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Journal Migor's Journal: Migor hates meetings. 2

This morning Migor did awaken at an early hour. He had to travel to the planet of ChinChin to attend an early morning meeting. This did bother Migor. Normally Migor NEVER awakens early, but he had some very important business that even he, as an all powerful overlord needs to attend to.

And upon the moment he arrived, he discovered nobody was at the meeting, except for a single secretary who did look oddly at Migor. It was Ten hours in the morning, and the secretary did tell Migor that the meeting had been moved until One hour in the afternoon.

Migor then became furious, as he hates to awaken early to fly 4 hours for a meeting that was changed.

"But it was in your e-mail" the secretary did stutter. Migor did not receive such an e-mail. Then Migor did enter the mind of the secretary and he did discover that she had forgotten to CC: him on the change of time.

He then did vaporize her for her incompetence.

This was a meeting that Migor did call. Without Migor there would be no meeting. Going through the now gone secretary's computer, he discovered that there was a last minute change by a vendor.

This was Migor's own foolishness, for he was drunken and tired when the vendor called several days ago.

"Hey buddy!" The vendor did say. His insolence did make Migor seethe. "I really want to demo this new (product name deleted for security reasons) for you. Whatta you say you stop by our offices this Tuesday for a look see?"

The Migor did speak:

Migor does not GO to vendors offices. Vendors visit Migor on Migor's mighty spaceship .

"I'd love to cap'n," The salesmen continued, "but our insurance won't let the prototype out of the offices".

Migor would normally destroy the salesman and eat his soul for such insolence. But he had finished four bottles of Tarvonian wine, he was being lazy, and he did want to pass out.

"Come on buddy, promise me you'll be their"

Migor then did speak again.


When Migor became sober he was filled with energy and went to destroy the vendor rep, but then remembered he had made a promise, and Migor has never broken a promise.

Now Migor began to glow red in the offices of the Vendor. The pure heat from Migor's rage raised the entire planet of ChinChin 4 degrees. He stood their, waiting, feeling spurned and unimportant until the sales rep did return

"Heya buddy! Been here long? Man, you are going to flip over this product demo!".

Migor then removed the man's testicles from his body and fed them to Reptar. As the vendor looked in surprise, Migor began to slowly disintegrate the mans body, all but for his central nervous system and the pain center of his brain.

At this moment, the corporate sales manager did enter the room. "What are you doing?" the woman asked with surprise and disgust in her eyes as she looked down at the mass of blood and pulp screaming on the floor.

Then Migor turned to her and he did speak:

I AM MIGOR. I am an important client, yet you do make me come out here and blow me off???

The woman did look surprised. "Oh, Mr. Migor, I..."


"Yes... Migor... I'm sure there was some misunderstanding"

Migor had enough. He did then teleport him to his mighty spaceship which was in orbit around the planet ChinChin. He did then arm his weapons, and then he did vaporize the entire planet.

Moments later, Migor did receive a phone call from another vendor who was in competition with the vendor Migor had just destroyed.

"Hey pal! I just wanted to check up and see if there was something we could do for you....

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Migor hates meetings.

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  • I thought Migor was supposed to be special. But everyone tortures and kills the sales reps... There's something seriously wrong here. Does Migor really have that little imagination?

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