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Journal Migor's Journal: Insanity 3

Migor did take a vacation to Tarvon 39. He landed on the surface and his mighty lungs sucked the clean air, and Migor said it was good. And on that planet grew the flower of Tarvon, which grew and dried out only on this one day.

So Migor did take the flower and returned to his mighty spaceship. He took off his shoes and a fragent odor did fill the air. He found his pipe, and lighting it he filled it with the flower of Tarvon.

Soon his vision did become blurred. Then his face did become contorted. And finally he became as a fool and danced and wriggled on the floor of his mighty spaceship. He became as a child and slept.

While he slept, powerful rays of pure insanity were dissipated far into the far off reaches of the universe which came from his distorted mind. There were 12 million and 62 of the rays. Many traveled far into infinity. Others went even further.

And one of those rays landed in the city of San Francisco. The ray had gone so quickly that it went backwards in time to yesterday*. It was powerful, and it burrowed its way into the mind of a circuit court judge, and behaved foolishly.

When Migor awoke, he was ANGRY. He rubbed his eyes and he did speak.

And who is it this man who declares himself to be one to judge? Only Migor can Judge others. .

And his anger was felt around the universe, as every being that had the presumption to call him self 'judge' was turned completely insane. And Migor did laugh a mighty laugh.

will make children pee into cups. I will make the potentates crazy by putting money into the churches. I will cause violence and sadness across the land

And so it was

*note: Yesterday is beyond those who are not Migor.

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