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Journal bejiitas_wrath's Journal: Knoppix

Have been playing Memento Mori 2 and I have recorded a demo run of MAP31-MAP32 in UV. I have got 99% kills on MAP31 and 100% kills on MAP32. I could not find the last monster in MAP31, but I know that it is an Imp, and he is near one of the tech areas.

Anyway, I will be running this classic map and I will be getting faster and faster as I go along.

Reading the latest copy of APC mag recently. http://www.apcmag.com.au and there was a person who had tried Red Hat 9.0 on a Pentium 3 600MHZ Gateway laptop and he complained that it was slow and sluggish. He did not even try installing different desktops or adjusting the settings of his system at all. If he is really so stupid he cannot research things and find out how to improve the speed of Linux then he maybe should go back to Winshit ME and use that instead. I had Red Hat running on a Pentium 2 450MMX and I installed the Blackbox Window Manager, which is about the fastest Window Manager out there. You can change which services are loaded at boot time to streamline the boot process and save memory.

He must have only had 64MB of RAM if that is all he got out of it.

Anyway, my installation of Knoppix Debian 3.1 on my laptop is going very well, I have configured apt with the packages from my Debian CDrom and it is working extremely well indeed. Not even Atomic http://www.atomicmpc.com.au knew about the method of installing Knoppix v3.6 to the hard drive. You get a perfectly functioning Debian 3.1 system with all of the useful Linux networking apps such as Ethereal and ndiswrapper for configuring those troublesome PCMCIA Ethernet adapters. I used this to install the drivers for my Netgear FA411 Ethernet adapter using the *.inf file. I downloaded a Debian source package, but the version I had already proved to be sufficient. Ndiswrapper is truly a revolution, allowing Linux users to load Windows *.sys drivers into the Linux kernel. Allowing owners of devices that may not be supported by Linux to get it working with this method. I found a package of Linux sources on the cd that came with my Netgear adapter and there were errors in the code which I promptly fixed. But a newbie cannot be expected to be able to deal with things like this if they did not have knowledge of C/C++. I did not like this at all, but at least the Knoppix operating system was able to detect this device and now I have it setup to broadcast via DHCP for IP so it will be easy to network starting the connection at boot time. I also have the SAMBA server to allow me to share out folders to a windows machine, making file transfers very easy.

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