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Journal SeanDuggan's Journal: Not everyone is going to like you...

I have a few friends and fans here, people whose posts I enjoyed and people who apparently like what I write. I have never had a foe, but I apparently now have two freaks. *wry grin* One of them I understand. I got on the Profanity Blacklist after that Elmer Fudd/Porky Pig post, which I probably justly deserved. ^_^ Still, given the same situation again, I'd probably still post it. It appeals to my sick sense of humor and literary imagination abilities. The other one, I have no idea... he doesn't seem to have posted in any of the same topics as me lately. Maybe I just said something that pissed him off. *wry grin* I know, I shouldn't take it personally when someone I really don't know apparently doesn't like me, but it really does. I've always been one of those people who wanted to believe that everyone likes them. And, well, I'm generally successful, so it hurts all the more when I do find someone who doesn't like me.

The subject line above relates to another incident like this. A girl I knew in college suddenly pointedly stopped talking to me. I tried to confront her in an effort to find out a) if she really was socially cutting me or if it was just my imagination and b) if so, what the problem was and how we might resolve it. She told me that I knew very well what the problem was and stormed off. Later on, she suddenly started talking to me again and that period where she apparently hated my guts wasn't mentioned again, but it really hurt at the time. After pouring my troubles out to my roommate, a good friend, he clapped me on the shoulder and said, "Sean, not everyone is going to like you." It seems like an obvious thing, but, well, until then I'd lived my life believing that I could get everyone to like me. I was always the fellow who rode through intra-friend turbulence, managing to be friends with both sides. When I play computer games involving factions, I usually manage to keep them all happy with me right up until some hard-coded event makes me choose. *sigh* Not everyone is going to like me. I know it, but I think it will still take me a long time to accept it.

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Not everyone is going to like you...

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