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Journal feidaykin's Journal: Old People Are Funny 4

My grandmother is a fan of crossword puzzles. Since I have a lot of trivial knowledge, I often get requests for certain subjects. So when a computer question appeared recently, she had to ask me, even though she'd already worked out the answer via the other solved words.

Are you ready for this challenge, Slashdotters? The hint was: Move down a web page.

I'm not joking. That's what it said. Holding back laughter, I said, "Scroll down?"

She responded, "I can't believe you knew that!"

While this is an amusing story of course, I cannot help but feel a bit insulted. I don't think that was her intention, as she likely truly believed the question was challenging. Yet I've often attempted to explain to her that I assemble computers, and write code (or try to anyway, hehe). I've mentioned that there are thousands of lines of code in the open source programs I play with. I've attempted to explain concepts like Linux to her as well. All these attempts are met with rather bored, disinterested expressions.

But when I say "Scroll down?" she acts like I've invented cold fusion. I don't think I'll ever fully understand old people. Even when I become one, I don't think I'll be quite like that. I remember a teacher at the technical college I went to saying he enjoyed playing Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and was glad he was retiring so he could play more computer games. That's teh awesome. All old people should be like that.

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Old People Are Funny

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  • frist psot!
    • I kinda wondered when you were going to troll in here. Though you need to learn some more advanced trolling [] I think. Are you still playing WoW? I'm level 54 right now, half way to 55... saving up rest bonus at the moment since I like killing half as many mobs as normal. I have 203 enchanting right now, so if you play on Whisperwind again I can make your weapons glow for the low, low price of 5 gold. Enchanting ain't cheap... I once spent so much at the AH for supplies that I didn't have enough coin lef
      • I am lvl 43. I got my mount about 5 mins after I turned 40. My Illusionary Rod already has a 10g +7 damage enchant on it, although there is no reason for a priest to have 1337 INCHNTS!!!!!!! Undercity is officialy the most confusing city in the world. I have an UD character on Mal'Ganis, and teh UNDRCITY has all kinds of fucking elevators and shit. I hate it. You need to come to Azgalor if the rumors are true that Blizzard is going to allow character transfers.
        • In addition to that, I am reinstalling World of warcraft on my 1337 WD 74Gb Raptor. It only took about 15 mins to install Windows, and this is going almost twice as fast as the first time i installed WoW. SLOW DOWN COWBOY! Now while I wait for my 2 mins, i will troll with more advanced skill: YOU FAIL IT! I VOMIT ON FAILURES!

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