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Journal goon's Journal: ssc (linux journal) dirty tricks campaign pt2

fight for open source resources

I made a post a couple of days ago bemoaning the fact that commercial interests are always on the lookout for an easy feed. In this case it was about google getting into bed with wikipedia .

A couple of posters responded pointing out how even if google somehow subverted wikipedia the gpl code, data and more importantly the community would simply rally and route around any such attempts. They pretty much convinced me - along with the fact that an organisation had been organised to guide wikipedia. This is an important point that had alluded me.


Back in 2003 I noted in 'LinuxGazette' + (lawsuit ? '.net' : '.com') that SSC the parent publisher of Linux Magazine trying to assimilate the linuxgazette - even though it was non-commercial and they have no ownership. Their interest is understandable. The brand and 100 or so past articles give SSC free credability to the detriment of the user community. Sure they hosted the site... paid the server costs. Now they want their pound of meat - the brand, articles to enhance their own brand. Its all about control over someone elses hard work - but is it going to be a taking of the commons?. I alluded to this exact point in the slashdot post wrt google and wikipedia. The lesson I learnt is not where there is strong leadership.

hands off

Reading the latest issue on the back page of issue 111, Ben Okopnik neatly sums up how to deal with the SCC dirty tricks campaign ...

  • '... Never let a bully's intimidation attempt pass unchallenged ...'

Well put Ben. Keep up the struggle - the rest of us need open resources like linuxgazette - free from commercial interest just as much as software.

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ssc (linux journal) dirty tricks campaign pt2

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