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Journal stormi's Journal: if all the world were paper 1

anna is busy dying on some computer game.. angie is popping her gum, adam, colby, and sean are all finishing their santa letters. (that is, we write to kids and sign it santa) and denny is playing super mario

and i ... am on /. again.......

i have bad karma. i hate this site, and i hate the band you like .

im also tired and hungry so that probably has something to do with this rant. i also had to put up with josh all of second period tellin me how wonderful he is and denying the fact that everyone hates him....

maybe i should just go back to reading my book....


if all the world were paper
and all the sea were ink
if all the trees were bread and cheese
what should we have to drink?

ps: who are u and why do u bother reading my journal anyway? i'm not complaining, it just makes me blink


journal part two: the beginning of a story

Pix cuddled close to the warm body and the warm body cuddled closer to her with a content, sleepy moan. Her eyes shot open. Where was she? She gasped and sat up. The sleepy male tried to regain consciousness and then sat bolt upright and nearly fell off of his bed.

"Who are you?" he demanded, grabbing his glasses for a better look.

She smiled, tried to straighten her messy hair and clothes, and failing just smiled and blinked . Her skin was pale and sparkled and her eyes hardly seemed human. She had a distinct faery-like appearance, minus the wings, and she was just slightly shorter than he, although she was much more petite. "I," she said with an air of great dignity, "am Pix. I am a wish."

He stared at her for a bit, nodded sagely, and then asked "what?"

"Where am I?" she asked curiously, looking at all the room. The light was on by now of course and and was staring in awe at the computer on his desk. She started poking around buttons.

"Hey don't touch that!" he said. He was starting to get cross, she thought. She grabbed a book instead.

"What is Kal... Kal Kullus?" she asked, turning it upside down, squinting, and trying to make sense of the numbers and squiggles.

"What? Oh, Calculus. That's my school book." he said. He took the book from her and sat it on his desk again. "Who are you and how did you get into my bedroom?"

"I'm Pix. I'm a wish. I'm your wish this time. Well, I guess if you'd like to know my more specific race I'm a Muse. Or is that not race... Not race. I'm most definitely not a muse. Wait, I most definitely am a muse."

"A muse?"

"Don't they teach you anything? Greek literature...." she started, and had retreived the calculus book and was paging through it. "And this... this is math?" she asked curiously.

"Yes, this is math. Don't you know anything? You still haven't answered my question."

"Ah!" she shouted, spotting a D&D book. She flipped through quickly as if familiar with it as she was with a reference book. "I'm a pixie, I think. Or half pixie, half fairy, something along those lines. You all make such rubbish of the actual definitions anymore, but I'm sure that'll help you. What's your name again?"

"Derek. You're a pixie?" he asked skeptically, sitting back down on his bed. "Do some magic."

"I can't just do magic. So demanding.... You did want a girl, right?"


"A female. I mean, Xander was next in line really to grant wishes and he's more versed in math than I am, but that doesn't fill the requirement." She pulled out a small book. "Ah, yes, Derek. Lonely? I suppose I can see that..."



"You can't just come in here and insult me."

She merely blinked, and went back to her book. "Into kom ...kompyoooters? yes? programming? What is programming?"

"Computer programming... look, what is that?" he asked, trying to grab her tiny, tattered book. She snatched it away from him testily.

"Now I won't have any of that! I come all the way down here to learn... to learn this, and what is the thanks? Where is the affection and the joy and you know, all of those other things? Look here. "Eager to teach." You're not eager to teach, you keep taking that kak-less book from me. And what's a kompta? Oh I just cannot deal with this!" she screamed, angry and exasperated, and sat herself down on the other end of the bed to pout.

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if all the world were paper

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  • who are u and why do u bother reading my journal anyway? i'm not complaining, it just makes me blink

    I just kinda stumpled across your post in the "Chimpanzees Shed New Light on Hand Preference" story... Blame the hopeless geek in me for instantly reacting to female presence on a site like this ;)

    And I thought that everyone likes a bit of attention from time to time, and getting to know new people is something I like to do, so why not?

    It's not like it means anything in particular back in the real world,

Happiness is twin floppies.