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Journal cmacb's Journal: New Apple Mini 7

I had this all typed up as a response to another users Journal when I found that they had made their Journal read-only. Grrrr.

Apple refuses to compete on price and maybe in the long run this will prove to be a strategy that works. What they have to be careful about though is not even being in the same price-ballpark with PC systems as they have in the past. My guess is that they might be making $200 each on these things in the long run, if not more. While I'd love to see them crush the Wintel competition, such a move might actually be risky for them... ramping up production ten-fold, all the support costs that go with it.

They recently recalled a bunch of iBooks (including mine) as I understand it, in response to a lawsuit. I wonder how much of the total profit margin on that whole line was eaten away by that move.

The good news for me is that the recall got Apple back into my good graces. I just loved using the machine (when it worked) so I'll be very tempted to get one, or maybe even two of these new Mini machines. I'll probably wait a month or two for the early evaluations on them. I'd like to know how much noise they make and whether they tend to overheat etc. But that tiny footprint and clean look will be a joy.

I'm also torn between using OS X and Linux. I REALLY prefer Linux since there are so many tools I'm already used to (and free ones at that) that still don't run on the Apple desktop. I ran both Yellowdog Linux and Debian on the iBook though with some limitations (couldn't burn CDs or watch DVDs) however I think those limitations are gradually being resolved. I'm not even tempted to write my own OS.

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New Apple Mini

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  • in a tiny case, not a G5 so it's not all that exotic. I kept saying if they ever hit a 500$ new desktop I would get back into macs, and I was all hot about it too until I seen it, sheesh, I want a desktop, not a teeny little near PDA thing. I want some room to move inside the case, etc. Ain't gonna get one. Hold out, eventually find a used dual processor G4 someplace that's affordable. I still have my PB 1400, but at most it will only hold 64 megs RAM which doesnot work with the web anymore, it just don't,
    • Thanks for the response.

      Gee your experiences have been about 180 degrees from mine. For one, I never used an Apple before OS X, so I didn't have any temptation to even install the OS 9 compatibility stuff. I knew that OS X, with it's FreeBSD underpinnings was a "mature" OS and expected it to have far fewer problems than Windows (OK, almost any OS does that).

      By the time I started using the iBook though I was already pretty comfortable with Linux. No EXPERT mind you, but I had installed all the major dist
      • by all means if you do a review, submit it to technocrat and I'll publish it. Yes, I'm an editor there. Bruce Perens owns and runs the site. Feel free to join in the fun and do some replies or submissions. It's nice, slashdot without much trolls or flame war stuff.

        Question: what belkin device did you get, and what sort of range does it have? More info please.

        something about macs, I've junked quite a few older PCs but I still have all but one of my macs, going back to the 512k model that ran off of 400k fl
        • by zogger ( 617870 )
          you'd think I'd learn to close tags...but NOOO sorry about that dangit hahah!

          close italics

        • Here is the Belkin device. I got it at Walmart (I don't hate them, and there aren't many stores to choose from here). It's designed to be used in your car, so I had to buy a separate power converter for another $10 or so. I found that plugging into the AC adapter boosted the signal considerably, on battery alone it would have not been acceptable. I'm in a condo. Big concrete shoebox. So I'm not sure it would be enough power for even a small house. You can always return it to Walmart though... at l
          • tune cast looks reasonable and easy to use but probably too weak for what I need. Maybe, donb't know but will bookmark the search anyway in case I can't find it local. I want something can reach out and cover a good distance overland, I live and work on a big farm here. It might be useable with some sort of amp though, or wiredf to an exterior antenna of some sort. Price is right for fooling around though, that's for sure. The one Bruce found is more useable but sheesh sorta outtasite spendy.

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