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Journal aqk's Journal: Russian-Cuban hybrid prodigies should stick to Chess!

Email received regarding a supposed Russian-Cuban 'Child Genius'.
Or 'child prodigy'.
    In any event, you can already buy a refrigerator that does not need electricity. Probably at Canadian Tire too.
    It runs on gas. Natural gas or propane. No electricity whatsoever. And it's been around for 75 years or more.
    Handy for people out in the hinterlands who do not have electricity, but lots of natural gas, like they do in Siberia.
    It's just a bit more expensive and inefficient than electric refrigerators, as fossil fuels are becoming much more expensive than hydroelectric power.
        And 3D TVs are common amongst people who drop a lot of LSD.

----ARTICLE: ------------------
A Russian-Cuban child aged 11 has astounded Russias scientific community
with various revolutionary inventions like a 3-D image television and a
refrigerator that doesnt need electricity.

Ernesto Yevgueni Sánchez Shaida, the son of a Russian mother and Cuban
father and resident in the Siberian region of Altai, was announced in his
region as the great revelation of a scientific conference and the outright
winner of a competition among talented youth.

The scientists at the conference in the Technical University of Barnaul, the
regional capital, were amazed when the child presented around a dozen
industrial inventions, some of them unprecedented.

The central pieces for the experts, including Russian academics of
international renown and foreign scientists from France to Finland, was the
television with the three-dimensional images and a refrigeration system that
works without electricity.

The main Russian television networks screened footage of the university
experts council session in which the child demonstrated the key aspects of
his inventions to the specialists.


The child has designed a refrigeration installation that operates without a
compressor and does not require electricity, an invention that is more than
useful in a region where the energy restrictions affecting many areas of
Russia, or even in his fathers homeland, have been felt.

I devoted myself to this because our fridge at home broke down and I asked
my dad to explain how the systems works, and then found other materials in
the library until I found a way of solving the problem, he explained to the
NTV network. 'I find great help, and many ideas in meditation.'

In reference to his TV he said that his set is distinguished from existing
ones in terms of the stereoscopic effect in which the 3-D images are found
with liquid crystal indicators and thus, exist in reality, giving the
effect of volume.

    etc etc blah blah ...
      see http://tinyurl.com/3zyob for details.

Hes a genius, he has a talent for everything, as hes not only an inventor
but also paints, composes music and writes poetry and prose, a fascinated
Nina Ilichova, dean of the State University of Altai, told a television

------ End of Forwarded Message

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