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Journal stormi's Journal: chapter 3 cuz ben made me write it 1


Derek glanced at the computer clock. It was midnight. He looked over at Pix. She was finally asleep, half sitting and half laying in his bed, a science book open on her lap. He'd thought she would never fall asleep. Yawning, he shut down the computer and changed into something more comfortable.

Well... he guessed she could stay there for the night. Carefully he eased her into more of a laying position rather than her awkward slouch, and closed his book and set it aside. That's when he noticed her book, laying on one of his bedside tables. He glanced at Pix. She was sleeping soundly. Carefully he picked up the tiny old book and opened the cover.

"Derek J. Lamport." it said in flowing handwriting on the first page. Curiously, he flipped through, skimming the text. Every page was filled with tiny handwriting that described practically every major event in his life. There were pages on what he enjoyed, pages on what he feared, on his pet peeves. There was a list of friends, and one of enemies. He even found his current class schedule in there. He turned another page, feeling very unnerved.

Beside him Pix moaned in her sleep and turned over and he nearly dropped the book in shock. Giving her a paranoid glance, he continued to read. The next page started a long checklist:


make friends with derek

learn everything at least half as good as he knows it, if not equally

gain respect

gain trust

gain his affection and love

sleep with derek

leave. wish complete.

Sleep with Derek? He quirked an eyebrow and glanced at her again. She looked so innocent in her pale pink tank top and sweat pants, sleeping peacefully. How old was she? It was almost impossible to place an age on her- he half believed she might be a pixie. And yet there was something alluring about her in spite of it all. Derek frowned. It was highly unlikely she would do anything on that list of hers.

It was highly unlikely that a strange girl arrive in his bed in the dark of the night. How the hell did she get there anyway? He tried to clear his mind and went over the facts. He had been asleep. He woke up to a strange girl in his bed who demanded who he was. She claimed to be his wish...

It was very close to his wish.... No. He had to think clearly.

She waltzes in, annoys the hell out of him, demanding to know the definition of everything in every single book she sees, even things that everyone should know. And poof, just like that she catches on to some subjects like a genius, while other simple ones elude her. There was no way she was a wish come true, Derek thought. She'd drive him insane with her questions and be the death of him. He was still getting nowhere on her origins though.

The book had to be a clue. She was adamently against him touching it, and he thought he saw why. It really creeped him out. She had somehow gotten the history of his life. There were entire sections on how he thought and felt. Those things coudn't be gathered by even the best of stalkers. There were dreams in this book that only he knew. She basically had a key to his deepest thoughts, and he didn't think he liked it much at all.

By the looks of things, she wasn't leaving. Derek sighed and rubbed his eyes. It was too late for this kind of thinking. He couldn't really throw her out, but what was he supposed to do with her tomorrow? He had classes eventually.... Sighing, he put her book back and shut out the light. He'd figure it out in the morning.

Derek took one last look at her as he moved into the small living room. He put his glasses on the table and crawled under the covers on the couch. For one night he could be the polite guy and let her where she was. He'd seriously have to think about these sleeping arrangements though. They might need to talk.

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chapter 3 cuz ben made me write it

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