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Journal Epona's Journal: Busy-ness

This has been one of the busiest few days of my life.

Friday it was still raining. I still hate the rain. I had to do one of my least favorite chores- which was not helped by the constant downpour. I had to climb about 20' up a ladder that is built into the wall (ie rungs about 3" wide, easy to slip off), into the hayloft and throw down 15 bales of hay. If you have never done this, two things are important to know. 1. Bales of hay are very heavy. 2. Bales of hay are much heavier when wet.

Saturday we drove to Richmond to pick up a new horse to do 100 mile endurance races.(Vet came today and said he was slightly lame tho- we may not be able to keep him but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I rode him last night- considering he'd only ever been ridden on a racetrack and is only 4 he is pretty damn awesome. The trip was fine, except that it was, of course, raining, and I had to listen to Avril Levigne the whole way there and back.

Sunday it was not raining. We went to Sugarloaf Mountain (what's weird about Sugarloaf is that it's the only mountain for about 100 miles, and is very tall) and rode up and down and all over it for about 4 hours. It takes about 20-30 minutes to get to the top and about 5 to get to the bottom at the speeds we were going. Lots of huge logs to jump over too. The biggest was about 4' and almost 3' wide. I was exhausted when we were done.

Yesterday I was feeling tired and sore, so after I did what needed to be done in the morning, I took at 6 hour nap in the live-in trailer. Monday was the first day it got cold.

Today was fucking freezing. The high didn't get too much above 35 degrees- and the windchill was around 15-20. Quite a shock from last weeks highs in the 60s. My poor frostbitten hands were suffering. If you've ever had severe frostbite- even a few years ago, as happened to me, you know the agony that comes everytime it gets cold.

I started getting dizzy during my lesson tonight, only to realize it was because I didn't eat anything but chocolate all day. Somehow I forgot lunch. Chocolate is not good fuel.

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