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Christmas Cheer

Christmas Chess Puzzle 4

While you might have just finished your third round of egg-nog, it's time to use the old noggin. Some of you may remember last Christmas' chess puzzle - well, I've been talking to Fredric Friedel again - check out more details below - or jump to the puzzle itself but read the setup below.

Frederic Friedel of Chessbase writes: "Christmas -- time to drive Slashdot folks nuts again, with a little chess puzzle. Frederic Friedel of ChessBase did it last year, and has a new brain-teaser for us today: "A game ends with the move 6.gxf8=N mate. How did it go?" Starting from the initial chess position you have to find six moves that lead to a white pawn on g7 capturing a black piece on f8, promoting to a knight and delivering mate. Naturally both sides cooperate to achieve the goal. Further details are to be found on Frederic's puzzle page. It is easier than last year's puzzle. If you find the correct solution do not post it in this forum or any newsgroups and spoil the fun for everyone else. Nobody will admire you for it, and some will be extremely annoyed."

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Christmas Chess Puzzle

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