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Journal sanityspeech's Journal: Memorable discussions.

Much has been made of the degradation in quality of most of the conversations on Slashdot. However, there are quite a few discussions that make visiting the site worthwhile.

That said, it is quite refreshing to see the quality of some of the posts. They are so good, they are worth perusing over and over again, from time to time.

Seeing that these are few and far in between, I decided to start a journal that will provide links to some of the more memorable discussions.

1. Scalable Enterprise Buzzword Solutions
The story was written by prostoalex, a venerable article submitter. Both the article and several of the posts were downright hilarious.

2. Gates Pledges $750M to Vaccinate Children
This story was written by chriskzoo5. This character appears to be a world-class troll, who has been in the habit of hawking flaimbait on Slashdot for quite some time. If in doubt, check the rating on comments posted under the username.

A lot of people got hammered for their self-righteous indignation, revealed in their comments. daveashcroft submitted one such trolling post. Please do not try this at home. Results may vary.

3. Australian ISPs Required To Report Child Porn
The article was submitted by rolling_or_jaded. A rather interesting, but slightly offtopic discussion was initiated by an AC.

4. Early Earth Atmosphere Favourable to Life
The story was submitted by mathinator. I discovered another AC-initiated conversation that I found rather esoteric, but interesting while meta-moderating.
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Memorable discussions.

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