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The 2000 Beanies

Beanie Award Wrapup 174

Well, last Thursday evening we announced the Beanie award winners at the Slashdot/Andover/VA shindig at The China Club. For those of you not able to attend, I've written a synopsis below, otherwise you can watch the whole deal at TheSync. You can grab the awards in both streaming and downloadable format. And, if you'd like to see some pictures from the show, check out Brian Hawkins' online-pix as well as Kurt Gray's pix from the Andover booth.

The awards began predictably enough as Hemos narrowly took home the Hemos award. It amazes me how many people actually abstained rather than vote for Hemos, but alas, he still won. *grin* The award for Best Dressed went to Tux. Sadly, no one ever thought to nominate or vote for the fine women of FreeBSD, and Tux didn't even bother to show up for the award, leaving me with no one to hug. *pout* However, an Anonymous Coward was on hand to accept the Favorite Comment Poster award, as was CmdrTaco for the Favorite Author award. The Best Slashdot Story went to Quickies, and the Cluestick award for FUD went to Microsoft. Also, the pair of "Bully" awards for domain bullying and patent bullying went to Etoys and Amazon, repsectively.

The fun awards done with, it was time to get a little more serious (but not much) for the two grand awards. Best Unix Desktop Eyecandy went to Enlightenment, and Best Unix Earcandy went to XMMS. Best Desktop Theme went to BrushedMetal, which everyone uses at least a part of. The Best Perl Module award went to CGI, the best Apache Module award went to mod_perl, and the Best Open Source Text Editor went to vim. It's good to see things that I couldn't do my job without get some recognition, although I could probably have said the same about any of the nominees (except for Emacs, but that's a different matter entirely *grin*) The "Most Deserving of $2000" award went to Debian, while the Best Book award went to Programming Perl. Finally in this award category, the Non-graphical and Graphical Interface awards went to Pine and The GIMP, respectively.

The award for Most Improved Kernel Module went to USB, probably because it went from non-existent to usable in so short of a time. Alan Cox won the Unsung Hero award and immediately donated his winnings to the DVD defense fund, proving that he is indeed worthy of the name hero. Best Newbie Helper went to Tom Christiansen, famous for helping newbies find their way out of #perl (I'm kidding! Okay, only a little. Tom still rocks in my book.) and Most Deserving Open Source Charity went to the FSF. Best Open Source Advocate went to Linus Torvalds, surprisingly enough, but advocating by doing is one of the best ways to do it.

Finally, the Big Award for Most Improved Open Source Project went to the GNOME project. All of the nominees in this category were projects that at some point people shook their heads at, and now use on a daily basis, but GNOME just happened to beat out the rest.

Also, a new award for "Best Merger/Acquisition" was announced and awarded to VA Linux/Andover.Net to follow that day's news. All in all it was a good night, with lots of free beer and getting to know people who I'd only seen before on IRC or through e-mail. I imagine it was that way for a lot of people there.

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Beanie Award Wrapup

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  • It seems from all of this that it's just a way for Andover to try to buddy up to the Open Source community..."Look we're giving you 100,000$ for no reason at all, we're nice people".

    Like as someone said somewhere, (either here, or themes.org - can't remember), "Why do we care about Andover.net? All they did was buy some successful portals"

    Say byebye karma.
  • Best Newbie Helper went to Tom Christiansen, famous for helping newbies find their way out of #perl

    I don't think the local trolls could have said it any better! Reminds me of the one helpful soul in #perl who, after looking at my code, told me what I could do with that copy of Perl Cookbook, and no, it wasn't RTFM.
  • by Rombuu ( 22914 ) on Monday February 07, 2000 @11:36AM (#1297692)
    <i>Alan Cox won the Unsung Hero award and immediately donated his winnings to the DVD defense fund</i>

    Nothing against Alan, and it is nice that he donated his winnings to the DVD guys, but does it really makes sense to have a popular vote for an Unsung Hero? If so, shouldn't the person who comes in last get the award, since almost by definition, an unsung person is largely unknown and will have little chance of winning?
  • When you hear/see/read about Linux, who do you hear mentioned? Linus. Not AC, who probably contributed as much code to the current kernel as any other human. Not AC, who has consistantly spearheaded the cutting edge development, through v4l, USB, etc.

    In that sense Alan Cox was the man for the award. And deservedly so.
  • Is it me, or should there have been a Most Stable/Usable Open Source Project? GNOME certainly wouldn't have won. But even the darling Linux probably wouldn't have won this one.

    Post your winner for the Most Stable/Usable Open Source Project below.
    Joseph Elwell.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday February 07, 2000 @11:40AM (#1297695)
    Coming soon... the Slashgrits [geocities.com] beanie awards.

    How many bowls of hot grits should we pour down Rob's pants?

    Thank you.
  • Wasn't it Slashdot who made the awards?


  • This is one of the more dissapointing areas of the awards. I was sad to only see Enlightment/Enlightment Based themes. There are a lot of other great themes in other window managers. For example, Blackbox(the window manager I use) has a lot of great themes--my favorite, is the default Sleet. I think it looks great, but that's only my opinion.

    One of the more surprising awards was the one awarded to Alan Cox, the unsung hero awarded. I was glad that he got it, but I didn't think he would--he is usually mentioned in many of Slashdot's stories. It's nice of him for donating the money, so it's probably a good thing that he got the award.
  • ... it just seems like andover is trying to share some of the big $$ they got from the OSS community.
    don't look a gift horse in the mouth...
  • I have to agree, by even being nominated you prove your not that unsung. I think those people nominated should all get the hug for their work, and the award should be given to "That unsung guy we can't talk about." So that we don't ruin it for him.
  • AC as in Anonymous Coward ? :)
  • Personally I think it does. If you take Unsung hero to mean unsung by the press.

    I mean think of all the press Linus/Red Hat/etc. gets... and then compare that to RMS, ESR, Alan, etc. etc. etc. etc. I mean OSS is literally standing on the shoulders of giants. (Personally I think the unsung hero should have gone to the MoRE for their DeCSS, but that's me. Nothing against Alan, love the man like a son. (not really, don't know but he does impress the *fuck* out of me.) And I think this is an apporpriate way to reward the less appreciated amongst the OSS community....

  • Well, if you're going to snuff out Linux out of the gate (although I disagree, but that's probably because I compare it to NT)..

    Sendmail? (So it's not the GPL. So What?)


    WindowMaker (A personal favorite)?

    Just random thoughts.
  • by Foogle ( 35117 )
    You know what? I've got major Karma to burn here, so I'm just going to say it: CmdrTaco is a huge dork. He's also pretty ugly. Hemos, on the other hand, is kind of good looking -- and CowboyNeal is just a fatty.

    But, back on topic here, Rob really is a dork. I mean, seriously, this is the kind of guy that I normally make fun of -- he doesn't even have a stage presence, so why the heck did they put him up there?? It's ridiculous...

    Anyway, mark me down fuckers - 'cause I don't care anymore!! HAHAHAHHAHAH!


    "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding."

  • GNOME won for most improved is because it was so bad in the first place. Even with all of the supposed imporvements, it still can't touch KDE.

    KDE is more stable, has more features, and is overall a much better project, with nicer project leaders and a better toolkit.
  • Only if I win since I was unnominated for the award and am therefore emminently qualified to win. Of course, I don't know that I would have given the money back to the community. Huzzahs to Alan.
  • No, no, no. Nominees are eligible because they do not have ballads (yet) singing their praises. Although Alan's been on t-shirts and mentioned in numerous .sig's, we have yet to hear a song about him.

    There was a bit of contoversy with the other nominees, because although Linus has not yet had any folk-songs sung of him by the firelight, he was excluded becuase there was an off-off-broadway musical about him. While some argue that this is not in the spirit of a true hero's song, others maintain that ANY song qualifies to create an officialy 'Sung Hero'.
  • They told us CmdrTaco was voted favorite /. author.

    What we really want to know was how many people actually voted for jon katz :-)

    To make it fair, why not give us the results for every entry, instead of just telling us who won?

  • I nominate cat. It's never crashed, I use it daily, and I couldn't live without it.
  • Too bad there isn't a RealPlayer for Alpha Linux... That would be kinda useful IMHO.
  • I think that only enlightenment themes got nominated because most themes for other windowmanagers are merely a different set of images and colors from all the other themes for that windowmanager. Enlightenment themes are truly unique from theme to theme (for the most part).
  • by Rodney L Caston ( 143815 ) on Monday February 07, 2000 @12:04PM (#1297719) Homepage
    I feel the Hemos Award was rigged, It should have been presented to me as I feel I am a better "Hemos" then the Hemos who accepted the award. This leads me to believe that there is a conspiracy underway to prevent the more worthy Hemos-i from stepping forward to claim their heritage. No - instead we are forced to acknowledge this false prophet Hemos as our true Hemos. This is most Anti-Hemos and his coming has been told in the great book of Hemos for some Hemoniums now. Anonymous Hemos #981376351
  • by Anonymous Coward
    The Beanie awards were fixed! It was planned for Hemos to win the Hemos award, right from the beginning! He is an Andover.Net employee, and should have been disqualified because of this. The real winner was Abstain, but somebody with administrative access to the database (*cough*Hemos*cough*) must have tampered with the votes.
  • BSD Ass [xoom.com]... check it out.

  • Hmm, being as both /. and themes.org are now part of VA Linux per the Andover buy-out, methinks you have answered your own question.

    "Why do we care?"
    "Because that's where we are."
  • http://members.xoom.com/linuxdaddies/nyc/nyc-088.j pg

    You'll have to copy and paste to see it... they're not allowing links :(
  • GNOME won for most improved is because it was so bad in the first place. Even with all of the supposed imporvements, it still can't touch KDE.

    You know, you could try not flaming. Why can't Gnome touch KDE? And yes, Gnome was pretty bad to start. That's why it's called improvement.

    KDE is more stable, has more features, and is overall a much better project, with nicer project leaders and a better toolkit.

    One: you're dead wrong about stability. Compare the two, and it's a wash; both are pretty good but both still have a way to go.
    Features: Pray tell, what does KDE have that Gnome doesn't?
    Nicer project leaders: I'll grant, the KDE project leaders are nice. Even their responses to flames are nice (take it from someone who once flamed KWM and got called on it, by KWM's maintainer no less). But I don't see how Gnome's project leaders are any less nice. You'd better be ready with examples for this one...
    Four: Better toolkit? Ever programmed in both of them? Unless you have, you have no right to compare.
  • I am usualy of the opinion that feeding trolls is a bad thing; but this is unique.
    Maybe someone will post it as a article. Then I guess it would not be a troll anymore, Oh the irony!
  • What were the vote results? Its all fine and nice to know Linus won the best open source advocate, but we want to know how RMS, ESR, and all the other TLAs did.

  • wow, trolls DO have a lot of time on their hands.

    Mix this with that Suckdot piece from a while back and we'd have a new sport...SuckGrits!
  • by Hemos ( 2 ) on Monday February 07, 2000 @12:22PM (#1297735) Homepage Journal
    I am the Way, The Truth, and The One True Hemos. Only through me shall the hemos be dispensed, and thus only through me shall the Hordes of hemos control the earth.
  • by Anonymous Coward

    Tom definitely doesn't deserve the "Best Newbie Helper" award. Sure, he's co-authored many great Perl books, but this just serves to confuse the facts. Tom's EVIL. (He's actually LAWFUL EVIL, which also confuses people, but just remember: EVIL is the opposite of GOOD.)

    Go read Larry Wall's 2nd State of the Onion [perl.com] address. Pay particular attention to the following paragraphs:

    Most of you are familiar with the virtues of a programmer. There are three, of course: laziness, impatience, and hubris.

    These are virtues of passion. They are not, however, virtues of community. The virtues of community sound like their opposites: diligence, patience, and humility.

    They're not really opposites, because you can do them all at the same time. It's another matter of perspective. These are the virtues that have brought us this far. These are the virtues that will carry our community into the future, if we do not abandon them.

    If anyone can show me A SINGLE INSTANCE of Tom being either patient or humble, I'd love to see it. Otherwise, I'm going to keep on believing that this award was given to Tom not because he deserved it, but because he led the pack in name recognition.

  • Vital to slashdot
    Denied cheap Andover stock
    Give trolls a beanie
  • >AC, who probably contributed as much code to the current kernel as any other human.

    Yup - a great choice 8^)

    I think Donald Becker should have gotten a prize, too. How many people would be reading /. from a linux box without his network drivers. For that matter, how much more slowly would everthing have developed without the aid of ethernet access? Yes someone *would* have done it, eventually, but <i>he</> did it, and deserves many kudos (and I don't mean the candy bar - do they still exist?).
  • Geez, I didn't think that guy was still alive?!

    http://members.xoom.com/linuxdaddies/nyc/nyc-036 .jpg
    http://members.xoom.com/linuxdaddies/nyc/nyc-037 .jpg
    http://members.xoom.com/linuxdaddies/nyc/nyc-086 .jpg

    Anybody know if his "show" is still on the air?
    /me shudders.
  • Windowmaker crashed quite frequently for me, so it wouldn't be win.

  • I was really hoping to see a breakdown of the votes as well as just the winners. Or at least a 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Is there plans to do this?

  • ls has been pretty good to me 8^)
  • Absolutely brilliant. Complete with nudity and a real sense of humor. Should be there everytime I click on Netscape...(which regrettably is quite often, usually right after Ctrl+Alt+Backspace)

  • Well put....you made my point exactly.
  • I think that both AC and Donald Becker deserved the prize. Without Donald Becker's ethernet drivers, I might still be an unhappy NT user.
  • >One: you're dead wrong about stability. Compare the two, and it's a wash; both are pretty good but both still have a way to go.

    Yup, both are pretty good, but have some room for improvement... I have been running KDE on my AIX workstation for several months no with litle or no incident (knock on polymer desk surface). I haven't gotten Gnome running over here yet, so I can't compare the two on this platform, but at home on Linux I haven't had any problems with KDE, and very few with (the newer releases of) Gnome...

    I think both are good features wise - they aim at a different user segment, it seems, but both are configurable to whatever you really want (Gnome may have the edge here).

    >Better toolkit? Ever programmed in both of them? Unless you have, you have no right to compare.

    hmmm... I have, and I can say that QT is (IMHO) a lot nicer than GTK... but (shrug) it all depends on what styles you like as a programer. I find the interface easier and more intuitive, and the end results of either one can be pretty much identical (as I duck from the flying flames).

    All in all, I started using KDE before Gnome (back when both were really bad), and that may have skewed my views, but all that really matters is What Works For You(TM).
  • by Bowie J. Poag ( 16898 ) on Monday February 07, 2000 @12:43PM (#1297753) Homepage


    When I found out E won, I looked up from my plate of pancakes and said, "Well, that sucks. I shoulda won that one." (I really like pancakes) ..It put a damper on my whole day. "Bastards," I thought to myself, "..dont these people realize that its a windowmanager?" I mean, cthulga, xlockmore, thats eye-candy. Saying a windowmanager is eye-candy is like saying "Mmmm! Wow! Look at the morals on that gal!" ..A windowmanager is incidental to what goes _in_ it. Propaganda is a $5,000 paintjob with 10 layers of polyurethane high-gloss finish. Enlightenment is merely a chassis.

    As I ate my pancakes, I imagined Geoff and Carsten gladly accepting the award, and the $2000 prize that went with it.. I imagined them going to the bank to cash it, and stopping by Piggly Wiggly to pick up a roll of scotch tape, only to march home, tape all the bills together in one big long line, roll it up, and insert it into the toilet paper holder right next to the john. "Damnit!" I said to myself, "Geoff and Carsten make too much money! Salary! Stock options! What good would two grand do those two?" , and I began to dream...What would I do with two grand?

    I'd put it to good use, thats what I would do with it.

    I'd hire a skywriter up in Redmond to put the words "WE SUCK" with a big arrow pointing down to Microsoft's HQ, every day for a year.

    I'd go to one of those ultra-sized supermarks and buy like 200 kegs of Log Cabin syrup..keep one for my pancakes, and pour the rest into Lake Washington where Gates lives, so his whole house smells like maple syrup for weeks. Call in the news media, and blame it on Bill, saying he finally went nutty like Howard Hughes did. "He just likes dumping maple syrup into the lake behind his house, then denying it." , i'd tell the press.

    Or, if on that particular day, I felt particularly artistic, I would ...eh, well...if only I had won. Maybe the world could have been different.

    I'll just eat my pancakes and wait till next year. ;)

    "Well, at least your not like Susan Lucci....not yet." - My dad


    Congrats Carsten & Geoff :)

    Bowie J. Poag
    Project Manager, PROPAGANDA For Linux (http://propaganda.themes.org [themes.org])
  • Yep. I've seen it before. Slashdot burnout.

    Too many Open-Source cheerleader stories. Too much psuedo-geek masturbation. Too many flames for people expressing opinions not SDC (SlashDot Correct).

    Symptoms: Unmasked flaming, frustration with narrow-minded Linux zealots, not giving a flip about your "Karma" anymore.

    Treatment: Abstain from Slashdot for a while. Take a vacation. Sharply limit future Slashdot visits. Let your old login die and create a new one with no traceable identifiers so you can flame freely. Post a well-crafted troll every now and then.

    You've been reading Slashduh too long and too much, Foogle. The quality of the contributions around here is dropping. The good old days are over. Take a breather. When you come back, have some fun posting pure garbage with a default 2.

    rellort -- President of Slashaholics Anonymous -- "Just because I use Linux doesn't mean I have to talk about it all damn day."
  • Yeah. I can see Becker as very deserving of unsung hero. He was the original author of every Linux Ethernet driver I have ever used, and without him I would have gone over to *BSD.

    Hopefully the 'Beanies' become an annual event. My only Q would be: 'If Linus won X this year, is he ineligible to be voted X next year, or are we unable to vote him in as A,B,C,Y or Z?'
  • You know what? I hope you realize how on-the-money you are... I think I'll take that advice.


    "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding."

  • Now I hate the Gnome just as much as the next guy, but this is a bit overboard...

    "BrushedMetal is a Gnome/E theme"

    Uh, BrushedMetal is an Enlightenment theme. Enlightenment is not Gnome. I don't have one bit of Gnome on my box but I use Enlightenment and BrushedMetal, eSlate, and BlueHeart.

    "I bet KDE and Windowmaker themes weren't even allowed in this stupid contest."

    Did you nominate one? I was torn between Windowmakers's AIndustrial, KDE's Photon and E's BlueHeart, and I ended up with BlueHeart. There is a very good reason there were pretty much only Enlightenment themes nominated: you can do tons more with them than with any other wm themes.
  • So what if KDE won no awards? If I wanted to use Windows, I would run Windows; it has a better interface anyway. (Spare me the flames, I care not.)

    Seriously though, I am not out to bash KDE, to each their own. I am not a big fan of GNOME either, just another excuse to eat resources. That is what Enlightenment is for.

    Enlightenment won best unix desktop *eyecandy* -- KDE and GNOME have very little *eyecandy*.

    I am not too fond of the default Enlightenment theme. Nevertheless, you must agree that it is hard for a Blackbox theme to win the 'best theme' award. Enlightenment, overall, has the most eyecandy when it comes to themes. Blackbox is an excellent windowmanager. In fact, I am running it now. Nevertheless, it is simplistic. To reiterate, Enlightenment, overall, has really neat stuff when it comes to themes.

    Quit complaining about it being 'one-sided.' Did you vote for what you liked? Good, you got your side in. If not, too bad, you should have. This was not intended to be a big deal anyway, it was just for fun.

    I was slightly shocked when I read this report and saw 90% of negative comments. Why must everybody be so negative? Do you always have to go out of your way to attack Slashdot or something they have done? Opinions differ, get used to it, and deal. You are not 12 any more, try acting like it.

    You people might enjoy life more if you quit whining.

    Kind regards,

    WHiTe VaMPiRe\Rem
  • Hee-haaw, rellort, you are so on the money!

    I bet we'd be amazed how many so-called 'good posters' on Slashdot have alternate IDs for creative trolling. Myself, I'd fancy burning off the excess karma and always be sure to keep my karma at exactly 0. That would certainly be in synch with the concept of cosmic balance.

  • Aye, its got pretty bad, as for trolling, I cant be bothered. I'll just go on saying what I think. I wont just disappear like I did on usenet.

    (The fact I lost my ability to connect to a news server may have contributed to my dumping of usenet :)
  • I just found out about the Beanie Awards, and also that the CGI module won the award for best Perl module. Since I wrote the module, does that mean I get some money (which would certainly be a first!)?

    Where do I go to get my check?
  • Even if Slashgrits is just headlines and a poll, couldn't we have a Slashbox for it?

    Pretty please? I *need* my daily updates on the latest grits-pouring, pancake-making, ninja news for trolls, stuff that petrifies! :)
    pb Reply or e-mail; don't vaguely moderate [].
  • Please excuse my off-topicness.

    My experience with KDE and Gnome, and YMMV, has been this. Both almost never crash, even with heavy use. Gnome crashes usually amount to the panel croaking and then starting up again right away. Big deal. At worst, X will quit. KDE crashes tend to cause X to lock up the mouse and keyboard, meaning that I have to drag my ass down the hall and beg someone to give me a telnet window so I can kill X myself. "Why don't you get Windows," they ask. Oh, the shame of it all, the humiliation!

    Thank you, Gnome.
  • What exactly does "one of us" mean? Didn't realize this was a cult. And heaven forbid one should read something other than tech news. lighten up guy.
  • by Anomalous Canard ( 137695 ) on Monday February 07, 2000 @01:12PM (#1297772)
    I mean, this happened like, last Thursday.
    Anomalous: inconsistent with or deviating from what is usual, normal, or expected
  • AC = Alan Cox.

    "Warning: you are logged into reality as root..."
  • The most inspired thing about the poll is that Signal11 is a choice and that he's actually winning!
  • "Most improved project? Gnome? Improved from crashing every second to crashing every other minute, I suppose."

    I use Gnome and I can't remember the last time it crashed. I must not be running any of the good stuff. What am I missing?
  • <i>KDE is more stable, has more features, and is overall a much better project, with nicer project leaders and a better toolkit.</i>

    You must not have used GNOME in a *long* while. After all, it was voted most improved project. Was KDE even nominated for anything? (honest question)
  • Hello, please do not post to slashdots in realities other than your own. This slashdot exists in a reality other than the one which contains the Gnome and KDE to which you are referring. While your comments regarding these projects, and regarding Millennium's post, may apply to the reality from which you originated, they simply do not apply to this reality, and as such should not be posted on this slashdot.
  • I must admit, Bluesteel looks pretty nifty. It's got nice sharp corners and a neat shape to it. I actually went to the trouble of installing Enlightenment for it.

    Then I discovered that Enlightenment sucks.

    It ran slowly, used icons for things (ick), and made a general mess of my X session. I won't even get started on the customization menu ("transparent" window dragging? WTF?). Maybe somebody really loves Enlightenment, but that somebody is not me.

    So then I found Sawmill. Sawmill has the Bluesteel theme, and yet doesn't suck. It has no icons, has genuinely useful customization, and lets me attach a theme to as many or as few windows as I'd like. (I usually pick one xterm for Bluesteel, just cuz). So, I voted for Bluesteel anyway simply because Shinyblue wasn't available.

    Enlightenment may suck, but its prettiness can be ported...

  • if you liked that, you'll *really* like this...

    i am a picture link! [metastudios.com]

    i don't own this image, btw, i just found it online, so if it's yours and you want me to take it down, mail me and let me know.

  • For even more pics, visit:
    http://www.penguinempire.com/linuxworld [penguinempire.com]
    Mascotts, Alan Cox, and much of /. team in there.
  • I laughed myself to tears and almost wet my pants when I read this. I think it may be because I just watched "American Pie". "The flute is not magical" will be a phrase I will be using for some time to come. Thanks for a good laugh and phrase.
  • Without a doubt, that would be GNU cat. ;)
  • I think the term unsung more appropriately means: not given the recognition deserved not the least known. Does that make sense? Please feel free to correct me.


    "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." - Albert Einstein
  • by Dicky ( 1327 ) <slash3@vmlinuz.org> on Monday February 07, 2000 @02:13PM (#1297790) Homepage
    vim has always been 'Charityware' - if you use it, you are encouraged to make a donation towards a charity working with orphans in Uganda. On Friday, Bram Moolenaar announced on the vim mailing list that vim had won the award, and that the money would go to that charity.
    Which I think is pretty cool.
  • This was not intended to be a big deal anyway, it was just for fun.

    That's what I found so odd about this whole thing -- Slashdot basically just gave $100,000 away as party favors. There was no explanation of how candidates were selected from the nominees, no vote counts anywhere, minimal participation in the forums. It's a little disconcerting, especially to those of us who remember Rob posting a couple of years ago begging for a sponsor to cover his trip to Linux Expo.
  • I missed the voting, and now vote.pl only says that voting is over.

    I can't find a nominees list anyway. Someone want to help me out?

  • Open Source is about the users, not the programmers. It is about the community, 95% of which is users!

    Back in your cage and keep coding! You've got a "day job" for a reason! You chose to be passionate about coding, now the users are going to exploit it.

    You've sold your soul to the GPL!
  • what was so special about the BSD woman?


    A. She's a hottie...ps she USES BSD...
    B. In a sea of unwashed men she was a REAL hottie
    C. Latex...it's not just for Typesetting anymore!

  • Yes, I should have won the Unsung Hero award.

    How many of you folks have even heard of me? That's what I thought.

    I would like my $2000 in cash, please.

  • Unsung
    adj 1: not rendered in song; "their dirge was unsung" 2: not famous or acclaimed; "an obscure family"; "unsung heroes of the war" [syn: obscure, unknown] 3: having value that is not acknowledged [syn: unappreciated, unvalued]

    So therefore the award was for heroes of the linux community that havent had songs written about them. I can only think of two poeple with songs. Linus and RMS. RMS has the Free Software Song [gnu.org] and They both are in the the techno remix of the same song. If anyone knows of anyother songs please tell me.
  • Where exactly were these icons in Enlightenment? Are you thinking of Gnome or something?

    Also, about the transparent window dragging...if you don't like it, don't turn it on.

  • My apologies if this was sarcasm.

    I have to drag my ass down the hall and beg someone to give me a telnet window so I can kill X myself. "Why don't you get Windows," they ask. Oh, the shame of it all, the humiliation!

    If you were using windows and somethin had frozen / blue-screened you would have pushed the reset button and had to reboot. This could cause all sorts of damage to the filesystem, registry, etc... not to mention waiting for scandisk to run isn't any fun.

    With linux you telnet in and kill you X server and then you trot back to your room and continue using your computer like nothing happened. I can't see why this is a source for humiliation.

  • Gnome? Bigger ick. I installed Enlightenment and minimized a window. An icon appeared on the screen in its place. If there's a way to change that behavior, I sure didn't find it in the sparse configuration options.

    Which is exactly why the transparent dragging was so annoying. Not because of the option itself, but because it probably took some deal of effort for a special effect of so little use. Give me speed and give me heavy-duty configuration over plain eye candy.

    That's what I'm ranting about, really.

  • Vim....vim....excuse me while I go and throw up...ah that's better :-)
  • Oh, I know it was intended to be Gnome theme. In fact, Redhat wanted Enlightenment to be a part of Gnome. I still remember the murmurs of disbelief travelling across the SVLUG attendees as Mandrake calmly announced that, no, Enlightenment was not Gnome.

    In any case, Gnome always stated that Gnome could be used with any windowmanager. That Redhat commissioned an Enlightenment theme to be used for Gnome appears to be self-deception.

    Interesting that Gnome started the work of replacing Imlib and finding a new WM just after Rasterman left Redhat.
  • Yeah, but PROPAGANDA by the "new guy" is like $1000 worth of "powered by Honda" stickers. Proving once again that anyone can draw seamless tiles, but only Bowie can draw PROPAGANDA.

    Pleeease return to drawing kick-ass seamless tiles Bowie! All is forgiven!
  • I have this old Atari Portfolio and I use it as a terminal for my linux machine via serial cable (null modem) (at home, no other computer to telnet from). why don't you get something like this? I guess palm pilot or other PDA could be used as well...

    you know you just have to have one of those gizmos anyway (if you don't have few already:-)

  • http://kurt.andover.net/cgi-bin/picdexer.pl?pics/L inuxWorld2000/day0/12

    "So back in 1991 this guy Linux uploads a port of Minix to x86 on USENET and nine years later look what happens."

    See how many glaring errors you can find in that phrase.

  • Actually, I nominated the original FreeBSD Daemon Girl (who showed up at the New York LinuxWorld in a skin-tight latex body suit) for "Best Dressed." Several times, in fact. But she was, for some reason, left off the ballot.

    It's sad to see that the FSF won an award for "most deserving charity." Not only is it not a charity (since it does not specifically help the needy or means-test its benefits, as an actual charity does), but it was also far and away the richest candidate already. What's more, it releases code under the GPL -- for the explicit purpose of hurting commercial programmers. A group whose stated purpose is malicious should not be rewarded.

    --Brett Glass

  • Seriously.

    Upon occasion I have needed to ask him direct questions or point things out. He has always answered me with direct, to the point, answers. Sure, they are short. But considering how many he must answer, I am astounded that he would continue to answer them.

    Additionally go look through the Perl documentation. Tom has been working on that for years. He still is. That is patience.

    As for being humble, if you ever find an occasion where Tom is wrong he admits it. Sincerely. Takes it to heart. Learns from it. Despite his many strongly-held positions, he has the humbleness to accept his mistakes and learn from them.

    OK, so he is an excellent programmer. His hubris and pride are obvious. But exactly as Larry said, he also manages to be humble and patient.

    It just isn't the sort of humbleness and patience that people would sometimes like to see from him...

  • Is she the real deal, or booth candy?

  • You're James Clark's text formatting tool, aren't you? Yeah, I've been using you for a long time, you don't count.

  • by 348 ( 124012 )

    Way to go Foogle! A little too much cough medicine today? Dude, you need a rest. Take a few days off, enjoy the sun, go out and have adrink with those women who play basketball in high heels.

  • I am the Way, The Truth, and The One True Hemos. Only through me shall the hemos be dispensed, and thus only through me shall the Hordes of hemos control the earth.

    To be expected, really. I'm just surprised he hasn't moderated it up to Score: 7 (Brilliant).

  • There's nothing wrong with a cute or fantastic costume. You'd probably be absolutely horrified by the much more revealing costumes that many women -- often self-described geeks -- design for themselves and wear at science fiction conventions. And I doubt that you'd be willing to accept the notion that no one is forcing or paying them to do it, or that it's all in good fun.

    If you have no sense of fun, there's no use trying to explain this to you. But virtually everyone at both computer and science fiction conventions takes such costumes in the spirit in which they were intended, and the wearers generally get many compliments. As the daemon girls at the BSD booth all did.


  • by Anonymous Coward
    I'm not the original poster. I agree with you totally. Exploitation and objectifying women isn't funny. But, damn, it turns me on! Are you a woman?! Can I bend you over the toilet and love the shit out of you?! Please post your phone number if you're interested.
  • I just love C. :)

  • I could have sworn the girl (or a person claiming to be her) made several comments on people mentioning her on the LWE article. If anything, she seemed flattered, not 'objectified'. I don't think she was 'ordered' or even 'asked' to wear latex. *shrug*

    Valium is good.

  • Is there a section in the GPL that says, you are not allowed to take a shower more than once a month?

    Maybe Stallman would consider it to be "hoarding" water.

    --Brett Glass

  • 1. s/Linux/Linus/ (force of habit)

    2. He didn't upload the port -- he announced he was working on it.

    Perhaps you can enlighten me if there's something else.
  • YES! I spent the time voting (knowing full well that none of my selections would win) so I'd like to know just how many other people agreed with me even though we're in the minority (that it, we think).


    Ben Scherrey
  • Wasn't minix already running on x86 and therefore Linus's version wasn't truly a "port"?
  • Perhaps because the GIMP was responsible for introducing GTK, which is unquestionably very widely used and important. Nothing against Qt, but in the spirit of Open Source, it would be best to be using a completely and totally open widget set.
  • This never was a troll.. It was however off topic -1 before.. By being a little clever it becomes +3 funny...

    A troll seeks to make people mad...
    The "Hot grits" posts seek to make people laff
    they make people mad becouse they are OFF TOPIC.. Not becouse the post says anything offensive..

    Whats wrong with being a little off topic?
    Nothing much.. I am a little off topic now...
    But those "hot grits" posts were not "a little" off topic... they were TOTALLY off topic...

    However a spoof is allway cool... (unless it's done in poor tast... but thats a bit to subjective for my poor brain)
    Anyway this never was a troll.. it was just off topic... now it's a spoof....
    Being creative is a must when trying to be funny...

    Thank you.. and this concludes this rant :)
  • ...it was a good night, with lots of free beer... Do you meen 'free' as in free speech or 'free' as in free beer?


  • This has to get a +5 Funny for sure! One of the best parodies I have ever seen. Way too cool!

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