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Journal Epona's Journal: Food For Thought 2

I learned something on Monday. Cleaning a stall when it is 5 degrees outside and everything is frozen is much like cleaning an iceburg. In the end, you really don't know what's the water, and what's the frozen penguin pee.


Still haven't bought any Christmas presents. I should get on that. Meh. I only like to shop for myself :P Perhaps instead of exchanging presents, Christmas should be a time where we all just go out and buy some nice things for ourselves and pretend it was from someone else.

Wow, could I have any less holiday spirit? ;)


Got mod points again for the ten thousandth time in the last two weeks and I no longer have the motivation to search for worthy comments. If your comment is worthy (it is, trust me) let me know and I will use these damn things up.

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Food For Thought

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  • I would trade you your 5 degrees. Today we climbed up to 75: friggin hot and the @#$ building guys had the heat on, so it was more like 79 inside. Gaaa....
  • First of all Katie, you're awsome, but I'd love to know more about your mom. (JUST KIDDING! Linux-using women affect me that way.)

    - Ahem... -

    Same thing here in Wisconsin with the frozen shit. Cleaning up after our duck, although guaranteed to be less mess-mass than horses, has the same problem. When the temperature is 5F and the wind chill takes it to -10F, it's hard to keep drinkable water in the heated bowl.

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