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Journal Migor's Journal: Migorvision is comming! 1

Migor IS angry. Gigor who is the wife of Migor did leave to attend a conference along the outer rim. Gigor did take all of the servants that staffed Migor's mighty spaceship with her.

Migor did have the runs. He did go into the bathroom and Migor did make a mess. There was no one to clean the mess up, so Migor did have a messy bathroom. It did smell terrible and the seven colors of Migor's leavings were contained all over.

Migor does most of his thinking in the bathroom, but cannot think when it is messy. Migor detests the filth of a filthy bathroom, so Migor did get down and he began to clean.

It took Migor 4 hours, 14 minutes and then it took 10 seconds on top of that to clean. And when it was done it did sparkle. Migor did have the start of a thought and sat down upon his mighty golden toilet and he did figure a plan that he would unleash upon the Universe.

Migor will start his own television network which he has decided shall be named Migorvision. It will not be evil and will have no infomercials. Migor owns all humans and he can take them to do his bidding as he sees fit. He will pluck a man who is known as Sir Charles Barkley who will host all sporting events that Migor will buy the rights to broadcast, including Migor's favorite sport, Oyster Tag which is like regular Earth tags, only with Oysters.

Then he will take a being known as Hooplo who was Migor's bunkmate when Migor was in prison as a child. Hooplo was a nice person, and he is unemployed. Migor shall give Hooplo his own television show which will be called Chicken Talk. It will find the smartest chickens across the universe and they will sit upon couches and discuss the politics of the day.

Finally, to premiere his network, Migor shall hire a bounty hunter who is called Jingle Bella to capture the Earth man Bob Barker who owes Migor a large sum of money. Barker did loose in Poker to Migor and he left without paying up. (Migor is the best poker player in the Universe. The only one who could beat him was the late Richard Nixon).

The show will show Bob Barker being tortured to the point of death every week, and his screams of absolute pain shall be broadcasted in surrounded sound.

Or he will just turn him into a duck.

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Migorvision is comming!

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