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Commercial IPv6 Service In Australia 78

Carl Brewer writes: "At last someone's doing commercial IPv6 in Australia, [according to this Computerworld Article]. Maybe this'll kick some of the other ISP's into action." Fat pipes, IPv6 ... next they'll announce affordable satellite links to the whole country, lead-into-gold machines, etc.
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Commercial IPv6 service In Australia

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  • I can see all those poor old 64 Bit addresses flocking processionaly to the Aussies for an Upgrade only to realise they're too old to find a job in the IT industry.

    I'm 31 and not at all less inteligent

  • Occures to me that IPv4 address are a nice size to remember. Four groups of three.

    Is anybody 'normal' going to be able to remember of the top of there head what IPv6 of the nearest gateway? :-)

    Sorta like memorizing MAC addresses as a hobby.
  • >20000000 = appr. radius of Earth in feet
    What a gore ! 20 000 000 severed feet scatered across our planet's radius !
    Or are you talking of these medieval units that cause NASA probes to crash on Mars ?

  • you're sig is outdated, i just searched b and got

    Results 1 - 20 of about 89,400,000. Search took 0.21 seconds.


  • by Galvatron ( 115029 ) on Friday November 17, 2000 @01:44AM (#618345)
    The radius of the earth is actually closer to 2,100,000 (2,092,000, with 4 significant digits). Despite using a lower radius, however, you somehow managed to also get a lower number of IPs per square foot.

    (2,092,000^2*4*PI)=6.187*10^13 (again, significant digits are your friend)
    (3.402*10^38)/(6.187*10^13) = (3.402*10^25)/6.187 = 5.499*10^24
    Your answer was approximately 6*10^22, so off by a factor of 100.

    Still, anyway you slice it, that's a fuckload of IPs. Which is good, because we certainly don't want to run into the "nobody could possibly need more than 512k of ram" problem. This way, utilizing all those IPs would be practically a physical impossibility, at least as long as we're contained within this solar system.

    Of course, this doesn't mean the "thousands of IPs per square foot" people are WRONG. After all, 5.499*10^24 is 5,499,000,000,000,000,000,000 thousand IP addresses per square foot. That's many many many thousands :)

  • Nope, that's volume. Hence the cubing. And the reason he didn't use metric was because people are quoting these "gee whiz" numbers in imperial, and he wanted to see if they were right.

  • IPv6, and the Tooth Fairy...
    I think you meant FuckUp Fairy ... There are already too many lusers out there in the world - lurking more or less. One can only imagine how much "nicer" the some IT-related jobs will become! Oh dear!

    At least you get to assign addresses that contain recovery inducing subtrings like "f0ad" or "dead beef" etc.etc. :)
    Heh - how about having a horde of bisons connecting on dialups and the worst of thems getting assigned nice tags like this? :) Quite as efficient as setting ID10T=1 in autoexec.bat.

  • Do you reckon little Johnny has actually *used* the internet?

    Anyway, I think the statement was in the context of the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Forum) meeting, and the goal was to let every community in every APEC country (including most of east Asia, Russia, and the US) have access to the net. Personally, if I was Burmese, Cambodian (or Chinese for that matter) I'd like a government that wasn't so keen on killing its own citizens *before* I worried too much about net access :-/

  • Still, anyway you slice it, that's a fuckload of IPs. Which is good, because we certainly don't want to run into the "nobody could possibly need more than 512k of ram" problem.

    Just wait until someone finds good use for one-time IPs, preferably for very short, frequent tasks... ;)

  • You can tell controller nanite #5/10 to have nanite #324235236523 to do some junk.

    Or rather you tell controller nanite #5/10 what you want doing and it tells natite #324235236523 what to do.
  • > the ignorance and arogance of this crap monopoly is lagging the country web development behind
    > So when is Someone going to jack up South Africa?

    This will change shortly after Telkom loses it's molopoly in 2003. IMHO this should have happened already.
  • How about a comment about new IP in general? Whats with these ICANN dudes? They sure can. I guess I was just a stupid programmer in the 80-90's that had fun and a soul enjoying my thing. Looks like if I was money hungry I'd have been the mapper of IP's to domains- a two column database! If you think about the profit they must have- this group is now a big boy with big power. I'm pissed that we don't have .xxx and .kids I understand the valid argument that we don't need more policing and who can judge which content is allowed and still feel a freedom has been infringed upon. Once again you can say the world is ignorant while the big computer economic highways are laid out. Bill did it with stealing the best ideas, good marketing and quickly made bad software. We can't make AI that detected bad sites and .kid filters are good in my opinion- I at least don't want my kids seeing a highlander victims neck up cloe at age 6- let him look at gophers when he's 8. Too much power in their hands. They should be split amongst slashdotters. How can we get this on the news? "Your domains or theirs? Tonight at 8:00" Why should the whole U.S. be paying these few greedy people everything to lease digitial domains? Pissed & Poor after typing millions and lines of codes, getting carpal and watching everyone get rich- Stylinsty (yes I'm not as smart or well spoken as most here but cut me some slack)
    Me site []
    Email [mailto]
  • I feel that the concept of turning lead into gold is highly overrated (thus the subject header, eh?)... what we need are machines that can turn asparagus into peaches, brussel sprouts into chocolate, alfalfa sprouts into cheese, Zima into a real beverage, and beef jerky into lemon sorbet. And why, do you ask, do we need to turn beef jerky into lemon sorbet? I have no idea, it just seemed clever at the time.

    And anyway... once we get this whole telepathy thing figured out, the internet will be obsolete, and we'll have a whole new meaning of peer-to-peer, as well as whole new vast expanses of sexual harassment lawsuits.

  • Go to one of the Registries...

    If you're in the US:

    If you're in Asia or Australia

    If you're in Europe

    Be sure to read the guidelines... the least you can aquire is a /20 but you need to fulfill certain prerequisites


  • Oh, so that's why you guys bought all those F-111s off of us... I should have known! That and Carlo Copp inventing the microwave bomb... Scary stuff.

    "Citizens have rights. Consumers only have wallets." - gilroy

  • No, but all-gold interconnects on chips would get a lot cheaper...

    "Citizens have rights. Consumers only have wallets." - gilroy

  • They dont need to communicate via IP. They can use a proprietary protocol. Or just use a really simple method. Id compare what your saying to giving every key on a keyboard an IP address. Not a perfect analogy, but the point remains, its not needed to put every nanite on the internet. Noone/nothing cares about a specific nanite in a toaster. Noone ever will. Even wiring the toaster raises questions in my eyes, but thats at least logical.
  • Not directly, but definitely indirectly. Same with the US dollar. Used to be attached to the gold price, but that changed quite a while ago (60ies? Someone help me!)
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Australia's ISPs have been begging for this for more than two years now, but the regulatory agencies have been complacently sitting on their laurels, watching the world pass us by. It's incredible how big a headache the agencies can be. $40,000 to set up a repeating station? Just in legal fees? That's insane. Six months to get an inspection sticker on the fire extinguishers in the server room? What do you mean, we can't boot them up without a registered fire extinguisher? We have customers to serve, now! You'd think it'd be in the government's best interest to streamline the process and increase tax revenues on the resulting profits, but you'd be sadly wrong.

    The ISPs are doing their best. Unfortunately, their best cannot overcome the iron will of a government which to this very day refuses to have a written constitution. It all goes back to fundamental respect for human dignity, and it's just not happening, here.
  • Well, sitting at my PC and listening to the news I just heard our humble leader (and quite scary) John Howard say that the government is trying to ensure that every Australian has access to the Internet within the next five years (or something). Pretty amuzing claim.. sorta like the "no child shall be living in poverty".
  • Look, everybody, more numbers! It's a huge '128-bit address space'!

    Suddenly, the internet is faster, my computer is smarter, the world looks brighter, slashdot posts are more intelligent....

    Nah. Everything still sucks.

    Nevermind for a minute that the address space isn't REALLY 128-bit. Nevermind for a minute that with IPv6 we could easily support far more than 2^128 computers, just as we can support far more than 2^32 with IPv4. (Read RFC 1918.)

    The REAL problem with moving from IPv4 to IPv6 is it will let even MORE stupid people get on the net. It was bad enough they de-classed IPv4 and let as many stupid Earthlings on as could scrape up the cash for a computer. Now we have enough address space for every animal, plant, bacteria, virus, and rock on this planet, and probably several others.

    If you thought the last wave of stupid newbies was bad, wait until the first wave of newbies that IPv6 brings on.

  • The $AU doesn't need anyone's help. It's been indexed against the American dollar for the past 24 years (80 AUcents on the US$), so no matter how much gold Australia makes (or digs up), it won't change the currency rates.

    Gah? I think maybe your information is a little out of date (maybe a decade or two?) ... the $AU is currently at about 52 US cents. In recent years it was usually around the 75-80 US cent area, but in the last few months it's gone a long way down.

  • Hrmph. Anyone ever hear of a private network? IPv6 just like IPv4 provides for private networks that dont exactly need to have a public address. Nanothingies can easily go on the super large private networks provided for by IPv6. If anything needs to be public, have the controller on a public IP address. I can't really think of a situation I might want to telnet to specific nanothingie #233523523 from halfway across the globe. Same thing with toasters btw. If i actually did have my toaster network-enabled, i would probably have it on my PRIVATE network in my house. I could then toast some bread at home from my car by connecting to some external controller that interfaced with my toaster through the private network. My toaster doesn't necessarily need to serve web pages directly now does it? Just a thought...
  • by Dacta ( 24628 ) on Friday November 17, 2000 @02:13AM (#618365)

    Actually, satellite links are just about the most affordable form of broardband available outside Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane. Telstra cable is way too much, and Optus hasn't cabled anywhere else, but you can get sattelite access for around $40-$50 a month. []

    Of course, sattelite internet is actually a pretty crap form of 'net access - it is high lag, ties up a phone line, and is only fast one way.

  • I wonder who came up with the "several thousand IP addresses per sq. foot/meter of Earth surface" bullshit (heard it in other places, too). It's much more than that. Or is my math wrong:

    (2^128) / (20000000^2 * 4 * 3.1415) = 67699022545149304365624

    (2^128 = no. of possible addresses in IPv6, 20000000 = appr. radius of Earth in feet, 4*pi*r^2 = surface area of a sphere of radius r)

  • > You can't have a democracy in a country where over 70% of the population isn't well educated.

    Stop talking about the USA, I'm tired of thier election already!

    > 80% of the population doesn't even know what "The Internet" is

    Nor will they until we develop the telcoms infrastructure.

    > South Africa is a fool's paradise

    It ain't nobody's paradise.

    > I suggest you leave.

    That may be a good suggestion, but it doesn't answer his question. SA net infrastruction could be better managed, in the interests of all of those in SA. Telkom needs to have thier monopoly removed from them, by force if need be. They don't want to give it up, but there is a lot of pressure from Business fro it to go. It is unlikely to last past 2003.

    >England is kief, bru. The money is alot better..

    Been there, done that. Money alone doesn't make up for the kak weather, overcrowding, and the brits.

  • ...we can just reuse the IPs once we start getting low. Simple enough.

  • I agree.

    IP v6 gives a whole new meaning to

    • RFC 2324 [] (Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP/1.0))
    • RFC 2325 [] (Definitions of Managed Objects for Drip-Type Heated Beverage Hardware Devices using SMIv2...)
  • The REAL problem with moving from IPv4 to IPv6 is it will let even MORE stupid people get on the net.

    Ah yes, that'll be those newbies that have been waiting until IPv6 was out then?

    Something like:

    Newbie 1: IPv6 is being used everywhere! We can get on the net now!
    Newbie 2: Cool! But what does a mouse do?

    Will IPv6 actually cause any more people to get connected to the net? I doubt it. Ok, so it might make it possible for them to be connected, but that's a different thing.
    I don't see why newbies should be any worse, just because IPv6 is being used.

  • You've said far too much. With clues like that they might realise what we're doing. Dammit shutup!
  • Would that use the new Transmetal chip set, then?
  • is not the only thing to take into account. Remember that a single device could conceivably occupy an infinite amount of IP addresses, just like many ISP's offer their customers "IP-based virtual web hosting" instead of "HTTP 1.1 'Host'-header based virtual web hosting". if everyone starts doing that then it could reduce the number of available ip addresses from a per-atom to a per-molecule ballpark.

    I'm also trying to figure out who is and how the hell they're guna manage the assignment of IPv6 blocks. heh.

  • 'at last ..' as the word is anxiously waiting for IPv6. who cares? Coala bears?
  • I'm also trying to figure out who is and how the hell they're guna manage the assignment of IPv6 blocks. heh.

    ARIN [] (or your friendly regional registry) are selling these just as they are seilling IPv4 addresses now. The worst part? They are actually charging *more* than they are for IPv4 addresses. Anyway, rest assured, those who stand to profit have already taken care of IPv6 assignment.


  • Metalab/iBiblio/Sunsite/whatever-it-is-this-week doesn't seem to have RFC 1918. Could you post a summary or a link?

    "If ignorance is bliss, may I never be happy.
  • Nevermind, found it elsewhere...forgot 1918 was the private-address-blocks RFC
    Boy is my face red. :P

    "If ignorance is bliss, may I never be happy.
  • Fat pipes, IPv6 ... next they'll announce affordable satellite links to the whole country, lead-into-gold machines, etc.

    The place I work at actually has a 10 meg Fibre connection through UEComm. One thing that startled us at the time we found out about them (around March) was that they could get us a 2 Meg fibre link at about the same cost as a 128k ISDN would cost (rent wise). ISDN is just way too expensive over here, and ADSL is not usable yet, and in some places won't be simply because of transmission distance from exchange to user. It took 3 months to get the damn thing connected, but we haven't looked back (we got 2 Meg, and then uppped to 10 Meg cos it was simply cheap enough that we could).

    UEComm also have a fairly decent network behind it, and the fibre is reasonable quality (they believe that with current technology they'll happily get 2 Gigabits down each fibre linking the network together, and they've got a LOT of fibres linking places together. They ran 16 pairs into our building, and they're at least capable of 622 Megabit. I don't think the place I work at will have much of a bandwidth problem for a while anyway!)

    Btw: Affordable satellite links? Define affordable. There are a few ISP's running such services here in Australia, with moderate success. Data pretty much comes direct from the US, so Overseas traffic tends to be faster.

    ...Meanwhile back at the ranch, Poncho disguised as a door has had his knob shot off... - TISM

  • by The-Pheon ( 65392 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @11:28PM (#618380) Homepage

    For those of you who would like to implement ipv6 on your systems, there are howto's available at []Also check out the USAGI Project []

  • With the capacity to provide about a thousand IP addresses to every square foot of surface area on Earth, IPv6 will make things very interesting. Total addresses possible: 340282366920938463463374607431768211456
    The neat part is I calculated that by hand while I was really bored in school and had 4 hours to blow away.
  • Fat pipes, IPv6 ... next they'll announced affordable satellite links to the whole country, lead-into-gold machines, etc.
    Would a lead-into-gold machine improve the state of the dollar?


  • IP v6 will still be able to provide new IP numbers if we colonise other planets and every toaster on Venus has an IP. Cool! Where can I get one of these toasters?
  • That really was a

    in there, honest!

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday November 16, 2000 @11:27PM (#618385)
    But we never told you. Just like we never told you about our nukes or our kamikaze kangaroo teams. All that fubared censorship legislation you've been reading about? It's a ruse.

    We have big plans up here. Yeah, that's right: up. Australia's ON TOP OF THE WORLD, damn it! Your northocentric imperial maps are upside down, but you didn't realize it. Just like you didn't realize about the nukes. You'll learn all too soon. Mark my words.

    But I've said too much.
  • The telkom monopoly here in South Africa , still running analouge boxs in most places the ignorance and arogance of this crap monopoly is lagging the country web development behind , and since i believe south africa is the techonogical key to the rest of Africa, why cant some outside giant like A T and T come in here and get things going or even rattle some cages , espicially since labour here is so much cheaper than most other places in the world , we desperatly need a good web infrastructure.
  • by pb ( 1020 ) on Thursday November 16, 2000 @11:30PM (#618387)
    Look, everybody, more numbers! It's a huge '128-bit address space'!

    Suddenly, the internet is faster, my computer is smarter, the world looks brighter, slashdot posts are more intelligent....

    Nah. Everything still sucks.
    pb Reply or e-mail; don't vaguely moderate [].
  • goodbye to:
    -static routing
    -life without dns

  • No, more value in gold=less value in currency. Or wait, maybe more value available to be turned into currency? Or perhaps more desire for overseas luxury items, reducing power of dollar? Or perhaps reduction in gold investments (they'd be worth less) meaning more invested in companies meaning more value for dollar? Or investment resulting in inflation resulting in less value for dollar? Whatever it is, the tech boom is over. Or just beginning. Or has been going on since 1950/1965/1980/1995. Or something. Whatever, just keep Greenspan in the US.
  • IPv6-throughIPv4 tunneling, as described in RFC 1933 [].
  • Ummm think about it. Sure you'll want to control the nanites remotely but that doesn't mean you need to communicate with each one of them directly.

    Communicate with a few controller nanites, that manage the others, and have them establish a private network between themselves. You can tell controller nanite #5/10 to have nanite #324235236523 to do some junk.

    Besides, think of the routing chaos if the global routers had to manage separate connections going to each one of the nanites. Hierarchy is your friend.
  • Looks like DNS is gonna become just that more important.
  • This is a stupid question, but I've wanted to ask it for a while anyway and it is sort of slightly on topic here for a change.

    How does one go about buying a block of IP addresses? And don't say, "Lease them from your ISP", because that's doesn't answer the question. How did my ISP buy them?!?

    I'm really curious, because it is frequently a point of contention around these here parts and I'm wondering if it's possible for me to get my hands on a small block of them. Is there a governing body that deals them out? Have they already all been distributed? Sigh.... so many questions about TCP/IP....

  • Ahh 2003! - 3G should have arrived by then, but how does 3G look in rsa ? I mean, you'll get a load or bandwidth through 3G - which is a good thing tm
    If you don't like the monopoly, get out of the Kitchen (=
    > Been there, done that. Money alone doesn't make up for the kak weather, overcrowding, and the brits.
    I suppose it depends on what you're looking for in life.
    Earning in a strong currency is the best way to stay ahead financialy.
    I happen to get on best with intellectual Brits and Auzzies ;) + I couldn't really care less about the weather. And you've got to concentrate less on having "space" ;) There are ways of getting around the space problem. One solution is "NOT LIVING IN OR NEAR LONDON". The further from london you go, the less houses cost, the more you get for your money, the less cramped you feel.
    The space thing also happens to be in our Southern Hemisphere mindset.. we're used to vast expanses of land without a house in sight, big homes which people here would consider Mansions - When I mentioned that I had owned a pool to someone here, their jaws dropped. Basicaly, you can get used to less space.
    I'll also give a mention to Europe, land'o'culture, being just a short journey away! I kinda feel safe knowing there are frenchies, germans and spaniards close by ;)
  • Don't forget DHCP...
  • Of course, you still need a way to get to your DNS server. :) Perhaps DHCP can help...
  • In the Americas, go to ARIN []; in Europe go to RIPE []; in Asia and the Pacific, go to APNIC []. (Some places, such as Mexico [] and Brazil [], have separate arrangements.)

    ARIN "allocate" numbers to ISPs and "assign" numbers to end users []; but be warned that it costs Big Money to be assigned numbers directly (at least US$2,500 per year).

    As you might have guessed from the article, APNIC seem to be cluefully ready to give out IPv6 addresses []; ARIN are apparently talking about it [].

  • Ok, so an article about Australia has just been posted, now how long till the comments about Australian beer come?

    Firstly some smart arse American will post a stupid fosters comment, then comes a flood of comments from other people saying how shit it tastes, that fosters is actually made in Canada, and that nobody in Australia actually drinks it. Followed by more comments about how coopers or *insert beer of choice here* is better...

    Then shortly after some kangaroo/kaola comments are sure to follow, proving that the majority of American have no about Australia whatsoever.

  • RSA's police force is over 50% Black now, the Head of the Police is Black don't you know ? Or are you still living in the 80's ?
    If anything, it's BLACKS killing BLACKS now. The AWB menace never materialised.
    Don't forget it was the Nationalist party that Stepped down. It could've been alot worse.
    mv /dev/shoulder/chip/american/old/reactions/racism /dev/null
    And beside the point: I can't relate "White Racism" to "Deserving Technology"
  • depends how the pie is sliced. some moron is going to decide that every company needs a few hundred billion IP network, just so their routing tables are nice and pretty.

    remember, we now have subnets because we discovered not everyone needs an entire class C. just cos there are lots of IPs doesn't mean they are available for anyone to use...

  • by Aki Laukkanen ( 1072 ) on Friday November 17, 2000 @04:21AM (#618401) Homepage
    In IPv6 you don't need to. RFC 2462 defines the mechanism for Stateless Address Autoconfiguration which uses the Neighbor Discovery mechanisms defined in RFC 2461 for automatically configuring the host. Basically all IPv6 routers periodically send Router Advertisement multicast packets to the all-nodes multicast group. The content of these messages is information on how the host should configure itself ('M' flag for managed - i.e. DHCPv6). If SAA is used, the host can create an IP address for itself by prepending its Interface Identifier (E.g. EUI-64) with the prefix contained in the Prefix Information option. Hosts can at anytime send Router Solicitation messages to request RAs. The IP source address in these messages is the IID prepended by the well-known link-local address prefix. That means, each IPv6 has a scope, link-local, site-local or global.
  • There was policy speech by former Prime Minister Bob Hawke in the lead up to the 1987 (I think) election that "by 1990 no Australian child will be living in poverty".
    Needless to say, That didn't happen

    Sounds very similar to "All Australians will have net access"

  • by QuantumG ( 50515 ) <> on Friday November 17, 2000 @08:21PM (#618403) Homepage Journal
    one, yes, Johnny uses the net.. he has a stupid talk radio show and people are always asking him if he has read something another on the net and most the time he has. two, he was specifically talking about Australia.. he was saying that the divide between the haves and the have nots of infotech must be eliminated if Australia is to move forward. Howard has always been a "we are the smart country" type. It gives him an excuse to fuck over farmers and miners.
  • Oh and by the way, get it the real world. Its metres, kilometres,... [ Reply to This | Parent ]

    I know. I'm German, and I find the Americans' persistence in using the old system irritating and amusing. But the guy I was replying to used square feet, and I didn't want to make things difficult for all the poor unit-impaired US guys here...

  • Mosy of the blacks here are bigger racists than the afrikaaners ever where , most of the pedi's hate the sotho's they are all shit scared of the zulu's and this does not even take into account the illegal imagrants , in natal every weekend they still all get dressed in there tribe colours ( demarkated by shoe colour ) go down the valley to fight with the other guys who where other coloured shoes , and end up brutaly smashing each other to death , never mind that in the mines where multi black races work and live , they find some poor guy with all his apenadages pulled off just because the poor guy happened to walk past eh wrong hostel, the nigerian illegal imagrants are the worst, look at the drc war at what they are doing there and rwanda , some of those baraberians have decided to illagaly come here because of the money and the local black population lives in fear from these guys who just randomaly kill our local inhabitants like sport , they are the real reason behind the crime problem here. and lastly nobody has acciendntly fallen out of jhon foster sqauares windows since the 80's the new black cops kill other blacks in the street , then dump there bodies in neighbouring districts to avoid the paper work
  • 2003 telkom will be split up into a duopoly , with espenitally , will be 2 telkom companies there is no anti trust law here , so at the end of the day like the celluar providers who meet with telkom in london to set fixed corrupt cell phone rates behind everyones backs , so everyone including telkom gets a greedy cutt, they will still work together behind the seens , and get cutts from each other, pitty they dont spend the money treaching there employers to drive
  • you should come out here, there are a lot of afikaans woman who like guys who play d and d , you just have to know where to find them , of course there is a down side , most of them are inbreed and stupid and dress like goths , but dont listen to goth music or even know what it really means to be a goth , there refrence point is a couple of crow movies and some sister of mercy t-shirt sale they had a local flea market, but if you are not fusy come around to edenvale in gauteng around june july and go to the icon gaming festaval at the edenvale rec centre
  • What was Offtopic?

    Christ, if you *must* moderate down my posts, mark that post as Overrated (like the coward you are), or pay for it in MetaMod, you incredibly clueless moderator.

    But read my sig a few times first, and hit yourself over the head with an anvil a few times as well, just for good measure. It may not help you, but I'll feel better...
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  • the mother dust dam thats funny , make me snort my coffee out my nose
  • The overhead required for anything past 128bits is too much. Luckily the IPv6 header doesnt take alot more overhead than IPv4, but just assume for a second, that you had a 256 bit address space. thats 512 bits required per packet (one for sender, one for receiver) now, send 1000 packets. That adds up to 62.5K worth of data, just for the IP addresses. Thats alot of bandwidth just for all the toasters of the world. Currently, there's millions of IP addresses that are for local networks. Your 'toaster' could use addresses in that space, and simply have just 1 address for internet access. Finally, why would having all those 'nanites' require an IP address? Would it make better toast? I dont think so. Just my 2 cents.
  • I think I read somewhere that there's enough ipv6 address for every atom in the earths crust...

    Don't feel like doing the math right now, you'll have to check it yourself...
  • [...]
    Whatever, just keep Greenspan in the US.

    Uh-oh ... I parsed that as Greenspam and worse - it made sense :)

  • I think the cause and effect are the other way 'round... rich countries with low poverty rates have better access to the Internet.

  • Actualy, South Africa needs a good all-round Infrastructure. 80% of the population doesn't even know what "The Internet" is, let alone afford to purchase a computer. You can't have a democracy in a country where over 70% of the population isn't well educated.
    South Africa is a fool's paradise, which will not last. I suggest you leave. Give that Continent a good few hundred years to sort itself out ;)
    England is kief, bru. The money is alot better.. and there are Swedish Babes on the other side of the north sea! :) Better yet, you need never put two and two together again.
    And it's got a Great Infrastructure! There's alot of money going into Development.. etc etc.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    Ok. If my net is 100% ipv6 and I connect to the world via an ipv6/ipv4 router, (ipv6 on my lans, ipv4 to the rest of the world) how does someone in ipv4 land connect to any one of the (say) 5 ipv6 webservers on my lan (considering I only have 1 ipv4 address on the external side of my gateway)?
  • Dude stop sleeping so close to cheap monitors that leak radiation

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