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Journal Migor's Journal: Migor did go. 2

I did shrivel. Migor was gone. He had been trapped. Migor is all powerful for all practical purposes and he is for the most part infallible, he does inflict upon himself cures for boredom when Migor sees fit.

And so Migor was upon the helm of his mighty spaceship, when he did devour an entire plate of soft boiled eggs. This pleased Migor, and he began to ponder his life as a food meal.

Migor did access the onboard computer that sits in one of ten thousand closets within the deep bowels of his mighty spaceship, and his computer consulted him on what the best food meal he could be.

30 seconds later, using only the power of Migor's own mind, Migor was now a part of beef in a slaughter house in Kansas City, Earth. Migor mused at the powerlessness of himself, as he is normally omnipotent. The spell by his own creation gave him no more power then an everyday hunk of cow flesh.

With time Migor was transported via frozen food truck to a place called Bryant's in the puny Earth city of Kansas City. Migor was chopped up and placed in between two pieces of bread. BBQ sauce was poured upon Migor, and Migor was consumed by a vacationing college student from Japan.

Once fully digested, Migor was released from his self-imposed trap. Migor discovered the experience to be only mildly entertaining. Migor then was returned to his mighty spaceship using the power of Migor's own mind. Migor then burped and spoke thus:

Migor is all things falling back upon themselves into infinity.

At that point, and that point only, Migor did consume four thousand, seven hundred, six and twenty capsules of Tylenol PM. Then Migor curled up and went to sleep.

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Migor did go.

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