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Philosophy Discussion Thread

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  • where were we?

    And we'll kinda need a moralizing troll to keep it interesting, you and I agree too much. ;-)

    Things that have come up:
    - Atheism does/does not necessitate force.
    - Goal selection; what is "good", "desirable"; what latitude does one have.
    - Is Common Good justifiable as a higher goal than individual self-preservation?
    - Choice, and the ultimate human right/freedom: the right to self-determination [in my mind, this both justifies the point above, and helps against the "hive mind" objection t
    • Wow, that's a lot of topics. Let's see what I can do with just one of them:

      To what extent is it permissible to go against "society" or "the majority", in pursuit of your chosen philosophy?

      To directly answer the question: go against the majority as far and as long as you like, but be prepared to accept responsibility for your actions in the judgement of that majority.

      The consensus morality of a society is presented through two primary means: behavioral norms and laws. Violating norms has a risk of rid

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