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Journal berck's Journal: bad sleeping habits... 2

So I can't sleep. Which wouldn't be a problem except that my "interview" thing is at 9am tomorrow morning. Guess my sleeping habits finally catch up with me.

Watched The Natural on television tonight. Not sure that I much liked it. But now I've seen it.

Helping out the open source community by downloading porn. Hahahah. Got to be the funniest thing I've seen in awhile.

"How can we get a bunch of people to download a 140mb file to test this new file distrubution system? I know, post on slashdot that we've got free porn, and by downloading it you're helping open source peer to peer!" What's amusing is their target was 100 simultaneous downloads. My guess is that they've hit closer to 1,000 and it's 3:45am in this part of the country...

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bad sleeping habits...

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