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Journal Billly Gates's Journal: I am being too hard on the gimp in my comments

I feel fustrated by it.

I admit I have a horrible attention span and little short term memory to actually learn it. Most of my rants are about the UI.

But on Windows without virtual desktops Its hard to use. Yes powertoys has some hacks but it looks like Windows just logs you off and opens another session when you try to have another desktop.

I find the lack of features, speed, and 5 unintegrated Windows annoying.

I am thinking about purchasing Paint Shop Pro. Its a nice package for simple image manipulation and texture creating tool for creating web backgrounds.

I know I should support free software but I am not a mathmatical genious with developing correct image algorithms. The algorithms of The gimp are lacking and not photoshop quality.

Otherwise I would write a Gimp replacement that was free.

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I am being too hard on the gimp in my comments

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