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Journal Johnny Fusion's Journal: Wow that was fast

Within a half hour, I got a story rejected. My original Jolt Finder story must be lost or something. Pending for almost FOUR MONTHS now.

Here is the rejected story:


It appears that Jolt Cola has changed their product line. Instead of old fashioned 20th Century era plastic bottles, Jolt will now be found in a high-tech 21st Century "battery can". The new can has interesting features such as a "power meter" made of thermosensitive ink that let you know how much Jolt is left in your battery. With the new cans come a new logo. I will miss the old one.

The flavor line up has changed as well. The five flavors are Jolt Cola, Blue, Cherry Bomb, Ultra, and Red. I have not been able to find a press release from Wet Planet, so I do not know if the well loved flavors of Citrus Climax, Orange Blast, and White Lightning have been discontinued.

My web application Jolt Finder might be able to help you locate this hard to find cola, but its not likely.

Jolt Finder is an experiment in community-built databases, much like the The International Book List. The idea is to get many, many people to register as "Jolt Finders" and enter into the database the location(s) where they buy Jolt Cola. Then anyone can come along later and search for locations that sell Jolt where they live (or perhaps where they are visiting, or passing through on a road trip). Since I started collecting data on September 23rd, a mere 21 locations have been registered. I suspect the users of slashdot can help Jolt Finder uncover many more.

If you cannot find Jolt in your area you can always Buy it online, and These guys sell it online too.

Jolt Finder is powered by php and MySQL.

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Wow that was fast

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