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Journal Porn Whitelist's Journal: Some curl 3

As promised, I've found something fairly large (several hundred meg - thousands of pix, both thumbnails and full-sized) for when we've got 50 people who have friended this blog. In the meantime, here's some quickie curl commands to get 5 meg of porn (or you can convert it to wget as an exercise for the reader).

curl[01-20].jpg -o ""

curl[001-016].jpg -o ""

curl[01-05]/[01-15].jpg -o ""

Total: 5 megs.

Total to date: 3.272 gigs

So, we need 9 more people to hit the big 5-0 so I can release the script. Time to pass the word along, friend Porn Whitelist :-)

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Some curl

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  • If you're only incrementing one number, instead of
    curl w200412/d10-2/pics/pp[01-20].jpg -o ""
    you can just say
    curl -O w200412/d10-2/pics/pp[01-20].jpg
    the "dash capital-Oh" means "name the output file the same as the original."

    Of course, if you *want* to use "dash little-Oh" so you can specify new, more descriptive filenames, go right ahead. And it's essential if you're getting identically-named files from different folders, like t

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