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Journal enigma48's Journal: It's been 10 years... I guess a deer collision was due 4

Nothing too fantastic - I've been driving for a while and have been exceptionally lucky for the amount of driving I've done. Only have run over one small animal, avoided several others.

But I managed to nail a deer tonight, head on.

I'm fine - little shaky. Thankfully had a smart friend to call for advice. The deer was in very rough shape, couldn't get to its knees, only barely moving its head. My friend suggested I put the animal out of its misery... with the car. Took around 6 tries (when I got close, it moved its head and neck more - the only parts I was aiming for). Which is probably why I'm shaky. The car has seen better days, but it was a young deer. And any accident you can walk away from is a good one, so I'm told by the provincial police.

So I'm off to bed for a few hours so I'm not a complete zombie at work... and get to dread my cell phone all morning, waiting for the provincial police to call me for some reason. I'm hoping they just want a statement but my wicked imagination has me paying fines, getting hauled to jail, or worst: just being blamed for it.

I'm definately partly at fault - if I drove 5km/h, I would have been able to stop... but it was a 60km/h zone on a back road, no traffic, light snow on the road. I remember seeing something pop up in front of me about 50 ft away, then take two leaps at me from the left.. then me braking and swerving (no oncoming traffic thankfully).

Oh, in other news, I applied for and accepted a Teachers College spot at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia. Leaving in Feburary, still waiting for my student visa, two high school teachables: math and computers. I quit work in a week and a half and leave for Australia around Feburary 5th - if my visa gets to me soon.

Now I'm going to bed.

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It's been 10 years... I guess a deer collision was due

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  • Deer are notoriously suicidal.
  • Worse luck than mine... I've been hit by deer a couple times (usually just scares the deer then it runs away).

    Last week I hit one. It must not have been too bad though, as once I pulled around I couldn't find him at all. I stomped around a field witha flashlight and knife for a while (in retrospect bad idea) but couldn't find anything, no blood and the ground was too frozen to leave tracks. So, I picked up a couple peices of plastic trim and headed home.

    Btw, if you have a gun handy, use that to finish
    • Well, I guess I can say I don't leave the job half done. God, that sounds bad.

      It's funny - I have literally never spent a second in my life, thinking about what it'd be like to have a gun. I'm in southern Ontario - guns are tv-things. Mind you, if I would have shot anything at that time of night, I think the police would have got there pretty quick.

      But it would probably have been a hell of a lot less ... disturbing.
      • I'm not some sort of gun nut (heck, as of now I don't own one). But there are times when one would be useful. Michigan just got a CCW law a couple years back, but it is so nuetered it makes it unsafe to carry a gun because you'd have to leave it in the car 90% of the places you would go with it. An unwatched gun is an unsafe one.

        Its funny, you mention if you shot a gun, the police would get there pretty quick. Where I live, if someone shot a gun, it'd be pretty much a non-issue. Granted my closest nei

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