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Journal bsharitt's Journal: Blog Migration to WordPress

I finally got tired enough of all the database problems that Blogger has been having to switch my site over too Wordpress. I picked Wordpress because it seemed the most light weight and flexible. I was able to easily edit only the index.php to change the look of my entire site and since Wordpress is standards compliant, it was easy to get my altered version to validate as XHTML 1.0. Several similar types of things have some crappy inflexible theme engine hard coded, and most of the rest where you can actually change stuff are so poorly written it's hard to tell what fuck is going on if you didn't write it yourself, and even then it still won't validate as any thing on the W3C website. Besides getting away from Blogger's problems, I at least have the option of expanding my site if I ever wanted to since now all the code is running on my server. Probably the best part was the simple import of my old blog which went flawlessly. If you have a blog I would highly recommend Wordpress. My blog is here

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Blog Migration to WordPress

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