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Journal TPFH's Journal: Oranges

This is something I posted elsewhere a few years ago.
I thought about it when I bought a chocolate lime a few days ago....

A couple of weeks ago I went to costco, we had planned on going to Fry's to get computer parts, but we had to borrow her parent's van after work and her parents live way out in the suburbs. We bought a lot of useless stuff that is really kewl, like those chocolate oranges that are now distributed by Tobbler[tm]. They used too be made by some English company but I guess they got bought out. My friend's parents are English expatriots and that is how I know this.

Anyway, we get back downtown, and we are getting into some of our loot:
Irish Cream, Louis Armstrong, and Chocolate Oranges :)

My friend remarks an example how rude Amerikan culture is in the instructions with the Chocolate Oranges. On our Amerikan bought oranges it tells you to WACK the orange before unwrapping it. In England the instructions tell you to TAP the orange.

The next evening I am trying to get ahold of my friend so that we can eat Chocolate Oranges, drink Irish Cream, and watch Southpark. She isn't home, so I decide to leave a strange message on her answering machine, as I know that she has Caller-ID and will know it is me:

"I'm an American. I'm an American and I WACK my oranges. I WACK my oranges and then I EAT my oranges. 'cause I'm an American."

Well, turns out she was having a "girl's night out" and she listened to my message with her friends. Her girl friends who didn't have the benefit of knowing our conversations the night before.

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