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Welcome to the World of Quickies Entertainment 121

Lets start this off with some eyecandy from Mdog. Hi res pics of coronal loops meet Rob's First Rule of Art. Wow. Not enough eye candy? tradica noted that Pixar's new movie 'Monsters Inc.' now has trailers available even the the movie won't be out for a year. Course since Jobs is @ pixar, no surprise that I can't watch the clip. Instead of food for your retinas, Nerf97A4 sent in recipes that will never be used on Iron Chef since they all involve cooking with twinkies in some form or another. Deep fried Twinkies? Makes me shudder... maybe instead you should look at jedigeek fouund an online store called CyberCandy which allows you to buy candy from around the world. funferal noticed that a OECD have publshed their Privacy Statement Generator. Ant noted one wizard that that probably doesn't exist in Word. alecto sent us a fun link where you can read 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall which has code snippets to generate the song in languages from APL to zsh. PhadeRunner sent us Mr. T vs. The Matrix. and FlameSnyper sent The Matrix and Ghost in The Shell. One is slightly more serious then the other. An anonymous reader documented filling a cubicle with packing peanuts in case your boss is out of time and you need some help. Speaking of bosses, Need a weapon? WD_40 aims you at a site where you can learn how to create your own spud gun. Course you could do it the old fashioned way: pimp showed us a site dedicated to electrocuting common household stuff. Like, for example, a furby. While on the subject of electricity, loose_change sent in several links about Power meters and how they aren't exactly the best in user interface. A competition followed to try to make a better on. The winner is definitely less hostile ;) CresentCityRon sent in something you don't want to electrocute: apparently MIT students are working on Geek Porn which is pretty much what is sounds like. School officials aren't so happy about it.
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Welcome to the World of Quickies Entertainment

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  • That quote is much older than a simpsons episode. I actually used that as a search phrase in google. i got many a message board sig file as a response, as well as references to numerous books, and an alice cooper (or was it ozzy osbourne?) song.

  • I am a moron. I posted in the wrong thread, move along, nothing to see here.....

  • Lots of sex and gross stuff

    Gee who would have thunk it from a geek porn site?... actually my first thought was a bunch of computers with their cases off, and some half-cased computers with wires hanging out, and bare motherboards and stuff like that, but 452ms later I realized that thought was pretty stupid :).

  • doesn't have pocky!!! It even has a japanese section, so where's the farking pocky? It doesn't have jelly babies either, but I guess since it's a brit site the assumption is you can just walk over to the chemist's or some such and buy those, so that's forgivable.

    No mexican salty plum balls either. Pretty poor selection if you ask me!!!
  • If you thought the recipies were funny,

    Check THIS out []

  • Actually if you read the article you would see that the site is listed in the second paragraph. And anyone needing their geek porn would readily find it based on the information given. I found the commentary far more interesting than the actual site hence the link to the article.

    I also found the link from which talked about it on Oct 2.

  • Bob Randolph, associate dean of undergraduate education, says he's not familiar with the site -- "Porn is not my beat" -- but speaks gravely of "the issue," which is, as he sees it, "somebody trying to make money using our logo and our name." He adds, "We're looking into it."

    GeekPorn is too Slashdotted now to read through but -- it looks to me like MIT got a complaint from someone who clicked the "Leave" button on the front p[age and got sent to the main MIT page. I bet they're confusing that with "somebody trying to make money using our logo and our name."

    Although the school has been on a serious No Fun Allowed kick lately.


  • Looks more like a wookiee to me.
    Uhhh...Wookiee in the sky with diamonds...

  • Actually, I didn't, my co-workers did over the last weekend, for our supervisor's birthday. She was none too pleased, especially since she has a latex allergy.

    I got stuck with the job of deflating most of the balloons. Next year, I'm suggesting packing peanuts ^_^
  • Wow, I had no idea this stuff had a following. I'm sitting here munching on some right now for the first time. (Girlfriend's on a study abroad and mailed me some candy.) Quite tasty stuff. Dan
  • I did not realize spud guns had become a corporate venture.

    Far gone are the days where you could duct tape a soda can to a piece of pvc, throw in some zippo fuel, and light it with a lighter next to a little hole in the side of tha can and call it a spud gun.

    Now, you have to have rifled barrels, metered propane insertion, and electronic ignition.

    I wonder when california will start to put emmisions regulations on Spud Guns, or require that they all be compressed air as opposed to fossil fuel.

    Aww fuck it, I think I will go suck on the Nitrous for a while and forget about it.

  • I don't understand the whole appeal of the spud gun. I mean, who would want to shoot a potato? Potatoes are quite tasty and rarely ever do anything to anger people.
  • Not only does that potato gun not function properly, but it did some really nasty things to my vintage collection of Mr. & Mrs Potato Heads.
  • What, do you think it isn't? I don't know any geeks who haven't launched spuds at least a few times.

    To go outside the mythos is to become insane...
  • by G-Man ( 79561 ) on Monday October 09, 2000 @05:51PM (#719602)
    you'll stop this insanity!

    Oh sure, it seems like fun and games now, but that's how Gerald Bull [] started out. One day you're launching potatoes across the road, a few years later Saddam Hussein wants you to launch canned hams into Israel and the Mossad is breaking down your door...

  • I want one of those CO2 powered guns they shoot T-shirts into crowds with at sporting events.

    But I also want a smaller version, like maybe an oversized pistol, that will shoot a a nerf-type projectile hard enough to REALLY get the cat's attention, but not hard enough where it would ever actually hurt the cat.

  • What are you talking about? There's a girl with marker-drawn tattoos all over her body, and some guy with his balls hanging out.

    Most geek friends I have are the weirdest people in the world. If weird=geek generically, than this site makes a hell of a lot of sense.

  • by jCaT ( 1320 ) on Monday October 09, 2000 @06:01PM (#719605)
    I had no problems viewing all of the clips with the latest version of xanim. Open mouth, insert foot...
  • is the fact that made it to slashdot and not one person Open Sourced the password...

  • Most geek friends I have are the weirdest people in the world

    Me too, but usually they are socially awkward, bumbling, have poor hygene, and would not be the kinds of people who'd you'd want to see naked.

    I dunno, I guess I saw that pick of two tan, skinny, good lookin' folks fucking on a desk, and I thought to myself, "The geeks I know aren't in good shape and tanned!"

    If weird=geek generically, than this site makes a hell of a lot of sense

    By that definition those bondage, S&M, watersport, etc. sites are all geek-oriented then? (A bit of subjectivity there, me decrying those acts are weird. Oh well.)

  • while i was very dissappointed in the size of the coronal loop images (far to small for a backround of even an average size desktop, much less at 1600x1200), i feel it is my duty to report that some of those images have astounding potential for tiling.
    just fire up the gimp,and go to Filters->Map->Make Seamless. (you have to change the GIF's to RGB color first.)

    the two that i particularly liked are here [] and here [].
  • That's almost as bad as killing Kenny! YOU BASTARDS!
  • they need to get out in the sun more (or someone should invent a computer monitor that tans you while you code)
  • and all this time I was thinking that the geek community was inherently biased towards porn. Porn being one of the few business models that actually makes money on the net and the earliest porno images I can remember where those nude ascii art calendars being ripped from mainframes on ledger colored, dot matrix, 24" wide continuous feed paper from hell. Heck, we (the geek community) probably started net porn due to us not getting any (or very little back in those wondefull acne filled days with huge printouts and keypunch cards of boobies)... ah the good ole days...

  • by austad ( 22163 )
    If you make a spud gun and really want a kick, use starting fluid from your local auto parts store, it's almost pure ether. I've always used this in my spud gun and I once put an apple through a sheet of plywood. Make sure you only put about a half-second shot of it in, or it won't have enough oxygen to burn it all and you'll get a weak charge.

    Make sure you air the cannon out very well between each shot or you won't get enough oxygen for a powerful explosion.

    The gun I made has a 5' barrel with a 2" diameter, and a 4" diameter chamber about 10 inches long.
  • Al Gore is apparently only 51% in love with himself []

    But George Bush is 79% in love with himself []

    I guess I'm voting for neither of them, my canidate need to be 100% in love with himself [] or he is not a leader of the free world.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 09, 2000 @03:50PM (#719614)
    While in college I participated in a class that required the construction of a device to launch a golf ball over long distances.. (there was a little more to it, and we eventually ended up with a small article describing the project in Golf Digest..) The team I was involved with ended up building a glorified spud gun..

    Our final design was a wheeled deviced (a nice welded aluminum chassis), with a 4" diameter x 1' long primary pressure chamber, a 4" x 1" secondary pressure chamber, and a 4" rubber plunger that separated the two chambers from the 3' PVC barrel (note: an aluminum insert was turned to take up the gap between the golf ball and the PVC barrel).. The primary chamber surrounded the barrel (think coaxial), and the tail of the gun was outfitted with a hose that connected to a pressure regulator and a RC servo triggered, coil spring actuated ball valve.. The operator would close the valve, and set the trigger, then begin filling the secondary chamber with pressurized gas. The gas pushed the plunger forward sealing off the end of the barrel. As the pressure increased the plunger edges deflected allowing the pressurized gas to fill the primary chamber.. A slight pressure differential was eventually established between the two chambers, with the secondary chamber carrying slightly more pressure than the primary chamber. This kept the plunger firmly pressed against the end of the barrel.. Until the operator backed up and hit the fire button ;-).. hat opened the ball valve, releasing the gas from the secondary chamber and allowing the gas from the primary chamber to push up the barrel..

    Unlike a traditional spud gun, the course dictated that no explosive devices could be used.. Believe me, this device didn't need it.. It would fire a golf ball roughly 500 yards with ~80 psi charge.. The pressurized air was supplied using a CO2 fire extinguisher, and that small extinguisher had no problem firing until we got tired of chasing golf balls around the driving range...

  • From the MIT drinking song:

    A lady and an engineer were sitting in the park,
    the engineer engaging in some research after dark.
    His scientific method was a wonder to observe:
    His left hand drew the figures while his right hand traced the curves.
  • Where in the world could I get a poster of these solar coronal trace thingy's? That would be, by far, the best thing to have hanging on a wall or cubicle. THose things are the coolest and most beautiful pictures I have seen in a long time. I have seen sunspots through a telescope at Camp Susque in Trout Run PA [] We saw them using a 16 inch reflecting celestron telescope with all these neato computer controls and stuff. The camp even has their own observatory with a rotating dome. All the sunspots and stuff were really neat, but nothing compared to seeing these pictures and stuff! Thanks for posting this stuff!

  • I appreciate the J5 reference. It's good to know that even Taco listens to some quality tunes.
  • No, that's ok, we're cool. We easily forgive such small mistakes, really!

    Say, have you ever seen a spud gun? No? In that case, would you mind stepping just a liiiitle bit to the left? Thanks...

    (Covering his ears) 4... 3... 2... 1...
  • The Word suicide wizard [] is quite funny. I loved it the first time I saw it, and had to fire up Word to see if it was really there. There's a letter wizard, of course, but not a Suicide Note wizard. I was sad.

    Now, the second time I've seen it, I noticed something - the options are "Pills", "Jump", and "Pastry". Pastry? Not only do those guys at Microsoft add a suicide wizard, but they use one option no one would want to use, and leave off "gun"! It's an excellent paraody of the lame help the Clip gives you over time. I think it's an idea Microsoft may not even get right by version 3.0.
  • Serial Experiments Lain and the matrix share several similar scenes as well, the first one I can think of is the traffic light changing in the scene where neo and morpheous are walking in the simulator. Each episode of lain starts off with a traffic light change which looks exactly the same...
  • Here's the thing though. Say I make $10,000 in a year by exercising options, so my employer has to pay $10,000 less in taxes. Well, if I spend any of that money, then I pay sales tax when I do. Since I made more money that year, my personal income taxes go up. If I invest that money in the stock market, and then sell it when the stock's gone up, I pay income tax on that too. The fact of the matter AFAIK is that ultimately, stock options cause more spendable (and therefore) taxable money to be dumped into the economy, so the feds get their goodies in the end.
  • No linking in any Slashdot story to any web page with a damn MIDI file attached. It's never a good idea, people. I don't care how cool you think it is. Really.

    And it's not just because they play when you're at work.


  • Lain was on TV in Japan well before the Matrix came out. It's frustrating to hear people complaining that Lain ripped off the Matrix (although I'm not sure if you're implying that, or vis versa).

    "if you were a radix sort, you'd be in queue t."
  • "we also tried ether to fuel it (don't do this) but the one we tried blew we were forced to build another, large potato gun..with a 4 inch combustion chamber...we launched a spud from my friend's house to the highway...i am serious..the highway was about .5 miles away...I love those things."

    Lol! Good thing I'm at home, or the liquid I was drinking would be all over the nice new monitor I have at work. I can just picture a spud arching over a nice quiet subruban landscape on its way to the interstate!

    Guy in the back yard b-b-q-ing:

    "Damn! There's that fjordboy again. Why don't his parents buy him a nice chemistry set instead...No, wait.."

    Thanks, man, you made my night.
  • by crisco ( 4669 ) on Monday October 09, 2000 @04:54PM (#719625) Homepage
    - as they were linked to from the page CmdrTaco linked to.

    Anyway, here are some of my favorites:

    http://vestige. lms []
    http://vestige. lms []
    http://vestige. lms []
    http://vestig e.l []
    http://vestige.lmsa l.c om/TRACE/POD/images/T171_0602_14UT.gif []
    http://vestige .lm []

    There are a few to start, someone else was moaning about the average 640x480 or so resolution, I say combine a few in The Gimp and give it some extra coloration and you've got a decent desktop. Now too bad I don't have time to make a magnetic-field-line theme, wouldn't it be cool to have those fuzzy lines for your window borders?

  • It looks like the story poster really likes the A HREF tag...

  • Just checked out [], and have to admit that I found it quite a misrepresenation of the geek community (at least the computer geek community). I didn't see one overweight person, one woman with more facial hair than the guy she was with, not a single person who was more interested in their computer than sex.

    Hrmmm... I wish I had gone to school with the "geeks" portrayed at GeekPorn instead of the more representational ones... Sigh.

  • After watching UHF last night, I couldn't believe that Hostess left out the greatest Twinkie recipe of all -- the Twinkie wiener sandwich []!
  • Just as porn usually displays the beautiful people (or freaky goat sex, I'll spare the link), geekporn displays the more attractive types of stereotypical geeks. It's good for a laugh, though!

    Mmmm... girl covered in equations.. Integrate me baby!! =)

  • I use ethel-ether (Starter Fluid) to power my spud gun. What a result! The reason your gun blew up is because it used PVC where ABS-40 or heigher is a better choice. PVC will, and has to me for a air-powered spud gun, shatter and blow into little pieces. ABS will tear and is much less dangerous to use. I also picked up some rubber siding used on the sides of houses. That way if the chamber does blow up, it wont give the user a hospital trip for stiches. It is worth the little extra for ABS and ethel-ether!!!

    1000 shots and still going on my orginal...
  • was definitely:

    "It's just interesting to see calculus presented in that way."

    Gotta love it.
  • No, I was implying that Matrix ripped off Lain...but its definetly got a good deal of original content.
  • Never see twinkies on Iron Chef? Maybe, but I wouldn't put anything past Morimoto.
  • The guy that did the wizard that probably doesn't exist has just come off a 53 day battle [] to get a 6 day old Toshiba laptop repaired/replaced. I strongly recommend reading the log. The guy's writing style is great fun - have a look at []
  • No pocky for kitty, then?

  • A firend of mine built a Spud gun one. Combustion chamber was a 4" by 12" cylinder, with a 4' by 1" barrel on it. Ignition was by means of a gas grill igniter (piezoelectric spark). He usually used hair spray, sometimes propane as the fuel. I don't know what the range was on potatoes, but he did get it used in the school play (Peter Pan) with small bits of styrofoam as the ammo. It easily crossed the stage with styrofoam, which has approximately zero mass (no momentum...) and a lot of air friction. The carrel was interchangeable; When he instead connected up a .68" barrel, and used paintballs, it got truly destructive. With a paintball (which is supposed to break open and just leave paint, right?) he could take ark off pine trees and seriously scar telephone poles (no structural damage, I don't think...) He claimed 600FPS muzzle velocity on the paintballs; I don't know how true that was, without a good electronic measuring device. Damn cool tho.
  • by fjordboy ( 169716 ) on Monday October 09, 2000 @03:09PM (#719637) Homepage
    YES! A STORY ON SLASHDOT ABOUT SPUDGUNS! my life is now satisfied! The first website i ever made was about spudguns...that was back in sixth grade when i was young and stupid and used "ack" clarisworks homepage to build a page..and we weren't allowed to use anything except pictures, links and anchors. If you want to have a good laugh at my ignorance..go to here! [] don't flame about it or criticize it..I was dumb...if it even still exists.

    back to potato guns though..I have a potatto gun, made from pvc...I use propane as fuel (hairspray is smelly and sticky and expensive.) and on a good day, I can send a potato flying 300 yards! We punched holes in plywood with it...we thought about sending small rodents through it..but my parents wouldn't allow it...and it was a cruel idea anyways... we also tried ether to fuel it (don't do this) but the one we tried blew we were forced to build another, large potato gun..with a 4 inch combustion chamber...we launched a spud from my friend's house to the highway...i am serious..the highway was about .5 miles away...I love those things.

  • whoa i really needed that after a hard day at work :) Thanks Taco!
  • Can't sleep...Clown will eat me...

    Playing the Sims Livin' Large?

  • Welcome to the World of Quickies Entertainment

    Do I really need to be entertained? Geez, even using that word conjures up Huxleyan images. Why is it that most big companies (including, apparently, VA Linux) think that I need entertainment like I need to breathe? That's what bothers me about the web - they all want to feed me some eye candy [] and never feed my brain.

  • Open source porn would rock. But Richard Stallman GNUde would be a scary sight.
  • I wasn't implying that you would eat the Mexican Salty Plum Balls. Just that an international candy supersource should have them.

    I can't think of anything fouler, unless maybe it would be regurgitated circus peanuts with tequila.
  • by Ribo99 ( 71160 ) on Monday October 09, 2000 @03:09PM (#719643) Homepage Journal
    An anonymous reader documented filling a cubicle with packing peanuts in case your boss is out of time and you need some help...

    That's nothing! I once filled our entire server room with Halon gas!

    of course it wasn't exactly planned...

  • by Another MacHack ( 32639 ) on Monday October 09, 2000 @03:15PM (#719644)
    Rob, if you have a platform which can play Diablo 2, then you have a platform which can view QuickTime. If you don't -want- to watch QT, then just say that instead of pretending you -can't-.
  • I submitted that on August 11th and got rejected. Sheesh.
  • by toastyman ( 23954 ) <> on Monday October 09, 2000 @03:15PM (#719646) Homepage
    I posted the geek porn story on the Stile Project [] a few days ago []. (Lots of sex and gross stuff, don't click those links if you are offended by such things)

    The link to their site, while being somewhat obvious, is []. Neither the quickies above, or the story it links to, actually lists the URL anywhere. I had a few readers mail it to me.

    -- Kevin

  • Nah, that's a quote from the Simpsons.
    It's the episode where the tell the story of Lisa being born. Homer builds a bed for Bart to replace his crib because Lisa is going to take it. He make the new bed in the form of a phychotic looking clown...hence the quote.
    Was it used in the Sims Livin' Large?
  • You seem to have a bit of a lag.. analog modem

    Worse... a shared 28.8 dialup...
    life as a poor starving college student sucks :(...
  • Hmm... obviously missed that episode. If you decorate your Sim's house with Tragic Clown garb, the Tragic Clown will come to torment your sims.
  • No mexican salty plum balls either. Pretty poor selection if you ask me!!!
    Great! Just the name we were looking for our new mexican porn site! Thanks!
  • to reply to your hag post was me. i forgot to sign in before i posted.
  • Did I miss a link?

    No, the link [] was easy to miss, and then, once you're there, it's easy to think you missed something. Those images only technically satisfy Rob's first rule of art... if you're running 1280x1024 or bigger, they don't quite look like Rob-qualified art. Crisco pulled out [] the best links for us, though.

    I wager that if you write to [mailto] the folks who run the TRACE gallery site [], they will point you to images that you have to scale down to fit on your desktop. At least, this worked for me for Hubble Space Telescope [] images.

    In the meantime, check out the awesome image [] I use for my desktop. (Tips: Click on the small one to see the real eyecandy. Crop off the credits, and place on black background. Collect compliments from fiends and cow-orkers. Distribute only the original, please.)

  • by WhoLovesYou ( 240928 ) on Monday October 09, 2000 @03:23PM (#719653) Homepage
    This site should have been in that quickie list. []
  • Okay, CyberCandy doesn't let you buy "candy from around the world", it lets people from around the world (or at least from the UK) buy candy from the USA. Well, darn--I can get that at the corner store. I was really hoping for someplace where I could buy Violet Crumbles. If those aren't The Perfect Candy Bar, lord take me now.

  • Damn gir-friend, chill.


  • Oops. My bad... too many windows open...

  • Notice what appears to be a trail mark on her right thigh?

    I won't say that she was "nasty" or per-say a "bitch" maybe better suited would be the words "Tasty chicken nugget" with um uh "honey sauce and a large fry with extra salt" and one of those apple pies with a double bacon cheese burger.

    Uh I am not saying she is fat, she is very skinny, just haven't eaten for 36 hours...

    For the record, yea I would do her.

  • Atleast he didn't go on to say what his "beat" is.

  • My bretheren (and sisteren), followeth this link [] to seeth a Divine image of His face... He has gaineth a little weight in the cheeks over the years, but verily, the True Believers will recoginize... the Time is at hand!

    If you're not wasted, the day is.
  • change that 'jedigeek' link from a 'mailto:' to a 'http://' and you'll see why Taco broke that link on purpose:

    This box is a 486, and is rather slow and old. It's connected to the internet with a 56k modem, and is located in Shrivenham, Wiltshire, England.

    Having your 56k 486 slashdotted must really ruin your day.

  • MrT vs. The Matrix is pretty cool, but I still like the Bastardization of The Matrix [] a lot better :).

  • Heh, that's great. I like the bit about the Turing test. "Subject B ate Subject A and went on his way."
  • (by the way, I found the Jesus link [] one one [] of the pages this story is about)

    If you're not wasted, the day is.
  • Why is it too bad Jobs has to run Pixar? If you think Pixar would be anywhere near as cool today if he hadn't come in and bought the place, I have a very, very nice bridge that you might be interested in buying.
  • by Anonymous Coward
    The way I heard it from another MIT student, the administrators are upset because in one of the photos you can see the Great Dome, which is emblematic of the Tute.

    In a lot of parties here, especially in some particular dorms, people tend to get naked a lot anyway. is simply a logical extension of that idea.

  • Not here, slashdot filter's HR tags.
  • The directors have been quoted as having been "inspired" or influenced or whatever from certain anime movies. Serial Experiments Lain is definately one of them, not just in scenes but in concept and story.
  • by empesey ( 207806 ) on Monday October 09, 2000 @07:04PM (#719668) Homepage he turned it around to see if the potato was stuck and it nailed him right in the eye at point-blank range.

    If he would have used a higher caliber potato, we could have nominated him for the Darwin Awards []. He would have been very tough to beat.
  • No kidding, that's one of the worst porn sites I've ever seen. Especially one that's supposed to be designed for geeks! The picture pages are titled "Untitled Document" of all things. We know what that means! Moreover, there's no variety; it's the same chick and the same guy and quite frankly neither one is very interesting. That site needs to be pulled just because it sucks not because it's offensive or degrading to MIT's image.
  • I thought that was the funniest thing in the whole quickies... i busted out laughing when the Mr. T van jumped the building tops.
  • Before any of you hotshots get crazy and start ordering foreign candy.

    Here is a caveat emptor. [] And for the love of god, stay away from the circus peanuts.

  • well, not really.

    but you may be surprised to learn that twinkies, as well as other novelties such as silly putty and pop-tarts all came out of iitri. as did the idea of putting dimples on golf balls

    at least that's what they tell the freshman and prospective students on the campus tours.

    the silly putty claim has a reasonable amount of credibility and corroboration behind it, but who knows where the other claims came from....

    incidentally, they also claim that the iitri building is as many stories underground as above (19), something that probably came out of 1984. (the ministry of truth building was as many stories uderground as above) probably somebody thought it would be funny to throw that into the tour, and it stuck. (by the way, if you've ever seen this building, the connection with the ministry of truth is appropriate) anyway, we do know that at least 6 floors exist underground, but i doubt anybody without a top secret clearance has seen them in recent history. most of the floors in the building are patrolled by armed guards

    and lastly, just to keep this post somewhat informative, if you are interested in stuff that was really developed at iitri, just do a search on the patent database ( my search turned up 130 patents. 44 are from marvin camras, mostly related to magnetic recording (which he invented/discovered)
  • tm

    That's one nasty bitch
  • Do you think we could get them to pose in a Beowulf cluster?

  • If I said I wanted to download Quicktime 4 then DOWNLOAD QUICKTIME 4 DAMNIT

    then download it DAMNIT(as you said so eloquently)! Either dl the complete installer from []

    DAMNIT(hey i like saying that!)

    or install it once and then take distribute the stub installer and the file "QuickTime Install Cache"(which should be several megs after the first install) and then install it on your other computers. DAMNIT

  • Applying electrodes to her nipples? (Geekporn link) - watch out! You _don't_ want the current running from one tit to the other - since that's way too close to the heart. If you want to play with electricity, make sure you apply both ground and power to the same region!

    And yes, this is serious. Posing in such pictures might fool people into trying it out for real - with deadly results.

    Play safe - read alt.sadist

  • Did I miss a link? can anyone find high-res images?

    Nope. I found some images, but Tet's first law of art states that if I have to scale them up to fit on a 1600x1200 desktop, they're not hi-res... Hell, they don't even fill a 1280x1024 desktop. Cool images, certainly, but not hi-res.

  • by Beek ( 10414 ) on Monday October 09, 2000 @03:26PM (#719680) Homepage
    I think it's a reference to Jurassic 5's song World of Entertainment. And it's a damn fine song too.
  • by giannifive ( 240187 ) on Monday October 09, 2000 @03:27PM (#719681)
    Believe it or not, some people organize "Reg Day Porn" every year here at MIT on registration day: day .2n.html [].

    Apparently it used to draw crowds of a few hundred students.

  • Who said we don't get any? 3 long-term girlfriends in the past 5 (one with DD breasts) say otherwise.
  • I'd have to say the Monsters, Inc. clip was highly amusing. I'm not a big fan of Jobs, either (it's too bad he has to run Pixar), but some parts of the clip were downright funny. The part about Mongolia/Magnolia was the best.

    Goes to show how realistic the animators have gotten in dealing with things like humor timing. This wouldn't have really worked with the CGI figures of the early 80's.

  • The clip is definitely worth watching. If you can grab yourself a Mac or Windows machine, it really is quite funny.
  • For it to confirm to whoever's law of whatever you have to be able to find at least a 640x480 image, preferably a >1024x768 image. Did I miss a link? can anyone find high-res images?
  • by jCaT ( 1320 ) on Monday October 09, 2000 @07:35PM (#719696)
    I too have ventured into the dark underworld of potato weaponry. Our device was constructed of schedule 80 black ABS pipe. The barrel was 1 1/4", with a 4" chamber and a barbequeue ignitor to set it all off. Fuel of choice was AquaNet (TM) hairspray.

    Well, we had just finished constructing this beast in my dorm room on a saturday night, and we just HAD to fire it. We had a full can of hairspray and a 10lb bag of hairspray, and a hankerin' for some projectile vegetable fun.

    We took our contraption out to the farthest parking lot on campus, waaaay in the back, and proceded to seed the fields back there with our 10lbs of potatoey goodness. It wasn't until we piled back in to my car and started to take off that an officer of the peace spotted us. He happened to be making the rounds, and seeing 3 kids in the middle of an empty parking lot on a saturday night made him a little suspicious.

    Long story short, he pulled me over, we tried to give him a bullshit story, fessed up, and he made me break the gun up and throw it away. He had me go find a dumpster so he could watch me destroy and throw away my creation.

    HERE is where it gets interesting. Note earlier that I said this beast was made of schedule 80 ABS pipe. It has a burst strength of 400PSI- which means, in short, that you can drive a car over this shit and not dent it. Mr. Nice Officer however wanted me to BREAK this stuff. He stood there as I tried in vain to break this pipe. I'm not a small guy, and I was WAILING on this shit with all my strength.

    He stepped in, grabbed the pipe from me, and said "gimme that." I'm thinking to myself- "Does he really know how strong this stuff is?" Apparently not, as he tried repeatedly to break it against the edge of an empty metal dumpster. He utilized the classic cop beatdown stance... and BOY did it make a racket!

    My friends were sitting in my car trying to stifle their laughter. Marshall later told me he had considered rolling down the window and yelling "WHY DON'T YOU USE YOUR GUN?" I'm glad he didn't.

    The moral of the story kids: Don't shoot your spud gun when the Long Arm of the Law is near by! He notified us that while a potato gun is not a weapon, it is classified as an explosive device- just as illegal.
  • I really don't see what makes that porn site more "geeky" than any other. What? It's the math formulas all over the girl and the glasses of the guy?? Of course... I should have known that because the girl is in front of the MIT it has to be geeky...

    Come on... who are they trying to bring in with that name? I mean... just because I am a geek I should somehow think this porn site is more appealing than any other?

    "When I was a little kid my mother told me not to stare into the sun...
  • No, please! NO!@#!@# Coworker here had a bag of these strange candies on a stick from Mexico. they were brownish colored, and looked all crystal like.

    The problem? They LITERALLY smelled like a petting zoo. The most disgusting candy I have ever come in contact with in my life. Can't remember for the life of me what the name was, but I couldn't bring myself to eat it.
  • Not that Rob necessarily *does* this, but D2 can (if cracked) be played under WINE.

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