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CyberNet Plans an IPO & Motley Fool on LinuxOne 47

The continued reign of Linux on Wall Street has found another sequel with CyberNet planning an IPO. CyberNet is, according to the press release, "a developer of Linux server software". And in an aside, The Motley Fool has an article on the LinuxOne IPO entitled LinuxOne: The Beauty of a Bad Example - Lesson: Caveat Emptor. Very amusing.
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CyberNet Plans an IPO & Motley Fool on LinuxOne

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    The comment about Cybernet being a "developer of Linux server software" is actually referring to the NetMAX product line. NetMAX includes a Linux distribution based on Red Hat, with an HTML interface developed by Cybernet. Check it out at the [] web site. It would be more correct to say Cybernet is a "developer of network server software (using Linux and FreeBSD)".


  • unless there's more than one "cybernet systems" in Ann Arbor, then they're hiring web designers, so get on their boat while you can! []

    -f []

  • The Fool mentions this as being the best April Fools joke of the year but if LinuxOne can actually pull of a cashing-in of the hype and hold their value for 6 months (unlikely but possible) and then cash out, we all become the April Fool. Its sad and disgusting and I only hope they dont damage the credibility of honest companies trying to help the community when their fit hits the shan.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday January 07, 2000 @04:55AM (#1395209)
    I'm just a stone's throw from Cybernet in Ann Arbor. I will say that from what I know of them, they are pretty cool regarding the Linux community. They were at a local Linux install fest at a local systems integrator a couple of months ago, and showed off their NetMax stuff to a bumper-crop crowd, and raffled off boxed sets of their File Server, Web Server, and Firewall software. I've considered picking up their Firewall set, because I just can't seem to find the time to figure out how to configure one of my SuSE installs for a firewall for cable modem use for my home office situation. The Netmax stuff promises to make that situation much easier, by letting me take an old 486 I have sitting around, and loading their distribution on to it, and then being able to administrate through a web interface. Sounds kind of nice. Check them out at a CompUSA near you (they are probably on the shelves in other stores by now, as well).
  • Ferlazzo is on the right track!

    "Application-specific servers...are going to be really an explosive market opportunity in the next two years, and Linux is probably going to be the operating system of choice on them," Ferlazzo said. "It sounds like (CyberNet is) right in the sweet spot."

    If nothing else, the fact that CyberNet is saturating the financial community with press releases to pump their IPO, with comments like this our exposure is growing by the day!

  • The article said they are doubling their staff from 60 to 120 developers.

    Could be a good opportunity if you like cold weather.

  • by Carnage4Life ( 106069 ) on Friday January 07, 2000 @05:13AM (#1395212) Homepage Journal
    I've been waiting for weeks now for a critical article on the LinuxOne IPO from a mainstream non-Linux friendly source and this is it.
    After reading articles like this one [] which actually may convince some silly investors that LinuxOne is a Linux underdog that may take off. Or even worse articles from other mainstream press that merely state that Open Source "enthusiasts" dislike LinuxOne for not being true to Open Source (they usually link to this []), it is good to see a reputable mainstream site do a quality job of describing LinuxOne to the average clueless investor (when I say clueless i mean with regards to Linux).
    In a climate where Salon's stock rises 90% simply because they are going to provide content on RedHat's website, LinuxOne has potential to rise above and beyond their IPO price , fleecing unknowledgeable investors along the way. What's extremely interesting is that the CEO of LinuxOne hold shares of LinuxOne through a charity and thus may be able to cash out if given prior written consent by their underwriter(From ZDNet []).
    All in all kudos to Motley Fool for showing the average investor exactly what kind of company LinuxOne is. I especially like the blurb at the end...
    I can't repeat this enough: DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK. It's a vicious market out there, buyer beware. Don't blindly trust a company's press releases, they're advertising. Don't trust what analysts say about it. Even the Fool has been small-f fooled before, right here in this portfolio. Our original paper money "Simpleton" portfolio included Oxford Health Plans (Nasdaq: OXHP), which one day lost 75% of its value due to "accounting irregularities." I know the stock market's booming like mad but DON'T go on margin, DON'T gamble away money you can't afford to lose, and DON'T put all your eggs in one basket. We don't always repeat that often enough here, so you'd better get in the habit of repeating it to yourself.

    If only all individual investors followed this advice maybe the stock market wouldn't be the crazy place it is today. :)
  • I agree with what Motely Fool said about Linux One, but their comments would carry more weight with me if they'd bothered to look for the correct web site.

    Linux One's web site is at LinuxOne []

  • doesn't have a web page on it, but does. So the statement, "at the time of this writing it only has a logo that sends email to the company if you click on it" is pretty much completely wrong.
  • Your link ( emaker000106.htm?ref=yhoolnk) give referrer credit to yahoo (ref=yhoolnk) - you'd think Slashdot would either want to strip that, or get credit themselves...? :) Just a thought.
  • by Paul Crowley ( 837 ) on Friday January 07, 2000 @05:33AM (#1395216) Homepage Journal
    From their hire page: Current Open Positions

    Like playing games? Turn your interest in computer games into your career. Help create the next generation of massive multi-player, real-time, networked games. Experience in 3D Studio Max, 3D animation and virtual reality required. BA or equiv. Ability to beat coworkers in multi-player games is a must!
    It's the excuse we've always wanted, really...
  • Check out Perle system the day VALinux went public. Just in case you wanted to know there handle is PERL, has been for a long time and they don't really have anything to do with Linux or the
    Perl language. Check it out... went from something like 4 to 55 because a bunch of idiots saw PERL and thought cool .. Linux...I'l buy !
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday January 07, 2000 @05:54AM (#1395219)
    I checked the meta tags on the real LinuxOne web page and noticed they have the more popular distributions listed in there (Red Hat, Caldera, SuSE, etc.) I checked RedHat and Caldera's web pages and they don't seem to have meta tags naming other distributions on their web pages. Just kinda interesting to me.
  • Why not click here [] then? ;-)
  • We do? Why?

    I don't know about anyone else here on Slashdot, but I don't plan on investing in LinuxOne. In fact, the only people who'll invest in LinuxOne are retarded day-traders. Fine, let the uninformed invest in a crappy company; I won't lose any sleep when their stock value plummets.


    "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding."

  • Have you even read Hamlet?


    "You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding."

  • by Jacco de Leeuw ( 4646 ) on Friday January 07, 2000 @06:16AM (#1395223) Homepage
    Mr. McGuire []: I just want to say one word to you...just one word.
    Benjamin Braddock []: Yes, sir.
    Mr. McGuire []: Are you listening?
    Benjamin Braddock []: Yes, sir I am.
    Mr. McGuire []: ...Linux.
  • And what exactly are all these LINUX application servers going to be running? And for whom?
  • Get AtGuard (if your a Windows user). It strips all banner ads (well about 95% of them) and all refers.
  • Although I sent the Fool an e-mail informing them that they visited the wrong LinuxOne web site, I'm glad to see that the financial press is giving fair and insightful coverage into Linux. Apparently they also read Slashdot, as some of the details of the Power Source scam (i.e. waking the guy up if you call early) were very close to the Slashdot comments about that subject.

    Sigh. Stupid LinuxOne, don't ruin it for the rest of us.
  • It really doesn't matter, the point being I was trying to make was that the trades will see "Linux being touted as the OS of choice.

    I felt this was a good thing,press exposure is good and having it milled about in the business, specifically financial communities is great, because thats where business Sr. management is and they are the decision makers on platforms for their IT shops.

  • Im less concerned with their stock value and more concerned with the overall view of "this linux thing". Id rather not have morons like this fscking it up for everyone by trying to make a quick buck. I hope they get what they deserve.
  • It's not entirely true that PERL has nothing to do with Linux. See this [] article for a recent example of how they're integrating their systems with Linux. However, they're not putting all their eggs in one basket; according to some of the other news [] they've generated in the past few months, they also appear to be actively supporting Windows 2000.

    Besides, Perl isn't a common buzzword like Linux is. I'm just as cynical of modern-day "investors" as the next guy, but I don't think too many would see it as closely tied to Linux.
  • by PapaZit ( 33585 ) on Friday January 07, 2000 @07:30AM (#1395231)
    I sent a friendly note to mentioning that was using his email address for business, and pointed them at the Power Source web page [] where it's listed.

    For those that don't know, using a Hotmail address for business is a violation of the Hotmail Terms of Service.

    I got a note back from yesterday. They've cancelled the account. So, at this point, Power Source doesn't even have an email address.
  • Send me some email if you really want to reconfig SuSE as a firewall. I'll walk you through it. It's not terribly hard at all.
  • Now that is sweet justice!
  • Figures...I look for a job in the Ann Arbor area for 3 months and never saw this ad. I just landed a job last week and this pops up. I may as well apply anyway...
  • I was kind of glad that went up, since I've got some shares of that. Which is one of my rare mistakes - letting my emotions get the better of my judgement. At least I bought after the IPO, so I'm not that bad off.

    The problem with the stock market's Linux craze is they push the bad along with the good. Red Hat could be considered reasonable (today) at a valuation around $200/share, but VA Linux Systems is probably only worth $125/share. Yet both are way up there.

    When I asked Scott__ about the CyberNet IPO he hadn't even heard of them. Does anyone know anything about these guys or are they a spiffier version of LinuxOne?
  • I've been looking at LinuxOne for as long as anyone who reads /. and I've never been able to figure out the angle. These guys are going to tank. But what if the company is a shill intended to make Linux companies look bad, and by extension, help Linux fail?

    The idea goes something like this: LinuxOne gets as much PR as it can. Does an IPO, which shoots up to rediculously high values. But the company decalares bankruptcy when it cannot generate sales, and the Linux sector as a whole is discredited.

    While I am not, as a rule, a perveyor of conspiracy theories, the above scenario seems more plausible to me than the idea that the founder of LinuxOne is so stupid to believe he is going to make money off this non-strategy.
  • You are one mean dude ...

    What do you do for living ? Bounty ?
  • LinuxOne appears to fall into the same category as the side-show both operators at the local fair, selling tickets to let you see the two-headed horse and the lizard man. P.T. Barnum had it right when he said, "There's a sucker born every minute."
  • So who is at []?
    I sure saw the stupid logo with the mailto.
  • LinuxOne is obviously bullshit but your remarks might some day apply to RedHat as well. They do not belive in their core business generating enough revenue to support this outrageous stock value and , recently, started buying out profitable companies to fix that rather serious problem. Basically, I don't have that much faith in RH ...
    In Linux market entry level is very low, basic product is free and that mean a lot of competition ...
  • LinuxOne is obviously bullshit but your remarks might some day apply to RedHat as well. They do not believe in their core business generating enough revenue to support this outrageous stock value and , recently, started buying out profitable companies to fix that rather serious problem.

    Yes, but Red Hat didn't cause the stock to skyrocket through deceptive techniques. It skyrocketed based on hype, and there's not much they can do about that. What do you do, issue press releases saying "Look guys, when we predicted maybe 30% growth [or whatever they said] a year and limited profits, we actually meant it?" Best you can do is buy other money-making companies and then perhaps the bubble won't burst, or if it does, people won't lose their shirts, just a few buttons.
  • Heheh! I did the same thing and I got the same message. I'll be checking in the future to keep after them.

    But how do we know which one of us should get credit for the kill?

  • Well, the link above isn't an http_referrer, technically... I'd be surprised if AtGuard or whatever would strip something out of a URL.

    In any case, Junkbuster works just fine for me - in Windows *and* Linux. :)
  • Its the same company, but all the content is on the .net site. There is now a link to at the bottom of the page. Strange, I didn't notice that before.

  • I may have spoken too soon. Now that I look closer, it may not be the same company. The logos are different. And usually when there's a link like that one on the bottom of a page, its because they are two different organizations with similar domain names.

  • They also have a link there now that points to [].
  • So, RedHat is using its stock valuation to increase future profitibility by merging with compatible companies with good earnings potential? Sounds like they're doing the right thing, then. Think of it as a positive feedback loop--a higher valuation enables a company to increase its earnings via appropriate mergers, which of course helps justify the high valuation.

    In other words, RedHat's investors are in effect giving RedHat money to invest and manage for them. If all RedHat did with the money was make lots of expensive CDROMs with a middling-quality Linux distro on them, I doubt if investors would stay with them very long.

    You seem to have missed the fact that RedHat has never claimed that those distro CDROMs would be their major revenue source in the future--rather that services and other products would be the growth areas. Their stock valuation makes them even less reliant on income from their distribution, since they now can pursue partnerships and products that they could hardly have dreamed of pre-IPO.

  • Why doesn't Linus just disallow LinuxOne from using his mark?
  • Sorry about the incorrect subject.

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