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Journal stormi's Journal: elitist bastards

to anyone who stumbles on this and bothers to read, although i doubt very much that it will ever be viewed:

i have found that slashdot (and in my mind, much of the whole Geek Community across the globe) is comprised of mostly Elitist Bastards.

as much as geeks seem to rave on about how stupid the general population is, and how they wish that at least one would take an interst in learning, at least make an effort..... i have found that this argument is complete and utter bullshit.

geeks don't want the general public to take an interest in complicated things. if you're not a self-learner, and good at it, you don't meet the criteria for this social circle.

when one fairly insignificant fool bothers to interest themself in something complex and confusing, this is a recipe for disaster. instead of the community embracing a new member and offering limitless help and support for the HUGE SOCIAL TRANSITION, this person gets ridiculed and ignored. when questions are politely asked, they are told to RTFM and left scared and alone, completely lost and culture shocked.

do you elitist bastards realize what you're doing? yeah, ok so a lot of you were maybe shunned by society at some point. now imagine that u have the false glory of social status. and imagine giving all of that up to join the 'geeks'. to learn science or code or whatever the hell else is included in this community. do you realize what confused newbies are going through? and you elitist bastards say 'RTFM and help yourself', and lemme tell you, it hurts.

for example, when i go from Windows ME to Linux overnight, it is a HUGE LEARNING CURVE. and im not a good self-learner. i need teachers, and guidance and help. that doesn't mean i'm not as smart. in fact, i catch on to things really well if someone takes their time with me. and i'm the first one to admit that computers are not my forte, but i had a vague understanding of why linux was better, and a wish to learn some basics, and how hard could it be? well it's pretty damned confusing. when i realize at one o'clock in the morning that there's no shutdown button, ok i'll admit that I PANIC. "RTFM?!?!?" that's like handing me a trig book and saying "you figure it out". ... well i hate you all. it took several tutors to get me through trig, and i'm sure it'll take quite a few more to figure out how in the hell to download something on this piece of shit. (not that i'll get rid of it, of course, because that would just be a sad cop-out).

and ignoring me is one thing. being blatently rude about my ignorance is another. if it makes you feel better to ridicule those of us making a first effort, go ahead. i almost want to go back to being stupid, just to piss you all off more. you obivously lie when you wish more would join the ranks of the intelligent. now, as for you few wonderful souls that go out of your way to patiently help, then this letter isn't for you. i love you few angels out there that have helped pull me back from the brink of tears and giving up.

but as for the Elitist Bastard Geek Community as a whole, i say this: you aren't what i thought you were at all, and i've lost a lot of respect. i gave up a pretty good life to try this whole dealie out, and i dont give a damn if you ever accept me. my life was never easy and i'd rather be an outcast my whole life than strive to be something so fake. you're no better than the preppy socialites you scorn.

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elitist bastards

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