess action - he's right there.
  • Yes, the japanese are geekier than their American counterparts. This is writ through their culture. This is why they invented anime!
  • No, we like it because it has giant robots! With laserbeam weapons! And techno soundtracks!
  • I was thinking the other day that anime is even more removed from reality than film and television, being a drawn and subjective perspective on the world.

    Is this why geeks like it more than other socio-cultural groups? It is well known that geeks are more scared of reality than other subcultures, and so are more likely to run from it into the comforting womb of fantasy.

    Is it healthy that anime be promoted among younger geeks? We should surely be encouraging geeks to confront the world they are so afraid of, indtead of retreating into a symbolic arena. I think we should think very carefully about how anime is promoted - it is clearly further removed from reality than other artforms, and so it is more dangerous.

    We should be careful with it, and only take it in small doses, and not give it to our children.

  • For anyone who doesn't want to read the entire interview, here's a summary from Anime News Network [animenewsnetwork.com] with a little more information:

    3rd Tenchi Muyo OVA Series officially Announced

    According to an interview posted on the AIC website tonight, Kajishima Masaki, creator of the Tenchi Universe, will be directing the 3rd OVA series.

    The new OVA series is to be the sequel of the original "Tench Muyo! Ryohki" OVA. In the new OVA series Kajishima will set out to answer the questions that were left unanswered in the previous series. The story will feature very prominently the the "Choushin" goddesses and also feature a new, currently unamed, character who will be show up in the 13th episode as Tenchi's potential rival.

    The first chapter will feature Tenchi, Washu, Tsunami and Tokimi as main characters. Aeka, Ryoko and the others will not have any part in the main story, however they will be present on the sidelines and at the end of the series.

    The new character, whom Kajishima temporarily calls 'Z' will be a minion of the Choushin godess Tokimi and is a part of her goal of forwarding the Choushin's original plans.

    And, of most interest to Tenchi fans around the world, the announcement they have been waiting for, "Tenchi is forced to make up his mind and chose one among girls." This decision, which will occur near the end of the 1st chapter will be a major turning point in the series and signal the end of chapter 1.

    Kajishima's exact plans for the series beyond Chapter 1 remain unclear and he does not seem entirely certain exaclty how many chapters there will be.

    It also isn't clear how many episodes will be in chapter 1, but since a major protagonist will be introduced in episode 13, at least 15 episodes can be expected at the very minimum.

    I just hope they go back to the original Character designs rather than the travesty that was Tenchi In Tokyo/Shin Tenchi Muyo... Jesus, that was awful all around. The OAV series, however, was excellent. And Tenchi Universe was resoundingly mediocre... at least they're going to build off of the first and best plotline instead of building yet another continuity.... that's the thing that's most infuriating about Tenchi Muyo.. four series, and three different continuities..... more if you count the various one offs, like Pretty Sammy and Mihoshi's Special.


  • Plot twists are something they need to develop!
  • by dancingmad ( 128588 ) on Friday January 12, 2001 @04:32PM (#510517)
    I don't believe this to be true for a number of reasons.

    Part of this is buying into the media (and Net community, to some degree) idea of geeks. I consider my self very computer literate, I read Tolkien, I love anime - I don't consider myself a geek, as such. I have no problems with my social life.

    The American debate on whether Anime is good for Americans is as old as the imports themselves.

    "[Anime] being a drawn and subjective perspective on the world.
    All fiction, and most "non-fiction" is subjective. The Japanese see Hiroshima and Nagasaki far differently than Americans do, though who is to say either point is completely (in)valid? All fiction is drawn by the creators views on life.

    The idea that Anime is dangerous is an old one. How is it more dangerous than usual TV? Because many anime shows show a more realistic view of life, social situations and peoples motives, than American sitcoms? In anycase, how is something removed from reality automatically dangerous?

    Anime covers so many different genres, pegging it into one hole is impossible. There is realistic anime, sci-fi, fantasy, porn. Anime is less like a subgenre, than a medium for many different types of entertainment.

    Like any entertainment, parents must watch their kids - but denying anime simply because it is anime is foolish.

    "We should be careful with it, and only take it in small doses, and not give it to our children."
    Smacks of Xenophobia, something us Americans are usually good about, but we sometimes are prone to.

  • I guess if BGC can get remade at this late date then they figure anything is fair game. But, they missed the boat on this one. If they had continued with the OAV series instead of taking that detour into that horrible TV series, I mean the first one, maybe we would have had something. Now the license is so tainted with junk, Sailor Sammy?!, you can't help but dread what's going to come out of this. No, this will only have curiosity value. Too bad, it was a great OAV series when it first came out.


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