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Blue Sub #6, Outlaw Star, And Tenchi, Oh My! 91

da3dAlus writes: "Toonami Revolution (check link for exact schedule) has spread the word on the new Toonami lineup beginning the week of November 6th. Basically, Cartoon Network is moving around a few shows to make room for the 4-part Blue Submarine #6 series and the weekly Toonami movies showing every Friday in November at 5pm EST. Gundam Wing will be dropped from the Midnight Run, DBZ will take its place, and Tenchi will fill the 12:30 slot (with NO uncut episodes). Currently, Outlaw Star is scheduled for airing on November 11 at 11 am EST." I highly recommend Blue Sub #6. The Japanese audio track is amazing (great surround sound) but I s'pose CN will air the English track.
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Blue Sub #6, Outlaw Star, and Tenchi, oh my!

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  • Encore also frequently plays anime OAVs and series, all unedited. They sometimes have a marathon or some-such weekend for larger series.

  • and anime being aired is "Stuff that matters."?
  • Linux? maybe not, but some *nix...Definitely. Watch Serial Experiments Lain. It is the scene when she is asking her dad for a Navi.

    Screen shots can be seen here. []

  • *chuckle* I think Anime sucks (thats my opinon)

    However.. I know several females (yes bonafide real live woman) who think Anime is cool...

    Your conclusions are a little bit off base I think. Of course your a troll and im replying :-P

    Anyhow I do think excessive time spent away from communicating on a friend-friend basis with other people tends to amke your social skills a little scary....


  • Gundam Wing is boring as all hell. I'm glad they dropped it, maybe CN will start showing uncut DBZ episodes in the uncut GW slot.

    Oh, and DBZ episodes, up to this season, are available on DVD and video.

  • One comment complained about not seeing any reviews of Blue Submarine #6. Since I've seen all four episodes, I figured I'd oblige.

    Well, as everyone has said, the best thing about this anime is the soundtrack. If you have a 5.1 stereo system, you ought to be quite pleased. If you're lucky, you won't have any neighbors to bother and can crank the volume too.

    The story is also fairly good. The first episode is almost all action and very little plot, but the arc picks up in the second and is in full swing through the third and fourth episodes.

    The CG, while pretty impressive in its own right, doesn't always mesh well with the hand drawn stuff, especially when they cut from a CG scene to a hand-drawn version of the same scene.

    One thing I especially liked about it is that they don't hand you the story on a platter. A lot of what you see isn't necessarily explicitly explained or is left for later. I thought it was nice to see a story that let me draw my own inferences about ancillary details.

    I recommend that you see it from DVD, though. (Or, if you don't like the $20/episode cost, do as I did--watch a friend's copy.) To my knowledge, cable only transmits Dolby pro-logic, so people with 5.1 setups will miss a little of the soundscape. Also, according to the end of this story [], Toonami will be digitally editing out Hayami's cigarettes.

    --Phil (Gotta find more music by The Thrill.)
  • I thought they showed all of it, didnt they? I Dont watch much anime on tv.

  • I actually watch the first episode of Inu-Yasha. It's good. Very different from the other Takahashi manga adopted TV sized series (Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2) in that the cleanup and coloring process appeared to have been computer aided.

    Cells are drawn by hand, and scan into computer. Line clean up is done via computer software, and computer coloring is than applied. What you get is a more consistent coloring, and very clean line. That has been the major developement of the past 2 years.
  • Is there any chance for people outside the usa like me to see these cartoons for a reasonable price?
  • You are correct. Actually, GundamWing Endless Waltz will be premiering on November 10th as the first in a long line of Toonami movies. They've made quite a few plans to bring in a lot of different anime movies for airing. Now, about that Toonami channel... Sean Akins (the guy in charge of Toonami) has said a number of times that Cartoon Network has considered creating a Toonami channel, but so far nothing is formalized or even unformally confirmed. All well, 23 hours a week isn't bad, right?
  • Well, technically those tits are not on a human woman... I mean would you want go go around and put clothing on fish?
  • No. Outlaw Star is based on the Toward Stars novels Outlaw Star. There is a side-quel Angel Link that also take place in the Toward Stars universe that's due next year from Bandai. Unfortunately most people who like Outlaw Star hated Angel Link.
  • You are just posting in jest, but wonder how many fundies will actually see it as such.
  • Melfina's nudity isn't too much of a problem. All of the exposured parts are covered by the connection tube itself.

    As for Fred Lou beig gay... I'm still trying to figure out how they are going to handle Fred's impending marriage problem.

    And of course there is the Hot Spring planet episode...

  • Because the guy who own this web site likes anime. Lots of techie loves anime. If you don't like it, don't read it.
  • Quite the opposite as far as censoring nudity in Japan. I've even seen a video game advertisement in a magazine for an "endorsed" tennis game on the SNES. It featured a woman dressed in stadard tennis garb, lifting up the back of her dress. Right above her bare butt, she was holding the end of the dress and a box of the game. And that's just a simple fringe example.
  • You are completely off the mark with your complaint about the slashdot anime icon.

    The icon is of Sasami (Masaki Sasami Jurai), an 8-year old girl from the Tench Series.

    You ignorance in this example invalidates your entire post.

    By the way, the "large eye" style was originally made popular by "depraved" Walt Disney.

    Get a clue
  • Sure, some (although not many) fansubbers will ship to international locations. Some examples are Saichi Distribution [] and VKLL []. You could also check [] for others that will distribute internationally.
  • actually, I've seen nudity on American Movie Classics, but it's always artistic and usually during a rape scene .. btw, I thought that they were supposed to censor the nudity in Japan?
  • I've seen the following on Cinemax (their "action" dedicated channel, on digital cable/satallit), Encore/Starz: Action, IFC, and the Sundance channel:

    Vampire Hunter D
    Ninja Scroll
    Golgo 13: Queen Bee
    Grave of the Fireflies
    A Wind Named Amnesia
    Blue Seed
    Dominion: Tank Police
    Ghost in the Shell

    Granted, none of these (except the Cinemax) are available unless you have some type of digital TV feed (cable or satallite), but all of these were uncut and uncensored...

  • Actually, until recently there was an actual law on the books that prohibited the depiction of adult genitals or pubic hair. This is why you get mosaics, and depiction through omission. Also this is why nekkid people in anime are 'anatomically incorrect' from the waist down.
  • Outlaw Star is a pretty decent show. Gets episodic in the middle but the characters are pretty interesting and the ship-to-ship combat is pretty keen. However, I do wonder how CN is going to get around:
    • The fact that in order for the ship to function, Melfina has to be nekkid in a big tube on the bridge (I assume a lot of production cost is going into some digital bikini action).
    • The fact that Gene's weapon supplier is full-on gay. CN made Sailor Uranus and Nepture cousins to explain their 'close' relationship but I wonder how CN is going to change the dialogue for this one. I mean the guy isn't just a little too friendly with Gene, he hits on Gene pretty consistently.
  • I'm speaking *specifically* about the Blue Sub #6 series... Look it up, ONE episode per DVD, @$20 a pop...

    Helps to read the article's wording to know the details...;)
  • I would mod myself down if I could. I guess I was a bit too slow hitting the reply button. Oh well, 2nd post!
  • Look, buddy, I don't really get the point of making statements like that . . . I mean, are you trying to change someone's mind? Or are you just going for "I'm a racist bastard" or "I have very little taste and a wholly unoriginal core vocabulary"? First, I would like to say that a lot of anime does suck. A lot of it is mediocre, too-- but some of it is also very good. I enjoy something that is a little different and I have a wide enough perception to see past things that get in the way. Thinking people are like that.
  • It sucks that Bandai or who ever produced this dvd series didnt encode the english version sound track in Dolby 5. The japanese Dolby 5 version does sound great. I wonder if the proportion of English to Japenese dvd consumers for this particular series is largerly English?
  • just FYI: blue sub 6 is pretty much devoid of women...
  • Well, this is certainly a quandry, I saw the previews, and they rock... Remember when everyone was acting like Titan AE was hot shit (until they actually saw it)? Well, this is the same thing, except you'll still think it's hot shit after seeing it... There's just one teensy problem: If you want to see it unedited, you have to pay $20 a pop for a DVD with just *one* 30 minute episode... At that price, the producers actually justify piracy themselves...

    So for myself, I downloaded it from my friendly neighborhood usenet acct, at alt.binaries.multimedia.anime... Damnned spectacular work, and considering this came out *before* Phantom Menace, and Titan AE to boot, the CGI gives both asses a decent bitch slappin'...

    Of course, the few here who've seen it could post... But so far it looks like every response for the most part has nothing to do with anime proper... Some even calling unedited Tenchi pr0n? Erm, nahhhh... Titty shots make it into PG-13 and R rated films, and those come a far cry from pr0n...
  • by Rahga ( 13479 ) on Sunday October 29, 2000 @10:34AM (#666380) Journal
    In case anyone is wondering why Gundam Wing was shown uncut at midnight but Tenchi won't be, it's because Cartoon Network has taken a firm stance that the network will be a "safe harbor" no matter when you tune in.

    So, while it has a bit of violence and blood during action shows like Gundam Wing (whose uncut episodes only feature some blood), there are no explicit death scenes or the like. Tenchi has nudity, and the only shows with nudity in basic cable are on the discovery channel. Needless to say, Cartoon Network spent tons of money painting on swimsuits for the Tenchi bath scenes.
  • Titty shots make it into PG-13

    I'm not trying to nitpick, but I've honestly never seen a "titty shot" in a PG-13 movie. It would have to be VERY brief or otherwise imperceptible.

  • I bet you think there are women out there that use Linux, too.

  • by nurglich ( 136310 )
    While the CG does rock, has anyone else actually seen how horribly it clashes with the animation? I say, either do it all CG, or else use computers to enhance the normal animation. Doing it like this ruins the whole effect.
  • *grin* Just maybe... :)..

    Actually more than a couple women attend our LUG around here.. it is even rumored some use BSD..

  • "Shit" is among the seven words the FCC has banned, and even the there's no way Warner Bros. would allow that on such a station. The only time I remember hearing the word "F*ck" on basic cable was when Jason Preiestly had a live interview on Fox News and was expressing his anger at the tabloids :)
  • Aren't you a little OLD for trolling?
  • Whoops, missed two details:

    One, the tentacle rape material in some anime is basically due to the same restriction on genitalia... Erect penis? Bad! Sex crazed tentacles? Good!

    Secondly, the primary reason why a lot of the female characters look young in Japanese animation/manga is simple: They know their fans are anywhere from 16 (cultural note: out of the remainder of the world, the US is the only country that has a serious hangup with kids being interested in, let alone knowing about sex) to 25...

    And basically thirdly, the Japanese don't have any hangups about adults being interested in cartoons *or* comics... A great deal of anime that never even makes it to the US is produced for adults, and don't even have a hint of nudity to it... Then there's Junk Boy *shudder*...

    Cute duality about Americans, however... If you don't admit to liking nudity, you're a prude... If you do, you're a pervert... I love this country...
  • I hear that, I'm no big fan of Cue:Cat, but had to endure tons of pointless news regarding that too...

    Next on SlashDot: It's a hole in the wall, that your computer cannot live without! Lets discuss opensourcing the power companies and the evils of voltage monopolies!!! (followed by 5,000 postings and trolls about "Electricity is gay!" and "Fuck that, gimme a steam powered Celeron OC'd to 1.5Ghz!"...)
  • The contents of the window look NeXTy, but the window manager is 4Dwm -- SGI's modified MWM.
  • Perhaps you should try watching Battle Angel. It's only 60min. but it has some great animation. And it's more for teens and older, so no kid themes here. But there's alot of different types of anime like pokemon/digimon, but there are those more serious ones that older people can enjoy.
  • Not bad, not bad at all! A nice rounding out choice. It's drama but it's also a bit of a comedy. Outlaw Star is a neat balancing act to the whole Toonami line up. Another Space Drama of course. Which isn't bad. This one who hasn't seen Outlaw Star has hits of Tenchi but more the Tenchi Universe Variant. It's not a show I would buy, but it was one that I enjoyed watching. If you want more info reply, I watched the entire series.
  • I thought toonami was what all those Newcastle United fans called themselves.
  • Interestingly enough, Evangelion was shown in it's full uncut subtitled glory on KTEH-54 in San Jose, a few months back, weekly on Sunday nights.
  • ooops I said "largerly". haha =P
  • Since most of us grown up on cartoons as "Adults" we still watch them. Hell my grandfather was wacthing them untill he died. It is funny how these cartoons are not really being only marketed to kids but also young adults. Just a another random thought.
  • Something I've noticed over the years is that most cartoons are either a lot of fun for kids, or a lot of fun for adults, I also loved watching things like the smurfs, but they're just not as good anymore when you're 20+.

    Likewise, some cartoons which adults like are just plain boring for kids, it's nearly impossible to make cartoons which are good fun for both children and adults.

    That's why cartoons like the Simpsons/ Futurama are so cool, they're fun to watch when you're young, and they're STILL good when you're an adult because there's a large dose of very subtle humor.

    The same goes for games, some games were lots of fun when you were fun, others you just find too pathetic to even consider again.

    This for me is the true measure of classic cartoons/ games, if they can catch your interest and keep it over the years, no matter how old they get, no matter how old YOU get, they're still great.

  • In case you didn't know "Blue Submarine No.6" is animated by a very interesting studio by the name
    of "Gonzo". They use a lot of CG based effects (both 2D and 3D)in their animation.

    They normally only did small set pieces for shows (live action and animated), generally
    the opening sequences (eg - Macross Dynamite 7, Orguss 02) as well as FMV for
    video games (eg - Lunar, Macross DYRL, Macros VF-X, Macross VF-X2).

    In any case EX has a very interesting article/interview with Gonzo, take a gander at
    the URL:

    There is also a new show that they are doing, Vandread (also known as Vandrake), which is basically funky big robot stuff.

  • Thats how they were released in japan. One episode per disc, at about 30$ a disc. If you look you can find the domestic discs for 11 or 12$

    stop complaining, we have it better then the japanese when it comes to the cost of anime.

  • by Lostman ( 172654 ) on Sunday October 29, 2000 @09:50AM (#666399)
    I really can't understand this one. Gundam Wing is one of the best selling anime series of all time, while DBZ is the "WWF" of anime.

    Many a night I stayed up late to see the GW episode I missed earlier that day--At least I will have the videos. . .
  • Most TV shows don't have a chance at decent syndication without at least 100 episodes. Gundam wing features less than 50 episodes and the follow-up movie "Endless Waltz". Dragonball Z was preceeded in Japan by the original Dragonball Series, and we still have a way to go before we get to Dragonball GT. Hundreds of Dragonball episodes are out there :)
    Toonami is very hot property right now, and to keep putting the same stale-ing episodes of W up would be to waste tens of millions in profit by putting in new content, such as Sub6, the recent Tenchis, and maybe some of the other Gundam series ;)
  • The review mentioned some stills or screen shots from the movie, but I couldn't find any links. Does anyone know where to find some stills from the movie?


  • I really can't understand this one.

    I can understand this easily. Gundam Wing is on it's third run, having gone through all of the episodes twice. After watching it once all the way through, it's boring watching it a second time immediately after watching it the first time. I don't think that it's that great of a Gundam series. I doesn't even come close to some of the early Gundam series as far as the story is concerned. Frankly, not enough main characters die/are scarred for life in wing to be of my liking. But, I'm getting distracted. Basically, Wing has gone through all of it's episodes twice, while DBZ hasn't even gone through all of it's episodes once.

    Gundam Wing is one of the best selling anime series of all time.

    Yes, Gundam is one of the best selling anime ever, but DB & DBZ are quite possibly the best selling anime ever. Hell, the comic was 10 years in the making and was distrubuted in most countries in the world a long time ago.
  • Not everyone does.. Why does everyone watch Third Rock or Felicity? I've watched them twice and they're complete crap too! Gee, I guess everyone likes different things...
  • Uhh, dude... your county has no cultural purity.. Melting pot, remember?
  • I think us adults are more selective than when we were kids. Some of the classic ones like Bugs Bunny and Betty Boop are actually 'better' when we are old enough to understand the humor. As a kid I really liked Scooby Doo, but now it's quite painful to watch. Although for some reason the cuteness of Power Puff Girls has a suprising special charm, even though it's aimed at little kids. But when you get into anime from Japan, it's an entirely new experience. Do you think plots as intricate as Eva or Lain will ever be produced in the USA?
  • Acually, I never noticed the blood in Gundam uncut. The main difference I saw was characters saying things like 'destroy him' rather than kill, and certain un-kosher words like damn, hell, and I think I heard a shit.
  • You forgot the wild popularity of tentacle rape. Seriously though, there's plenty of anime that doesn't devole into kiddy porn. Gundam Wing is just such a series. I just with the American professional dubs actually made an attempt to trasnlate the various speeches coherently. Too much of the American Gundam Wing sounds like they translated things word for word, and it ends up being a mismash of repetative nonsense, instead of poetic, as it's intended to be.
  • Nah, no shit. literally.

    But Duo did go from being the Great Destroyer during the day to "The God of Death" at night, and a few scenes were deleted entirely (which severely damaged one episode)
  • Huh?? Teletoon?? Are you listening? A weekend of Anime every 6 months isn't gonna cut it! Get with the program... I command you!
    Ah hell... I'll just get a sattelite dish..
  • Well, lessee, I couldn't find many images but this comes close (w/review and screenshots):
  • Hmmmm, okay, lets see now... I'm a professional cartoonist for a living, and have studied animation covering the span of about 100 years (yup, it's been around THAT long)...

    Up until the advent of the electric babysitter (read: Television), cartoons in general were aimed at all audiences... Period... During WWII, cartoons were used both in propaganda and to sell war bonds... From the earliest part of the 20th century, up until the 50's when television became widespread, cartoons were aimed more often at kids, because even in those days, the kids had considerable nagging power for the adults...

    As it goes, many cartoons that most people watched as kids (well, provided you were a kid in the 70's) were directed towards adults... The Flintstones, Rocky and Bullwinkle, were two such examples... How many 5 y.o.'s do you know who would get the "Ruby Yacht of Omar Khayam" joke from R&B?

    However, in the last 30 years, the popular media has been tightening their focus on the kids a bit more, since they've discovered the all encompassing world of tie ins and toy marketing... So essentially, cartoons became "Just for kids"... As for Cartoon Network, at least they're pushing that envelope a little bit... Better than most regular networks do...

    And everyone who thinks that only kids should enjoy cartoons, well guess what?

    Who do you think animates those cartoons? And why do you think they do it? Pay is one thing, but it takes a hell of a lot of love for the craft for someone to sit down and draw hundreds (if they're using limited animation), to hundreds of thousands of cels...

    And I know the next response "Oh, nobody does animation except slave labor and computers"... No matter how much CGI goes into animating effects and compositing the elements together, it hasn't quite changed the level of complexity to the art form... It simply reduced the number of steps to create a finished product... And there's also a great deal of people who still prefer the old fashioned techniques of animation...

    For those who want to see some real anime without censorship (and have Realplayer or Windows Media Player;P), here's a few links: --- (They have Devil Man! Badly dubbed but still kewl!)

  • anime rox!! blue sub #6 looks like it will be cool. So when are they going to make an all toonami channel???
  • Just last night I saw the english version of Black Magic M66 on Cinemax-Action. And Showtime had Wicked City on a few months ago. Maybe you should look into digital cable or satellites for your anime fix

    Mad Scientists with too much time on thier hands
  • cause the rest of the world doesn't matter. DUH.
  • by FigWig ( 10981 ) on Sunday October 29, 2000 @10:00AM (#666416) Homepage
    First +2 Troll!

    I'm gonna get massacred by the moderators. Hopefully they don't care about anime (like the rest of /.) and ignore this story.

    Has Linux ever appeared in anime? I bet rob would cream his pants. Especially if it also featured a girl getting raped with a CueCat.

    Damn, how do I get the blink tag to work.

  • Because:

    • CmdrTaco lives in the US
    • Thousands of other /. readers live in the US
    • CmdrTaco is interested in Anime
    • (quantifier) other people are interested in Anime
    And perhaps most importantly...
    • The majority of the readers that are not interested (excepting at least one...) are smart enough to just not read the article rather than childishly complaining.
  • I think that the cutting of Tenchi is absurd and frankly sucks bigtime. A lot of the character developement is in the parts the US (cartoon network) audience doesn't get to see, not to mention some of the most edearing scenes. What's wrong with Yosho felling up Ryoko and getting punched? The fact that he defuses the punch like it was nothing rather than getting smashe against a wall on the other side of the room is the first indication that we see that he is really THE Yosho from Planet Jerai. And how about the baby shitting in the furo (hotspring bath), ... it makes no sense for Washu to suddenly be cleaning out the drained bath with a scrub brush unless we see the previous scene.

    Otaku unite! We demand anime the way it was made, .... Uncut and in Japanese!

    Those weenies at Cartoon Network just don't get it, I'd hate to see what they'd do to "The End of Evangelion".
  • Excellent touch of realism for the folks who don't understand.

    I also think it is hilariously funny about that people say that the art style is rediculous and stupid, and the Japanese are stupid for drawing it that way. What's funny is that it's not really the way they've always done it.

    Please correct me if I'm off base, but what happened was that their artists were inspired by Mickey Mouse (and other American characters). They already had distinctive styles, but they took some things from our characters. Apparently they found some of the details to be effective in portraying the idea correctly.

    Also, people whine about the tenticles, etc. Please just remember that Japanese are actually normal people, they have other customs, but they are really just like you. Things like tenticles, etc. come about because of the wording of particular anti-pornography laws.

    Pornography will exist in any culture, but it is shaped by other forces.

    Hope this was coherent.
  • It's absurd to call cartoons an escape, anymore than BayWatch Hawaii (geez!!!), Monday Night Football, a good geek argument ("RedHat rulez!" "No way, you tard, SuSE rulez!") or a successful nasal excavation.

    Now if you actually believe the caracters are real and get caught up in the plots then yeah, they're your escape from reality. But that's not the fault of cartoons, animators, writers, producers or Blammo (Log!)

    As for myself, I watch them because the better ones relect some thought, are satirical or parody things. I like Ren and Stimpy and was just watching some old taped episodes on Saturday. (The tards in my area don't air one of many action packed college football games. Favoring some half hour info-mercial with a bunch of models, a slick sales weasel and some product guarranteed not to actually have any significant impact on your life other than liberating a few Jacksons from your wallet.)

    I particularly like the Commander Hoek and Cadet Stimpy episodes, which lampoon old space serials.

    If you like animation, check out Spike and Mike [] and hope they come to your area.


  • That []'s definately the window borders of 4Dwm, the window managaer that comes with IRIX.

    To demonstate, here's some dude's screenshot [] I found through google.
    Bush's assertion: there ought to be limits to freedom
  • Nah... Perhaps if they got around to releasing a box set with more than one episode... Deny it all you want, but you're still paying over $10 for 30 minutes of footage...

    We really don't have it better than the Japanese at all... It depends on the exchange rate from yen to dollar every time, on top of which, you pay a premium for the import tariffs... And the producers'site (Pioneer LLC) wants $24.95 US for the US version...

    Your statement is erroneous twicefold, however, for one thing: The Japanese run most of their TV anime for free (whereas to see the good stuff, uncensored, WE have to pay extra for it), and have tape trading just as they do in the US...

    BTW... WHY do you think that there's retailers in the US selling the disks for $11-$12? Because even they aren't stupid enough to think anyone in the US would pay $20+ for a DVD movie only 30 minutes long... Welcome to the world of economics...
  • Well I'll be. Doc Hollywood, which is indeed PG-13 in the US, had a topless skinny dipping scene with Julie Warner's exposed breasts. Link: Celebrity Nudity Database [] (kinda porn)

  • According to the Official Gundam Wing Website [] Cartoon Network is going to be airing the Gundam Wing Endless Waltz [] series begining sometime in November of this year.

    So, with all the other anime being added to the lineup, how long until Cartoon Network branches off an "All-Anime" channel? :)
  • The first one to publically produce manga and anime with the big eye style was Osamu Tezuka, who was indeed a big Disney fan (and known as the Japanese Walt Disney about 30 years before Miyazaki claimed the title)...

    Believe it or not, we Americans are responsible for the whole trend against pubic hair, censorship, AND tentacles... When Douglas Macarthur was stationed in occupied Japan, he caught heat from his wife when she recieved complaints, from the enlisted men's wives... They were bringing in all kinds of erotic netsukes (for those who dunno, they're little carved sculptures made of ivory)... Many of which were quite graphic... Soooo as a result of good ol' American prudishness, we put a stipulation into the revised Japanese constitution, making graphic sex, and showing of the genitals (which they interpreted as being primarily pubic hair) illegal... This is why the majority of women you see in manga and hentai art online are either shaved or censored...

    And the additional reason why they use teenagers as a theme is pretty much a cultural parallel to the US... Most of the models that Americans drool over are often over 5 years younger than their viewers... How many guys here, drool over Brittany Spears for example, even though she's young enough to be their daughter?

    Even fashions worship the young... When was the last time you saw a woman on the cover of Cosmopolitan or what have you, who was older than 30? Or even 20? Playboy magazine perhaps is one of the few exceptions (and we won't go near the Japanese obsession with bunny girls)...

    Technically by some /.'ers standards, I bet any 30+ y.o. guys who read magazines with women under 25 are considered as pedos too...
  • Thanks for clearing things up more! Good information. I think you were more coherent too..

    and we won't go near the Japanese obsession with bunny girls

    Or cat girls, or angels, etc..

    Of course, I'm not complaining, I think the neko-chans are cute! (God help me, I actually think about all the chans are cute!)
  • Just a note - there is no hand-drawn footage in Blue Sub #6. It's all CG, but some is done cel-style over the top of the 3D backdrops/foregrounds/models etc.
  • Probably never. Closest you'll get is if they show it on PBS. That's why I download fansubs, and if I like it, I go for the DVDs.

    I believe CN tried to get Neon Genesis Evangelion, and ADV considered it but Gainax came down and said NO, due to the editing that would be required by american censors. That and NGE would be over the heads of 90% of the viewers, on whom the story would undoubtedly be lost.

    Ironic, considering that the restrictions of Japanese broadcast TV influenced the show heavily in it's own right.
  • Technically KTEH is ***THE*** geek's network... They run uncut Red Dwarf, Lathe of Heaven, Dr. Who, pretty much everything you can't get on other networks... And they run sci-fi marathons for their fundraisers too (and are consequentially one of the best at it)... They know their market demographic: Sci-fi nerds and geeks, who love shows that leave most mundanes scratching their heads... Ie: The majority of coders working out of Silicon Valley and the Bay Area in general... Probably also why Baycon does as well as it does every year...;)
  • Maeda Mahiro(who, along with the other Gonzo guests, were immensely fun to listen to) stated in an AX2000 Q-n-A session that the clash between the 2D and 3D art in Blue Sub #6 was intentional(ref:EX Online []).

    Much better examples of mixing CG and animation are Studio Gonzo's newest TV series; Gate Keepers [], and the just-now-airing-in-Japan Vandread [].

    Admittedly, they are both fanservice series, but Vandread in particular really looks exciting(after watching episode #4).

  • At that price, the producers actually justify piracy themselves...

    Bullshit. The Geobreeders 2 OVA costs JPY 6000 a disc, and you don't see me complaining (granted, it's got catgirls by the boatload and a great scene with Higehashi Yuu suffering from nicotine withdrawal). If you don't like the price, don't buy. There are plenty of series that can be bought on 4-episode, $30 discs.

    BTW: If I were interested in a crap quality download, I could spend two hours finding the binary articles, downloading, and praying that I get a complete file (value of my time: $500+). I'd end up with something that I wouldn't willingly pay more than $5 for. Alternatively, I could walk to Suncoast (20 minutes round trip) and spend $20, receiving for that a 10 Mbit/s file with all the necessary audio channels. Welcome to the real world -- time is money here.

    As far as the series itself goes, Ao no Rokugou rocks. Haven't seen eps 3 and 4 yet, though. Other fun recent issues are Dual, FLCL and Di Gi Charat.

  • Actually, with a little hunting around on Google, I found: this series of shots. []

  • $30 is a little high for 4 episodes. I'd say you're buying from the wrong place. has Cowboy Bebop for $20/disc (Suncoast: $30). If you're willing to wait (2 day air was $12, and covers each disc, even if shipped seperately), you can get discs cheap.

    Although, ADV does owe the fansubbers for getting me addicted to Nadesico, of which I have 2 CDs with all 26 episodes. Now I want 'em on dvd (First disc: 11/07/2000).
  • The dub is very close to the subs. Some people like it that way. GW poetic? I've never heard that slant before, I'll keep it in mind when I watch it.
  • Ah hell... I'll just get a sattelite dish..

    You're lucky enough to live in Canada, but if you were in the northern part of San Francisco you'd still have to...

    Cause those IDIOTS at AT&T PROMISED I would get cartoon network, and then after it was connected said "oh sorry, about a year until we get it into your area."
  • It's not growing up that they truly want. Believe me, I've seen all types throughout this country, from running dealers' booths at anime cons and other cons where anime has been sold, to being a guest and reselling it mail order. I've seen people as young as 5 come up and buy stuff, and people as old as 70 purchase anime. That's right, 70.

    Over in Japan, it's not really cartoons like we figure it. In fact, businessmen, scientists, and many others will read manga in public. You can see it often on subways and trains, even more than standard newspapers or books. And anime is shown in primetime on a couple major channels in Japan. There are merchandise stores throughout Toukyou, even a Miyazaki store in the Toukyou Tower, I've been told. This is not something which would happen if it were simply for kids.

    However, the typical mainstream American only sees what the typical mainstream American media really shows. These are the same people who think hacking's bad because it causes great harm. The same people who have no idea what UCITA or the DMCA is, because it's not discussed on the news. People from Slashdot know what these really are because they keep up with them, so why is it that Trolls on here often think that Anime = Cartoons or Anime = Naked schoolgirls having tentacle sex?

    Well, maybe not that far. But Taco's suggestion of watching Blue Sub #6 is seconded here. It's a great show, really detailed, nice soundtrack and acting, and a good story. In fact, if you really ask a true anime fan, and not some obsessed otaku/fanboy/fangirl, what good anime is there, you'll find a great number of titles that are worth picking up.

    And most of them have no sex and aren't for kids. Princess Mononoke, Laputa and Nausicaa, all by Miyazaki Hayao, are great films that probably a majority of Slashdot would love, and would be unsuitable for kids because they'd just go over their heads.

    So please, don't troll Anime. I can understand if you just don't like some aspects of Anime, but since Anime is just the Japanese word for animation, it's like saying you hate live action because of a couple shows you saw you hated.

    Dragon Magic []
  • Frankly, I really can't believe that tentacle rape really is all that popular (part of the Hentai sub-genre). What little hentai I have actually seen is extremely crappily animated and poorly drawn at best, and really there isn't _anything_ in mainstream anime that is _that_ poorly done. So that suggests to me that there really isn't that much money in it. In the US market for it doesn't seem to be all that big either as most places that stock it seem to not be able to afford giving big discounts, and the fact that less than 5% of releases are Hentai.

    Of that, I haven't seen many comments that suggests there really is much kiddie porn as is, usually all the people are fully developed, and biologically adults although at many times overdeveloped. Their idea of sexual adulthood legally starts at age 13 as well (their age of consent), so that has some affect I suppose. Actually I heard the age of consent in some places of the US used to be as low as 11, but those days are long gone, 18 is fairly standard, although Hawaii is said to be 14 and Michigan is 16, I don't know about other states. For interstate - 18 is it, so if an adult Ohio resident took a 16yr old to MI to have "legal" sex, they just tripped up federal statutes right at the state line.

    Japan is also the country that insists on mosaics on all genital nudity, something that even we do not have, so if it is released "uncensored" here, we generally see "more" than the Japanese do, as the US companies usually get the pre-mosaic footage.
  • The Japanese audio track is amazing (great surround sound)

    So it's not voice acting, characterization, or even sound effects that interest a geek.

    A geek judges a show by the number of channels. That, and the number of impossibly large, quivering, cartoonish breasts.
  • Frankly, they feel that they did no wrong.

    Maybe, but I believe the fact that they'd rather forget about it and are embarassed about it plays into it. This is the land where people won't react if someone farts in a public place so as not to embarass the "perpetrator". They pretend it never happened. Same with sneezing.
  • by Fervent ( 178271 ) on Sunday October 29, 2000 @09:38AM (#666440)
    Out of curiousity, and a legitimate question, when are we going to get Japanese anime aired on cable that isn't buggered down with censorship (i.e. during nude scenes in bathtubs, violence with blood, etc)? I can understand when it's being broadcasted after school on Cartoon Network, but couldn't HBO or Cinemax carry an anime flick in its entirety? The bloody scenes in some DBZ come to mind...
  • on mosaics on all genital nudity

    Actually not on little baby-boy genitals. They are usually drawn with low detail and are never done with sexual intention. They don't draw female genitals at all really in non-hentai anime, and it is mosaiced on hentai.

    Of note is that the _rarely_ draw pubic hair as it is considered vulgar.
  • Yeah, seriously, you don't see the same kind of following for other styles of cartoons.

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