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Journal talexb's Journal: More installation -- remote control?

Hmm. This lump of instructions has me confused ..

  • MythTV does not have native remote control receiver and decoder software built-in. Instead, remote control functions are implemented by ..

Remote control? How do you set up the receiver for the remote control? Very odd.

I'll skip it and see if I can get by.

OK, now I'm trying to run setup, and I'm getting the old error while loading shared Libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. OK, Check for the file, and yes, it exists in libs/libmythtv in the mythTV directory, but it's not on the path.

OK, so I make a symlink to the library to somewhere in /usr/local/bin since that's on my path. Nope, same error.


Oh, OK, once again google to the rescue: the MythTV mailing list had the answer. Edit /etc/, run ldconfig and things should work. I have no idea how common that is, or how dangerous. Guess I'll find out.

OK, got the setup program running, but the extremely sparse instructions to do with the Capture Card Setup don't help.

  • Choose the appropriate settings for your particular tuner.

There are no choices available. I think I have to take a step back and make sure that Linux understands that I have a TV tuner video card.


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More installation -- remote control?

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