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Journal artson's Journal: The Open Directory Project

Among other things, I edit for the Open Directory Project. I do it for a lot of reasons; it keeps me interested, it makes me laugh and hell, it's a great excuse for surfing the web. "What are you doing now, dear?" - "Oh I'm researching a new category for the Open Directory; Anna Nicole Smith, The Early Years." "That's nice dear." Heh-heh.

If someone gave Leonardo da Vinci a piece of charcoal and parchment and there was nothing on his mind, he'd doodle, but let him start thinking of helicopters and watch out! It's pretty much the same with DMOZ editors. I swear they must have the most comprehensive, best organized sets of bookmarks going. My collection of bookmarks is so big I've broken it into different profiles for my browser, Mozilla. There's Canada, Regions, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Golf, Credit Unions, US, Projects, Government, it goes on. As well, every profile has the same set of reference bookmarks that contain whois lookups, dictionaries, thesauri, search engines, maps, phone look ups..... I've got bookmarks.

DMOZ Editors know a lot about the internet, how web sites are put together, where to go to find things, and I'm pretty sure they could give good seminars on internet search techniques. In fact, they do, for new editors.

It's a pretty good community of bright, altruistic people doing something worthwhile. They fight, argue, laugh and help each other and I don't know anyone who hasn't taken more away than they brought to it.

You might like it, and we'd love to have you join us.

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