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Journal NemosomeN's Journal: Free iPods! LoL0Rz, it really works!!!!1!111!! 1

Get a fucking job. Yes, that's right. Get a fucking job. I originally wanted to find a page to link to that would have something of the kind on it, but to no avail I must issue the decree myself. I don't care if you want to whore yourself out to any marketing agency willing to give you free shit just for the privilege to be deluged with piles of feces. I do care about the fact that all of these bullshit schemes require that you trick your friends into signing up for the deluge as well. So if you want an iPod, get a job. If you want a free iPod, steal it. Yes, that's right, steal it. Quit selling your friends for free shit; that's worse. Thank you.
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Free iPods! LoL0Rz, it really works!!!!1!111!!

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