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Journal SharpFang's Journal: Got unfairly M2'ed "unfair"?

That possibly means some stupid moderator really pissed me off.
I know hitting everyone blindly when only one is guilty isn't fair.
But it feels gooood! :P

ps. If the comment you've modded was actually VERY brillant and really begged for that moderation, you probably won't get modded "unfair". But anything medicore does. BTW, ALL of "redundant", maybe 90% of "flamebait" and a serious percentage of "troll" get m2ed unfair on regular basis. These, besides unmod2able "overrated" are the most abused moderations anyway. Sometimes a good thought food and discussion starter gets "flamebaited" into oblivion. If you don't want to discuss controversial topics, go to!

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Got unfairly M2'ed "unfair"?

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