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Journal Epona's Journal: shows and sickness 1

I did my first show in 2 years on Feb 13. I came in 2nd in my division, scoring a 74 and 78 on my two tests. (The average score was in the 40s, so that's pretty good).

My first race is April 9- 30 miles in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. The next one is a 50 miler in May, at the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina.

I started teaching last weekend, 6 lessons a week, plus I'm now working p/t at a horse tack store- $15/hr in merchandise at wholesale prices, not bad (:

Of course now that my work schedule has picked up even more, I have come down with the flu. Fever, aches, nasty cough- the whole deal. I've only been getting myself out of bed to feed the horses and put them in their field for the day, then feed and bring them in at night. Some things you have to do anyway. The rest of the day I've been sleeping, or wishing I was sleeping. I bet my horse is glad for the break from his rigorous training schedule ;)

As much as it sucks being laid up, I'm kind of glad for the rest. Maybe it's a sign you're working too hard when you'd rather be sick in bed than working 18 hours a day.

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shows and sickness

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  • Hope you get to feeling better.

    If you don't mind my making a 'home remedy' suggestion, try drinking some hot tea with 1 tsp of sugar and 2 tsps of honey. Might taste a little strange, but it seems to help me to get better quicker.

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