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Journal Porn Whitelist's Journal: Close enough - heres 11,000 pix 4

Posted under "Upgrades", so you can (ahem) upgrade your collection.

Yesterday I wrote that if we got this journal up to 50 people friending it, I'd post a script that get a decent chunk of pr0n.

Well, 47 friends/fans is close enough among friends so:


for ($i=105;$i<=859;$i++) {
`wget -r www.pornodonkey.com/$i/1176.html`

This will get you 574 megs of pictures (more than 11,000 pix, plus 11,000 thumbnails

For curl fans, don't forget to read this comment by sootman

Update:For cURL fans, here'sGlasi's cURL script.

Total to date: 3.846 gigs.

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Close enough - heres 11,000 pix

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