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Journal Johnny Fusion's Journal: Jolt Finder Promo

Here is the article I submitted on Monday October 18, @03:39PM and is still pending. I am submitting a Jolt related story today, and hope that people may click on my journal and see it.


Lets face it, Jolt Cola is not the easiest product to find. Sure the Jolt Cola web site does have a Product Locator, but it is unable to give actual store locations, just the contact information for the distributors in your state. It is up to you to then contact the distributor yourself, and figure out with them where Jolt is sold closest to your house (or job, or social club, or whatever). This can have mixed results.

Because of this, I wrote a web application called Jolt Finder. Jolt Finder is an experiment in community-built databases, much like the The International Book List. The idea is to get many, many people to register as "Jolt Finders" and enter into the database the location(s) where they buy Jolt Cola. Then anyone can come along later and search for locations that sell Jolt where they live (or perhaps where they are visiting, or passing through on a road trip). Since I started collecting data on September 23rd, a mere 9 locations have been registered. I suspect the users of slashdot can help Jolt Finder uncover many more.

If you cannot find Jolt in your area you can always Buy it online, and These guys sell it online too.

Jolt Finder is powered by php and MySQL.

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Jolt Finder Promo

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