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Journal Fjandr's Journal: Hhrrrrmm? 4

So soon on the heels of my first freak comes my second!

Alas, I can point to no specific comment for what picked this one up, only that according to his journal I (or anyone else on his foe list) have engaged in "assholery."

The really interesting thing is that he claims this is because it helps him avoid people he'd rather not read, and yet also claims that he reads at -1. The only thing I can come up with is that he must see the little yellow dot and use Jedi mind tricks on himself to be oblivious to the content ... or scroll really fast.

Anyway, looking through his recent posts uncovered this gem of moderation. It is absolutely stupefying that this guy posts a completely relevant rebuttal to another post using an exact quotation of the Slashdot FAQ and gets modded to 0, Troll!

I still find things on this site to bring wonderment to my jaded mind. Heh...

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  • It should have been modded mostly "offtopic" instead, and a little bit "informative."

    I guess the issue is that the slashdot readership is becoming more cosmopolitan, and feels that slashdot should change with it whether Taco wants it to or not.

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