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Christmas Cheer

Journal Epona's Journal: Uh Oh 6

So I am screwed.

One week until Xmas. I have presents to buy. I have $50 because I went shopping for myself today.

Need presents for parents, brother, about 15 random family members, friends, boss etc.

I am also at a complete loss as to what to get anyone in my family. Is it a bad sign that I am completely oblivious to the likes and dislikes of my kin?

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Uh Oh

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  • So I'm not the only one! You could always do what George from Seinfeld did for Christmas gifts at the office.
  • Everyone likes Mechanical Pencils! Get everyone Mechanical Pencils. Goof ones. Pentel .9mm Twist Erase Pencils. With 50USD you can afford to get extra lead.


    1985? I graduated HS in 1985. Damn.
  • Donate $20 to the "Save the baby seals from being clubbed" or some such charity (anything that will send you a certificate of appreciation) and make copies to send to people saying you donated $20 in their name to said charity? Might be hard to get the certificate in time however.

    Or if you hate the idea of lying about donating, donate $X to the charity, where X=$50/(number of gift getters). Its either that or pet rocks for everyone.

    • I got my dad a rock one year. I found it in the garden and made up a scientific name for , told him it was something really rare. He spent hours and hours going through his rock guides trying to identify it. Thank god he thought it was funny when I fessed up ;)
      • Oh yeah, I remember you mentioned this somewhere before. Well damn, so much for that suggestion. Maybe try it on a different family member? :-) Another idea is to send high school graduation/wedding/birth announcements to old people. Lots of old people. Certainly you will find some old people who will send you money or something. True it may not be legal and you will probably go straight to hell, but everything has a downside.
  • You know they're going to ask eventually anyway- so print up a few dozen nice little certificates for "Spyware & Virus Removal" and give them out.

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