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Journal berck's Journal: nothing exciting...

Did nothing exciting today. Well, I upgraded to Debian unstable and got KDE 3.0.2 up and working. Or, rather, finished those projects which took far too long to complete. Then promptly rebooted into win2k in order to scan a photocopy of a check.

See, I got this nice letter from the Texas DPS stating that they intend to revoke my license (AGAIN) in 45 days. Why? Because the stupid doughnut-eating redneck-infested county of Greene, MS decided to tell Texas that I did not pay a traffic citation. Two of them, actually... 93mph in a 65 as well as careless driving. Course, I paid that ticket back in May. It was long enough ago that the check didn't exist online, so I had to call First Union.

First Union people have always been exceedingly nice and helpful with everything. They agreed to send me copies of the two checks it probably was since I'm lazy and don't keep a checkbook record, and had no idea which check it was. Didn't even know the specific amount.

Anyway, I got the check today, and had to scan it in order to fax it to the Texas DPS. Still haven't faxed. I guess I'll do that tomorrow. I have, however, scanned.

Which reminds me that I need to finish the wedding pictures. But I'm not in the mood.

I'm in the mood to tinker with a car. I miss the black chevy. I want an old car, with no electronics, to tinker with. One day.

Mostly I'm just depressed and feeling icky. I meant to sit down and read Mansfield Park. Torture I get something odd out of. Last night I finished reading the play which was read by the cast of Mansfield Park. See, I had to go and buy the Norton Critical edition of Mansfield park, becuase I'm a snob and like them. Of course, the norton critical editions come with slews of contemporary texts which might be of assistance in decoding the primary text. Included was the entire text of the play which is performed at Mansfield Park. I decided that reading it was probably important since Austen's audience would have been familiar with it. It ended up being rather intriguing--I'd never read any English drama from that period. (Even if it was adapted from a much earlier German play...)

I even missed all but that last 15min of JAG, which proves to have been sad, since it was not only an episode I hadn't seen, but the first part of a two-parter.

Course this means dad and I will probably have to fight over the television again. He refuses to let me watch something and then switch over to something else during comercials. He'll probably watch the all star game. I'll go into his bedroom and watch JAG. If I'm in the mood.

I just haven't been in a television mood lately, probably why I've been watching a fair amount of it.

I've been told that I should move this over to livejournal. Unfortunately, it's a weird site, which is only free if you know someone with an account who can tell you about it and give you a code.

Or you can pay for it. Which is silly, becuase it's free if you can find someone who's got an account to give you a code.

Anyway, deciding that's stupid, I'm not sure abotu it. But, my journal being on slashdot seems kinda silly. And there's no good way to get save it locally if I wanted. Like I would want? Like it's worth saving?

Anyway, I think I'm going to try to get some sleep.

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nothing exciting...

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