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Journal stormi's Journal: .... what the eh? 1

Hell, you might be some sweaty old UNIX sysadmin

heehee... i can't even convince myself to try Linux- too intimidating. the most impressive claim i have is that i run Windows ME and haven't killed myself yet. came close to losing my mind the other day though... i think it's eating itself.... and it might crash soon... *waits nervously*

ask me what 'unix' means a month ago and i'd look at u funny. say it now and i'll nod sagely, with some vague recognition of the word

what's really funny is that i know virtually nothing about computers, yet i repeatedly tell the school to do something with the computers and they don't and i end up being right. they finally let me reimage some of them with mozilla instead of IE to solve the popup problem, that was completely disabling the internet. wow, who was right? the crazy hippie girl who rants too much... and there have been other occaisions.

.... but the final "I TOLD YOU SO" just happened. there was a virus on some of the computers, and i said hey, you might want to tell the computer guy about that, cuz our security system is pretty good, and the virus got past it.... it's quaranteened but unable to delete. that's a problem, especially cuz of the network... and the teachers are like 'no, no. it's quaranteened, it's fine.' and no one ever told the computer guy. about two weeks later, no one can access the internet in any lab. the virus ate through the system and the computer guy cannot delete it. i noticed he reimaged all the computers in the one lab in a vain attempt to fix the problem and it won't work. apparently they've brought in speciailists now, and they can't fix it because it's a 'new' virus, unique to my school so far. hmmm... i told them it might break things...

and the thing is, i really don't feel i said anything really intelligent. i'm not losing my mind, am i? they're just really, really stupid...


would someone explain to me how the earth/sun/axis/seasons/hemisphere thing works? i keep asking people at school and they keep confusing me, because i'm sure they're doing it wrong. "well you see, the sun hits the earth like this..." ...."where's the axis?" ..."what axis? you don't need it, just look...." ....."dude, the earth rotates. that throws off your whole drawing."...."what? no it doesn't. wait..... damn." That for about a week or so.

realplayer makes me paranoid. does it freeze cuz of windows ME, or does ME freeze cuz of realplayer....

what is BASIC and why did ben go 'AUUUUUGHHHH!!! NO! nonono' when i said 'ben teach me BASIC. i read about it once'.... i mean i know this book's kinda out of date, but it says BASIC is easy... i dont really wanna learn to program either, i just want pictures of exploding stars.... or crashing stars...... i dunno...

my friend said he was installing direct x and his computer crashed and won't even turn on anymore. what the..... eh? somehow i think he's leaving something out. like, when paul said his computer randomly didnt work, it turns out it's cuz he was deleting random program files he assumed were spyware, cuz he's stupid.... i think josh is lying too.....

why do my floppies erase themselves? are cd's any safer? cuz all my music cd's get really scratched and stop working... im not sure how data cds would be different... and if i use a floppy at school, will it get that virus? that kinda makes me nervous, since it's "new"....

i like control commands cuz i'm too lazy to clean my mouse =)

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.... what the eh?

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  • what's really funny is that i know virtually nothing about computers

    Ah, but you do know something about computers. Why else would you recommend using Mozilla instead Internet Explorer? Doing or saying something intelligent isn't always something you immediately recognize. Most often, you see it in the reactions of others.

    BTW, instead of Realplayer, try Realplayer Alternative ( t ive.htm []). It's much less intrusive and doesn't crash like "the real thing". The

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