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Journal byolinux's Journal: Me. 8

I just realised that I am not really sure if people on /. know anything about me.

I am Matt. I am 23. I live in Exeter, UK. I am a Debian guy. I like Macs. I run I work for the FSF as a web guy. I am single (bah).

What else do you know about me?

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  • /96165 [] In case you didn't see it- but now that I see you're from the UK, it might not matter- not sure if Little Black Sambo's ever made it to the UK at all, but this story and these links MAY have been what your grandmother was thinking of.
    • I saw it. I meant to reply and thank you.

      Apparently, LBS is mentioned in 'Green Mile' according to /. user 'DOS Cunt'
      • I wouldn't be surprised. What was surprising was what I mentined in the JE- that on re-reading the 1890s childrens story that gave the restraurants their name, Little Black Sambo was Hindu, not African, even though the names seemed to be taken from Haitian Voodoo, there is mention in the story of Gui, a form of butter used in India. And there are no tigers in Haiti. Plus, the author was English at the time when England controled India as a colony.
  • by mlc ( 16290 )
    You close your article with:

    What else do you know about me?

    but I suspect you meant to put the words "want to" after the word "you." On further reflection, though, I'm not sure which would lead to a better discussion: if you have a collection of people who each know a few random facts about you, the portrait painted would be perhaps more interesting than that which might be genereated by asking you your favorite color.

    Or not. I don't know. Just thought I'd say hi, and then, as is my nature, I decided t

    • Perhaps, but then I don't think I really have many favourites. My favourite soft drink is Mountain Dew, which is a shame, because they stopped selling it here about 6 years ago. You can get it imported, of course, but at £1 a can, it's not cheap.

      Trying to think of others now...

      Just thought I'd say hi, and then, as is my nature, I decided to be more difficult.

      Ah, but it's a good nature to have, I'm sure.

      Being at home with a headache today, I was listening to my latest audiobook - "When will Jesus

Where there's a will, there's a relative.