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Journal SomeoneGotMyNick's Journal: My Current Rant

My Current Career Status
  • I love using Linux, but I program Visual Basic apps for a living.
  • I work full time, in IT, in a union, with a PENSION PLAN!!!!
  • I'm great with Audio/Video software, Most paint programs, Multimedia, etc.
  • I gave up long ago on full time "Consultant Company" jobs as they use you and toss you away after a few months.
  • I supplement my income as an independent programmer
  • I use Rent-a-Coder for some odd jobs, but always get underbid by offshore companies. Apparently, some people can justify eight hours designing and writing a full featured Access application for only $10 US.
  • I have a lot of experience in various facets of computer software and programming, but no "officialy documented" experience. Most comapnies only want to see what you've done in previous jobs, and not independent work. Therefore, I'm typecast as a VB/Access programmer
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My Current Rant

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