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Journal John Harrison's Journal: Must vent about FedEx... 9

This has been mentioned by others. It has happened to me before. Yet I will complain anew!

FedEx was supposed to drop off my Mac mini today. Instead they left a note on the door. No ringing of the doorbell mind you, just a note on the door. I was home, waiting for it. Why can't they ring the bell? Is it that hard? I called less than ten minutes after the note was left and asked them to come back. They said they would. They never did.

There is now a big note on the door with an arrow pointing at the doorbell.

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Must vent about FedEx...

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  • UPS left my $700 PDA and accessory (that came in a box with a bright orange sticker that reads "Adult Signature Required") on my NEIGHBOR'S porch, with no signature. She came home and happened to notice it had my name on it and called and told me it was there. I'd already called UPS because it said "DELIVERED" on the website and it was no where to be found. They said I had to call the company I bought it from and have them issue a complaint before they'd look for it.
    • It gets worse. This AM there was nothing on the FedEx site saying where the package was. I called the 800 number and they said it was at the station and that I should go pick it up. I'm a bit pissed about this since it is a 45 minute drive, but whatever.

      I get there and they say, "Oh, it is out on the truck!" I explain that I called and I am about to blow a gasket because they are going to be delivering it at my house while I am at the station and I'm obviously not there. They send a message to the dr

      • Oh, the old "Its at the station"/"Its out on the truck!"=-- I've done that too!

        They have no clue!

        USPS is looking really good to me these days.
        • USPS would be great if it weren't for the 40 minute lines there. Of course, I just spent 1.5 hours driving to the FedEx station, so 40 minutes in line doesn't sound so bad anymore.
          • Thankfully I have a flexible job schedule (when you work all the time, being out for an hour in the middle of the day ain't so bad!) and know where the lesser-travelled post offices are. But you make a very valid point regarding the 40 minute line that goes out the door.
  • The delicious thing is that by this evening, there will be note on top of the big arrow note; a new note specifying that this was their second attempt at delivery.

    Just pick it up at the station house. Depot. Whatever-the-frig.
  • This is FedEx ground (green FedEx logo) isn't it? The reason I say that is because FedEx ground used to be a company called RPS that was gobbled up by FedEx and thus we see a whole bunch of drivers who aren't doing what they are supposed to do when delievering packages. My favorite was a few years ago when the FedEx ground guy tossed my package (a few paintings I got off of ebay) up onto my balcony (I live in a second floor condo) and didn't leave a note or anything. I never go into my porch (especially in

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